A last look at the VP race for 2016 – Part Two

IN THE previous blog we discussed how important the election of the Vice President is in the upcoming May 9, 2016 polls. The VP is not just a spare tire but must be a positive contributor to whoever becomes president, if we are to get out of this mess we are in now.

At this point in the discussion it all boils down to looking at what Chiz Escudero, Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo bring to the table.

Escudero, Marcos, Robredo -- photo stylized from agraphic in Buzzerdaily.com

Escudero, Marcos, Robredo — photo stylized from a graphic in Buzzerdaily.com

Going through their respective websites, Facebook pages, the Senate and House of Representatives websites and some other Googling this is what we’ve come up with:

Educational Attainment

Chiz Escudero
>Bachelor’s Degree – 1989 AB Political Science, UP Diliman
>Law Degree – 1993 Bachelor of Laws, UP Diliman
>Master’s Degree – 1996 International and Corporate Law, Georgetown >University, Washington DC, USA
>Passed Bar on first take, 1994

Leni Robredo
>Bachelor’s Degree – 1986 AB Economics, UP Diliman
>Law Degree – 1992 Bachelor of Laws, University of Nueva Caseres, Naga City, Camarines Sur
>Passed Bar on second take, 1996

Bongbong Marcos
>Special Diploma on Social Studies, Oxford University, England
>Completed coursework for Master’s Degree in Business Administration (no degree granted) Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, USA

The three have been legislators. Robredo was with the House of Representatives (HOR) while Escudero and Marcos were in both the HOR and in the Senate.

Legislative Work Experience

Chiz Escudero
A. Senate
1. 2013-Present, Committee Chairmanships
>Environment and Natural Resources Committee
>Finance (Appropriations)
2. 2007-2013, Committee Chairmanships
>Justice and Human Rights Committee
>Environment and Natural Resources Committee
>Ways and Means
>National defense and Security
>Banks, Financial Institutions and Currencies

1.  2004-2007
>1st District Sorsogon
>Minority Floor Leader
2. 2001-2004
>1st District Sorsogon
3, 1998-2001
>1st District Sorsogon
>Deputy Minority Floor Leader

Leni Robredo
>3rd District Camarines Sur

Bongbong Marcos
A. Senate
1. 2010-Present, Committee Chairmanships
>Local Government
>Public Works

1. 2007-2010
>2nd District Ilocos Norte
>Deputy Minority Leader
2. 1992-1995
>2nd District Ilocos Norte

Now the difficulty with legislative track records is that any member can claim to have been responsible for filing, authoring, co-authoring and sponsoring bills. In fact, if you look through the HOR and Senate Records plus the claims in their websites you will see that anybody who can actually sign into any proposed law becomes a co-author. You don’t even have to read the darned thing. So we looked into three key areas where Escudero, Marcos and Robredo have said to have been active and actually caused something to become a law – a Republic Act. These are in the areas of Justice, Human Rights and Education.

 Laws Passed on Justice

Chiz Escudero

  1. RA 9999 – Free legal Assistance Act
  2. RA 10592 – Good Conduct Time Allowance
  3. RA 10071 – National Prosecution Service Act
  4. RA 10389 – Recognizance Act
  5. Creation of 281 Trial Courts under Chairmanship of Justice and Human Rights Committee

Leni Robredo

  1. RA 10707 – Strengthening the Probation Law

Bongbong Marcos

  1. RA 10175 – Cybercrime Law

 Laws Passed on Human Rights

Chiz Escudero

  1. RA 9745 – Anti Torture Act
  2. RA 10353 – Anti-Enforced or Involuntary Disappearance Act
  3. RA 10368 – Human Rights Victims Repatriation and Recognition Act
  4. RA 9995 – Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act
  5. RA 10158 – Decriminalizing Vagrancy Act

Bongbong Marcos

  1. RA 10364 – Expanded Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act

Laws Passed on Education

Chiz Escudero

  1. RA 8980 – Early Childhood care and Development Act
  2. RA 9155 – Governance of Basic Education Act
  3. RA 9500 – University of the Philippines Charter
  4. RA 9717 – Central Bicol State University of Agriculture
  5. RA 9719 – Northwest Samar State University
  6. RA 10229 – Catanduanes State University
  7. RA 8966 – Magallanes National High School

Leni Robredo

  1. RA 10665 – Open High School System Act

Like we said, these are limited to these three key areas – subjects which have been used in their campaigns as gut issues and reflect their actual work accomplished into law – not mere proposals or bills supported.

Now go out and vote, and vote wisely!


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