JP Fenix. As of this writing, 54 years on earth, 33 years communications professional, 28 years print journalist, 10 years broadcast journalist, nine years born again Christian, eight years full time dad, 54 years AD/HD.

In the course of his career Fenix covered and was involved in some of the most significant tumultuous and events in Philippine history as well as most colorful people in involved in them. He has worked for and with the country’s presidents as well as other states and economies and went up against the most powerful vested interests out to promote their nefarious and self-serving deeds.

As such, he was wrongly accused by their hacks in the Philippine Senate as unpatriotic and an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States of America. But their efforts failed miserably.

It was at this juncture that Fenix transformed himself into a specialist in Risk and Crisis Management, ensuring that his clients are prepared and well-equipped to handle their affairs in the country.

And to his detractors who continue to haunt him, he quotes a favorite celebrity long gone: “On bullet day I will become a giant and I will coconuting you all!” (Balang araw maghihigati ako at bubukuhin ko kayong lahat!)


More on JP Fenix at  LinkedIn


2 Responses to About

  1. Dechenla says:

    Are ANY of these “news” companies following up on this? What does Christie Lu Stoudt DO in Manila? Coverage is nauseating. And tell the mayor of Tacloban to sign up for typhoon2000, heard the excuse “I didn’t know” in other storms from other “leaders”.

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