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Candidates for President and VP: marriage of convenience or strategic partnership?

PARTNERSHIPS between candidates for president and vice president are nothing but marriages of convenience. Believe me, there is no love there. This takes an even more bizarre twist if you consider the fact that the two are voted separately, not … Continue reading

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Mar Roxas’ Veni Vidi Vici Vs Grace Poe’s Cinderella Story

LET ME just zero in on two presidential candidates, not because they’re my favorite subjects but because their campaign approaches and communications efforts thus far are such polar opposites. These are Mar Roxas and Grace Poe. Roxas’ messaging attempts to … Continue reading

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Look out PNoy, Mar will win in 2016, thanks to you.

  IT’S IRONIC that Mar Roxas’ only real chance in hell in clinching the presidency in the 2016 elections is to spit in President Benigno S. Aquino III’s face and call Daang Matuwid a sham. These are the real things … Continue reading

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