What good is SLEX’s RFID if you can’t reload it like EPASS?

IT HAS been almost four months since we opened discussions on the order of San Miguel Corporation to stop issuing EPASS tags for its South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)/ Skyway toll roads despite the thousands of pending orders. In response to the clamor SMC fast tracked its much delayed implementation of its RFID toll collection system. This was announced by Inquirer’s business writer Dax Lucas, known for closely following the fortunes of the top moneymakers in the country like SMC’s Ramon S. Ang. The announcement included an exciting development – free RFIC tags for the first 200,000 subscribers, aside from the benefits of speed and efficiency of transaction at the tollbooths.


So why can’t the EPASS and RFID coexist, as they are now?

In a laudable effort in change management, they even got motoring guru James Deakin to blog on the ease of getting your RFID tags which was indeed informative and helpful, considering how uncomfortable people get with change, especially since it calls for getting rid of the EPASS habit that is over a decade and a half old.

Yet nearly four months into the program it seems the RFID hasn’t caught on. A walk around the mall parking facilities in Alabang Town Center and Filinvest’s Festival Mall shows that there are more cars sperting EPASS tags than RFID stickers. In fact, I’ve hardly counted cars with RFID, and to my observation it was something like 25:1 in favor of EPASS. While the announcement of SMC giving away the stickers free to the first 200,000 subscribers, my own visit to the Bicutan Skyway office hardly showed a mad rush for this supposed super technology for electronic toll collection.

The subscriber base, I am told, is still very short of expectations despite it being free, and multitude of current EPASS users are mostly wary of the idea of turning in their tags to replace with the RFID stickers.

Facebook posts and comments in car enthusiast and club pages aren’t as upbeat as expected with concerns ranging from the technology doesn’t work, destroying their cars’ aesthetics because of the need to carve a hole on the front windshield tint for the RFID sticker, and lack of available headlight stickers.

Sure, there are implementation glitches especially when it comes to new technology and practices. But the most pressing concerns in the RFID apparently come from issues that are not technical but simply good business and operational in nature. The issues boil down to one simple thing: the replenishment of monetary load on the RFID subscriber account.

As an EPASS subscriber I know it is very easy to reload value into my account, almost as easy as reloading a prepaid mobile phone. Aside from the usual SLEX reloading centers in Bicutan, C-5, etc, EPASS can be reladed in kiosks in malls like ATC and even in Glorieta, SM Department Stores, MEPS terminals like the ones on the Legaspi village walkway, in Shell gas stations in Magallanes, Sucat, C-5 Taguig, Julia Vargas in Pasig, through credit cards, Bancnet and BPI bank accounts, and in 7-11 stores. And a most recent announcement adds Robinsons to the list of outlets. Literally this makes reloading availability in over a thousand outlets. And those are the only the ones I know of.

In contrast, RFID subscribers can only reload in the SLEX Bicutan office. There is talk of deploying reloading centers in Petron stations and with credit cards. That, of course, is currently just talk. But as we all know, the RFID was first announced over a year ago, and it took them that long to reach this stage, albeit some would say prematurely.

With the way things are going I don’t think SMC will make good its threat that they will completely phase out EPASS by December. In fact, they have modified their announcements about it, removing the year end deadline to whenever RFID would be fully functioning.

Which makes me wonder: why such a radical move and replace EPASS with RFID? Why not have both? My technology sources who guided me through Jollibee’s #chickensad fiasco last year  suggest that it should not be a problem. To start with, the sensors for both EPASS and RFID are already up and running in the tollbooths together. They said the computer backend at the SLEX/ Skyway operator’s side will accept data whether it’s from an RFID or EPASS tag. Think of it like either Globe or Smart, the mobile phone operator will make and accept your call or text messages regardless of the brand of your GSM phone.

How about it guys? Wouldn’t it make the world a better place? Or at least life on SLEX/ Skyway?

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18 Responses to What good is SLEX’s RFID if you can’t reload it like EPASS?

  1. Willycruz says:

    How about usage or balance? Will they send info via email so that i could have receipt for reimbursement as expense for company car?

  2. Eunice A. Akilit says:

    And another thing that makes RFID so inconvenient unlike the EPASS is that you have to load it during office hours ONLY, meaning 8 am to 5pm! Eventhough you could also do it on selected San Miguel’s convenience store called Food Avenue, what they are capable of issuing is only a tape receipt and clearly indicated on that receipt is the wording “THIS IS NOT A OFFICIAL RECEIPT” (Attention: BIR Commissioner Kim), which is not acceptable as a valid document in claiming for office reimbursement or tax deduction.

  3. Glenn Revita says:

    Their SOA is not “user friendly”. They should just simplify it to 3 columns “Credit-Debit-Total” format. I am still having difficulty mastering their SOA.
    And their scanners are still not functioning as it should in some exits and still charge one from the farthest point of entry…
    And yes, allotted time for reloading is too short. Most of us get out of the office past 5 pm you know…

  4. Bernie Santiago says:

    This RFID system is just a way for the new management of SLEX to protect their business and ensure money goes to their coffers…plain and simple.
    These also ensure that owners of more than one vehicle got to pay more load than merely tranferring the e-pass transponder from one vehicle to the other. Since this is a prepaid system, SMC got to hold more cash in advance for each vehicle from multiple car/vehicle owners.
    Plain and simple…more peoples money to run SMCs’ businesses. What a way to do business!

  5. Roselle says:

    I had my epass replaced with an RFID, but they installed it in my headlight because they said it cannot be read if placed inside because my car is tinted. After 2 car washes, the sticker started to peel, and after a week it was gone. Maybe peeled off by someone who thought it was just something sticky that got there, or just peeled off by itself. Good thing i got this for free. But i say this RFID technology of SMC is crap and a move backwards, because my epass can be read even if it is inside my glove box. Now i got something that cannot be read when inside my car, and can be easily removed when outside. Just imagine the inconvenience of having to queue again to ask for a replacement, something that i need to pay for at that! I am one disgruntled customer.

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  7. Erwin Jay C. Baldo says:

    it is possible to transfer my remaining balance in my epass to my rfid sticker? if yes, how? thankyou!

  8. RF MACLANG says:

    I was signed up for automatic deduction via credit card but i don’t receive any statement that will reflect my usage? Will they send info via email so that i could have receipt as a basis for the deduction?

  9. DanB says:

    I got my RFID linked to my credit card and it reloaded automatically at a < P500 threshold. This setup worked for several cycles. However, after one instance my credit was maxed out such that it could not accept the charge, the linkage apparently self-cancelled as it could no longer reload even after credit has been freed up.

    • investmnl says:

      Yeap, that’s how it works for auto-credit card transactions. I’m supposed to apply for this type of payment too. But, the rfid personnel warned me of this kind of setup. Apparently, a lot of customers are complaining about the auto-cancellation if the card is maxed out. From what I’ve read from different posts, rfid surely has a lot of bugs. You may want to closely monitor your usage too. Here are some tips –> http://investmanila.com/2015/12/17/slex-rfid-avoid-incorrect-toll-rates/

  10. Saida says:

    Kindly send me the website (rmcd56@yahoo.com) where I can get an application for so I can enroll my RFID to my credit card for automatic billing. Thank you.

  11. jams says:

    yes,RFID will make the world better,I think I should buy some RFID stickers http://www.asiarfid.com and use it for my car

  12. Artemio Samonte Tipon says:

    Where can I reload?

  13. Noek santos says:

    Correct. If smc wants to implement rfid 100%. Why not distribute the id for free or offer for free in every tollgates without any hassle with trbs waiting at the side to ticket every drivers who entered a wrong booth. Because it is their tactics to catch for easy money. Make all gates capable of rfid and cash and e pass and offer them rfid to evry passers. And eventually in a span of 2 years 80% rfid and 3 years 90% and offer rfid to all new cars. Eventually, if 100% toll gate rfid will come and even mall parking will be rfid efficient.

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