Globe Telecom: Customer service… hilo?!

IS IT fate? Or is it coincidence?

At that very moment that I had given up on Globe Telecom’s customer service — specifically its Twitter engagement — this item comes in to my Facebook timeline:

the grand announcement from Globe... click to see their press release

the grand announcement from Globe… click to see their press release

Naturally I was surprised. No… shocked, dumbfounded… just plain… ugh

To quote Globe’s press release: Globe was awarded Best Customer Experience for its innovative customer service program that harnesses the power of social media. Globe launched a social media strategy geared at significantly changing the way the company provides customer service through social networking site Twitter in a manner that is engaging, meaningful, and personal. This strategy created an avenue for honest and sincere communication, enabling the brand to proactively build lasting relationships with customers through their social networks.

Part of the strategy is to also transform the company’s social media presence to be the right customer service channel for end-to-end support, which includes hand-picking online specialists with a unique personality and having them monitor the official Globe Telecom Twitter account 24/7, defining what customer service should be.

With this, Globe achieved its goal to deliver a state-of-the-art customer relationship management system through social media. The company has provided a seamless online communication process that caters to its growing Twitter audience. Through an innovative approach to customer engagement, Globe continues to delight and gain the loyalty of subscribers by means of personalized communication and dedicated customer service.

Rewind to a few years back, back before Facebook and Twitter… back before social media took over texting as the communications medium. For all these years I quit all subscriber or post paid services from all telecoms simply because I hated dealing with customer service. They kept me on the line with that stupid music and ads and recorded messages that they would get back to me shortly only to cut me off after forever; they treated me with the utmost disrespect for one who was paying their salaries and; their guaranteed action and satisfaction rating left much to be desired.

And the reasons for dealing with them are almost always the same: billing problems, service inadequacies, lack of action…

So all these years I used a prepaid account. You simply chuck the service (or SIM card)  if you don’t want it.

Fast forward to today, I’ve found that having a regular mobile phone for calls and texts and a separate decent sized android smartphone for social media, email and internet access as a good combination for my mobile work lifestyle. All still prepaid of course. The smartphone has WIFI and dual SIM features which gave me the choice of the best online access  available.  And that includes harnessing the awesome GPS features of apps like WAZE and Google Maps as well as the MMDA’s traffic monitor while out on the road.

I’ve been using Globe’s wireless broadband service Tattoo dominantly because it interlocks with the rest of my lifestyle, like loading the prepaid service through my bank’s online access. Made it all the more easy and practical.

But in the past year service has just deteriorated. It became slow, and they explained this was because of their systems upgrades. But in the past three months it has become so unbearably slow that I had to just complain… call it ranting if you will. But it was too much. Productivity had gone to almost zero.

This caught the eye of Globe’s Twitter operators — oh, excuse me, Globe’s AWARD-WINNING Twitter operators — who decided to engage me in that social media platform. So first @talk2globe followed me on Twitter.

globe DM

Then got a message from @KenofGlobe asking me what my phone model was. I thought it was a weird question since it was their service I had a problem with (and also my wife and some other friends and relatives) and not my phone. But I answered him anyway. I said it was an android smartphone. He insisted on knowing the brand, which I thought was, again, weird. The following is their award winning response, and our exchange:


The link Hero was referring to was some sort of FAQs on Globe’s service and what was possibly wrong… but none of them applied to my case because my phone was connecting to their service, except that it was so slow that the servers I was accessing — facebook, twitter, bank… whatever — would eventually give up.

But no, the issue it seemed was with me, the customer, and not with them, the service provider.



So this Hero insists that I use procedures and fixes not applicable to my case. It was like talking to a thick, cold concrete wall.So at this point I decided to do a screen capture on my answer to Hero’s tweet using Globe to show what was actually happening. At this point I don’t think it registered in his thick skull that I was exchanging tweets with him via cable internet/WIFI and not through Globe…



But sadly, not. He didn’t get it. So I decided to play around with Hero just for my own sanity… also to check if I was tweeting an actual person and not an automated moron… you know, like the ones that write to you and say “this is a computer generated letter, no need to reply.”


After everything… not being able to get anything done on Globe and telling him (insulting him?) that I was tweeting him on my Smart line, he wanted me to send him 3 speed test results. Hahahahahahaha… I simply gave up after that.

Meanwhile, back on facebook I just had to react this, their award-winning service press release to which, apparently, people of no small consequence agreed with me.

globe fb

It’s 2014… are we better off than we were last year?

Oh, and Smart, Sun, PLDT, Maynilad, Manila Water, Meralco, PAL, Cebu Pacific, Air Asia, whoever else… even Malacañang and Congress… just because this is Globe-centric doesn’t mean we’re not keeping our eyes on you. This goes out to you guys as well:


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4 Responses to Globe Telecom: Customer service… hilo?!

  1. Ha ha! I hope other Filipinos are as outspoken as you are JP. It would help the customer service experience if more people ranted as loudly and as eloquently.

  2. Michelle Obligacion says:

    Dear Globe guess what up until now I still don’t have my internet working. Reconnection team pomised me that my internet will be up and running within or after 24 hrs. I have made the reconnection request for this account number 839726930 since March 12, 2014 and until today March 16, 2014 my internet is not yet working.

    March 3, 2014 – I had a chat conversation with one of your agent and asked for payment extension, he approved my payment extension and gave me a reference number and I just found out that this reference number is only subject for approval. It is in my chat and call history under my account.

    March 7, 2012 – I called again and asked for plan upgrade, the agent I spoke did not mention that I already have a pending disconnection, she just told me that before the plan upgrade I should settle first my balance, which is correct. But she never mentioned that I already have a pending disconnection.

    March 12, 2014 – I paid my bill which is 1853.66 but I paid 1854.00 online. I called your customer service to report the payment I made online because I really want to avail the plan upgrade. The agent I spoke to said that there is already a pending disconnection in my account that will take in effect on that same day. She said she will make a report, so that my service won’t be disconnected. I asked her twice if my service will be disconnected and she promised me it will not going to happen since I already paid my bill. On that same day at exactly 7:30PM my internet has been disconnected. I called Globe immediatley and they said they will request for reconnection and that I need to wait within or after 24 hrs.

    March 13, 2014 – I called again at exactly 8:20PM I asked them why my internet is still not working and one agent transferred me to the reconnection department. This agent told me that there is a system enhancement and she will going to escalate the issue to the support team because it is already passed 24 hrs.

    March 14, 2014 – I made another follow-up with reconnection team and they said that the reconnection request I made last March 12, 2014 has not been approved that is why my service is not working. She promised me that she will call me and that she will update me on what happened to the escalation she made. But I haven’t receive any call from this agent.

    March 15, 2014 – I called at 10:20AM I was asking this agent I spoke to, to transfer my call to the reconnection department, but he said they don’t have this team, he also told me that this department is not existing, that it was them who is processing the reconnection and not the reconnection team because there is no such thing. Then he made a report on my pending reconnection issue.

    March 15, 2014 – On that same day in the late afternoon I called because I want to know the status of my service, the agent who answered me said he will going to transfer my call to the reconnection department. Then I agreed and spoke to Ms. Rica, she then again processed my request for reconnection and promised me that I will have my internet back and running within the day or 24hrs. since she is from the reconnection team she assured me that my internet will be working on that same day of March 15, 2014. Ms. Rica also mentioned that my request for reconnection has been approved last March 12, 2014 at 8:15PM, in which prior to this call (March 14, 2014) an agent said my request for reconnection has not been approved. I asked Ms. Rica to transfer my call to a department where I can make a complaint regarding this whole and bad experience I had with different agents. I spoke to a customer care agent and I filed a complaint, because in between all these calls I made, there are also different agents who assured me of the time and dates that I will have my internet but none of these happened. I’ve been hanged up because they can no longer answer my questions the even gave me information that is not true.

    March 16, 2014 – At 7:38PM I called again to make another follow-up an agent transferred my call to the reconnection department and spoke to a supervisor. She told me that she will going to directly coordinate my concern to the support group since my request for reconnection is more than 4 days now. She mentioned that once she directly made the follow-up I will have my internet back within the day or 24hrs. I asked her that if it’s okay to call back and ask for the status of my service and she said it’s okay because reconnection team is until 12mn.

    March 16, 2014 – 11:38PM At that same day I called again to follow-up and I was asking this agent of the status of my service and also asked her to transfer my call to the reconnection department but she hang-up. Again, I called and asked another agent who answered me to transfer my call to the reconnection team. The agent I spoke to, in the reconnection department said the calls I made doesn’t have a code that will allow the support group to immediately reconnect my service. He gave me this reference number RRQ14030012582. He said once a customerrequested for a reconnection this should not take more than 24 hrs. This usually take 5-6 hrs only. But he said he cannot do anything but to make a follow-up with the support group and put the code and not only what you and the agent talked about. He also said he will going to call me on 17th of March, 2014 at 3PM to relay the status of my service.

    –The 24 hrs. of reconnection request is been going on for more than 4 days now. On the 19th of March, 2014 I will have another bill from Globe. Does it mean I need to pay this amount first before they can reconnect my service? And how many days do I need to wait before my service will be reconnected, until another bill comes into my account again?

  3. I have also an issue to Globe Telecom especially their customer service. I asked to customer service of Globe Telecom in SM Megamall to transfer my Globe phone number from old sim to new sim, they said they don’t have a available new sim card to be transfer and I need to call them for follow. When I do the 1st follow-up the answer of customer service is they don’t have a new sim card for transferring the number. On the 2nd follow and until 4th follow-up are still same answer. Because of that, I end my subscription of their service and subscription to other telecom company.

  4. James says:

    GLOBE winning an award for customer service? WTF. What a sham award.

    This has got to be the most F-ing thing to see online (more like stumbling into) after my horrible experience with Globe customer service. They should, instead, get an award for dishonesty.

    My horrible Globe telcom saga started sometime in May 2014.

    Please note that I am a Platinum member and for which reason I expected some form of courtesy and sincerity since I pay oodles of money for my subscription with a roaming phone.

    Alas, even after dealing with the so-called dedicated agent (more of what they like to call as a Relationship Manager, which is nonetheless useless), I got no results.

    In May 2014, I was issued an iPhone 5 unit which had to be replaced because it gave me problems when I travel. The darn iPhone had trouble switching bands, so I ended up not being able to use the roaming. The second unit, a replacement, was also similarly problematic. I was issued a third one which was problematic for another reason: crashes.

    Since I travel a lot, I did not have more time to go to a Globe Business Center. I called up the Platinum hotline. I asked for a replacement phone asap, this time, an android device. I’m done with iPhones, they are a bunch of defective expensive toys. I was gunning for an LG which I was told was available. So I took it.

    The LG phone was promised to be delivered to my office on June 02, 2014. It never arrived. Two weeks of follow-up, finally they told me the unit I want was out of stock. But I was assured before delivery that it is available, so why tell me it is approved for delivery???

    Okay, so I moved to another phone, the Samsung Note II. It was promised to be delivered June 17, 2014. Nope, it didn’t arrive. Nada. Same shitty excuse: no stocks.


    I got an answer: A Samsung S5. A great phone which is something I can use. This time, I was promised delivery within 3 days of the call, on June 20th.

    Oh, God, GLOBE DID NOT DELIVER AGAIN. Grrr. The same shitty excuse: no stocks. Now, my patience is wearing thin for all of the lies and dishonesty by a Globe customer agent.

    Because I did not have the luxury of time to interface with shitty Globe’s Platinum agents, I simply head down to the nearest SMART business office and in a couple of hours, I was issued a roaming android phone that I can use. Flawless transaction.

    I terminated my subscription with Globe. The aggravation is just too much.

    Now, tell me, is this what they call BEST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? Hell, no!!!

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