A Storm Trooper’s Story in Martial Law

BINGE watching on Star Wars fan films at 4 AM, I came across this particular flick. The creators veered away from the usual Jedi Knight struggles with the dark side of The Force to the perspective of a Storm Trooper recruited to ensure the survival of The Republic.


It made me think hard about soldiers. Our Filipino soldiers.

It made me think of our troops mobilized to save the republic 44 years ago, in 1972, when Martial Law was declared.

It made me think of EDSA, the People Power Revolution, and EDSA Dos, and all those coup attempts in between, of how they were tormented, faced with choosing sides, following their immediate officers, thinking of their families.

It made me think about them watching their comrades fall while fighting the very people they’ve sworn to protect.

It made me think about looking at their worn out boots while reading the papers or watching television news about the excesses of their leaders and the political decision makers.

It made me think about our soldiers today, gallant, brave, underpaid, overworked — subjected to the whims of their Commander in Chief.

Just another Star Wars fan made movie on YouTube.

Watch. Enjoy.

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