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Inspired Leadership and the road to 2016

A RECENT discussion on leadership had me blurting out this matter of “inspired leadership” that had, quite accidentally, generated a good deal of interest that I’ve been asked to expound on it. Yes, I have read of this School of … Continue reading

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Egay Erice’s Unbelievably Terrible Role in Mar Roxas’ Campaign

IN ANY political campaign operations there is always a designated bad guy – that man whose task is to do things for a party that would be a bit too radical or even distasteful. The reasons why they do this … Continue reading

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What good is SLEX’s RFID if you can’t reload it like EPASS?

IT HAS been almost four months since we opened discussions on the order of San Miguel Corporation to stop issuing EPASS tags for its South Luzon Expressway (SLEX)/ Skyway toll roads despite the thousands of pending orders. In response to … Continue reading

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