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Drawing the line

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and his Magdalo colleagues in the Lower House have been going around town speaking of a coup d’ etat allegedly led by retired military officers, specifically those who they say were beneficiaries of the previous regime. … Continue reading

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Manila aims to cash in on cruise ship tourism

MERE mortals like us fail to realize it – as we are all living our humdrum lives making ends meet – but there is a booming tourism scene out there that is so huge that countries are fighting tooth and … Continue reading

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Social Media and Crime: Knowing isn’t solving

THE VISUAL power of Social Media – posting photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram – all in real time has truly given us that sense of having full bodied information clearly, accurately and in the most timely … Continue reading

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Civilians caught in the crossfire

DISTURBING news worldwide is how civilians are caught in the crossfire, whether between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza, our Overseas Filipino Workers in Libya, Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over Ukraine or plain folk held hostage in the Zamboanga siege. Being … Continue reading

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Fastbreak for Pnoy’s last two minutes

MOST everybody knows the iconic “last two minutes” announcement in the Philippine Basketball Association’s games. In many cases it signals teams of either sure victory or the need to step up efforts to catch up and secure a lead to win … Continue reading

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