‘Net Nanny’for older folk

When the internet experienced its first surge in the 1990s there was so much concern for kids surfing the net and accidentally (or purposely) going into undesirable sites like pornography or — heaven forbid — advanced education. Thus developers came up with the Net Nanny, a filter of sorts parents could use to make sure their browsers blocked off predefined sites from their kids’ prying eyes.

Many variations of this eventually came around, including Google’s own “Safe Search” filter which allows safe, moderate and unfiltered access to google searches. For example, an unfiltered search of “pussy” will bring you sites and images of what the new US president Donald Trump likes grabbing. But a fully safe search will bring you, guess what, cute kitties!


Image from Getty Images as used in nymag.com

Eventually the whole exercise became a game of cat and mouse between the internet nasties and the safe surfers.

Comes now social media with all its trolls, fake news and fake sites, created as pranks or for some deeper, darker agenda — like electing Trump. Well, the ineptitude, callousness or just plain innocence of many users have reached epidemic proportions that the world of netizens just have to protect itself from itself.

Enter this new Google Chrome extension that does that fake news and sites filtering, based on a list put together by Melissa Zindar, a media studies professor.According to nymag.com:

Zimdar’s list is expansive, and includes everything from popular satire sites to strongly partisan blogs and aggregators to utterly false bottom-feeders. It’s already been edited to remove some sites that might have been unfairly brought up in the dragnet, and we’re trying to update the extension as the list itself is updated. Remember, the extension doesn’t block the sites themselves, just offers a small reminder and warning. Better safe than sorry!

It’s a great start, the Net Nanny of the new age. Now the Philippine-based list must be credibly put together. And no, the Social Media Soup is not a fake site. We are 100% real kitties.

Touch us baby, we love you long time.

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