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Don’t write off Bato De la Rosa’s Korean Mafia claim just yet.

MET WITH much skepticism – at least in my Facebook timeline – is today’s news of Police Director General Ronald “Bato” De la Rosa’s press conference yesterday that some Korean mafia is responsible for the slay by policemen of South … Continue reading

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Education: the most strategic change President Duterte can make

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte is in an unenviable position. Sure, the Office has the perks, pomp and pageantry of a cushy life. But he inherited a country so deep in the mire that it will take so much time and effort … Continue reading

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The birth of the Philippine Daily Inquirer… or what I recall before years of drinking diet cola fry my brain.

Note: This is the original version of an article I contributed to the most recent anniversary edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (December 9, 2014). Since they did not come out with a digital version in Inquirer.net I could neither cut … Continue reading

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Like Lacierda

HOW DO you solve a problem like Lacierda? It seems that every time he opens his mouth he ends up with more than his foot in it. Now that’s not such a crime for any ordinary person, but Lacierda is … Continue reading

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Sense and Sensitivity

OVER at the Social Security System (SSS), the management headed by former bank executive Emilio de Quiroz, Jr. has announced that by January next year (2014) they will be raising premiums to enable the private employees’ social welfare fund to … Continue reading

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The Quest

In the musical Man From La Mancha, Don Quixote sings “The Impossible Dream.” It is the song of living up to the ideal of doing what’s right, even when it does not seem doable, even when it is against impossible … Continue reading

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SENATOR JV Ejercito believes, as many do in the Estrada camp, that the current PNOY administration is operating to discredit and destroy his family. Who wouldn’t? Especially in that family as the series of events seem to point that way: … Continue reading

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