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Edsa or Ph revolution?

IT’S FEBRUARY 24,2016, the eve of the 30th Anniversary of the EDSA Revolution. I am posting here something I wrote in Facebook Notes on this same anniversary in 2011. Because it’s there. For the nth time (in 25 years): yes, I was … Continue reading

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The bigness of the 2016 elections, out of sight, under our noses

WHILE all eyes are turned to the Presidential polls, the local contests from Representative, Governor, mayor all the way down to Kagawad have slipped the attention of the nation, as if what happens right under our noses locally does not … Continue reading

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What will happen to EPASS on April 1, 2016?

THE SIGNS are literally everywhere where EPASS operates. In the tollbooths throughout the stretch of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Skyway bright red banners and posters announce that effective April 1, 2016 that toll road system will no longer … Continue reading

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