And then there were… SIX! Is Señeres #halalan2016’s sleeper presidential candidate?

THE THING with getting advanced in age is that you wake up really early in the morning, like about 4:00 am. Like clockwork, whether you sleep late the night before something just hits you in the dark before the sun rises and you find yourself, eyes wide open. You can’t go back to sleep anymore, even if it’s a holiday and you have nothing to do but sleep the rest of the day.

So what do you do when that happens? You reach for your smartphone and check Facebook, hoping that the first post on your timeline will make your day.

In this fine morning it did, by way of a shared link to a news report: Former COMELEC Chairman Sixto Brillantes says “Even a nuisance candidate can win against Roxas.

Peek=a-boo! Izzat you, candidate number six?

Peek=a-boo! Izzat you, candidate number six?

I laughed so hard it shattered my household’s slumber, perhaps even the neighborhood’s. The alaskahan dynamic – that interaction between the alaskador and alaskado – really got to me. That cacique game plan by the PNoy-Mar-LP election putschists I had written about last November had reached such a high level of consciousness that it has been adopted by their victims Grace Poe and Jojo Binay, echoed in varying intensities by newspaper columnists, broadcast commentators, bloggers and political wannabeasts that poor Malacañang and Mar had to go out of their way to deny, deny, deny.

And now comes this, a topnotch and seasoned election lawyer, announcing to the world that Mar Roxas does not have what it takes to beat even nuisance candidates like Satan, Eli “Spike Boy” Pamatong and some 203 others as of the latest count by the Commission on Elections.

But to review, and using the intrepid blogger Paul Farol’s character listing, we have for the 2016 Presidential Race:

1. Drunken Dictator Wannabe
2. Magnanakaw (Thief)
3. Inutil (Inutile or useless)
4. Baliw (Crazy or insane or lunatic)/ terminal cancer in remission
5. Pulot (Foundling)/ American Citizen

I like using this list instead of their names because it gives me a sense of the character of the choices we have. Now assuming that the Pulot is disqualified and the Magnanakaw is put in jail, the Drunken Dictator Wannabe and the Baliw will not last the race or totally eliminated by the election process rigged by the Inutil. (Well, maybe not the Inutil but the vested interests who need him to win. Inutil nga, diba?)

I know, I know, you’re saying: that’s it? We’re left with nothing? NOTHING?!

I thought the same thing, until I realized that Paul Farol could not count beyond the fingers of one hand. COMELEC has six – not five – presidential candidates beyond the 205 already declared nuisance. And that is former ambassador and Party List representative Roy Señeres.

Yes, like a sleeper cell waiting to be roused into action, Señeres has been there all this time. He is currently the Partylist representatives of the OFW Family Club (OFWFC) Party in the House of Representatives. Here’s a brief bio taken from the House website:

Educational Background
College Degree
University of Sto. Tomas, BA Major in Political Science, Graduated, 1967
San Beda College, Bachelor of Laws, 1971

Work Experience (Government and/or Private)
National Labor Relations Commission-DOLE, Chairman, 2000 – 2005
United Arab Emirates, Ambassador, 1994 – 1998
Labor Attache, Washington D.C.-USA, Consul-General, 1990 – 1993
National Labor Relations Commission-Branch X, Executive Labor Arbiter, 1974 – 1975
Metro Manila Department of Labor and Employment-NCR, Assistant Regional Director, 1977 – 1984
Bureau of Labor Relation-DOLE, Hearing Officer I, 1972 – 1974

Membership in Civic Organization
OFW Family Club Inc., Founder
United Fil. Association, Uni Washee Organization, Member
United Fil. Association-Al Ain UAE, Adviser
Common Heritage Society UAE, Founder/Adviser
Benedictine Abbey School Parent Teachers Council, President
Foreign Service Institute-DFA, Vice President
Filipino Social Club UAE, Adviser
International Labor Organization, ILO Expert
ILO Geneva Switzerland, Delegate
Institute of Labor Manpower Studies, Special Lecturer

Señeres is also an entrepreneur, as revealed in this feature by Amadis Ma. Guerrero in the Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2012:

He (Señeres) heads Our Father’s Coffee Corporation ( And its main product is Kape ni Amba, a premium herbal coffee which includes Stevia plant powder, mangosteen, malunggay, grape seed, the aphrodisiac Tongkat Ali, and Gotu Kola (said to improve the memory)…
His years abroad and his experience with OFWs underscored the fact that “the causes of the Filipino diaspora—ten million abroad—are lack of livelihood, lack of jobs in the country. So by selling coffee I can contribute in my own small way to the generation of employment, especially in the farms.”

As he points out: “If you sell Philippine coffee you provide employment and livelihood to coffee farmers. And if you sell coffee in sachet form you provide employment in the production of instant coffee.”

His firm markets only coffee produced in the country, in places like Bukidnon, Mendez, Cavite and Batangas.

For the ambassador-turned-entrepreneur, “If you buy imported coffee, you help the farmers in those countries earn a living. So why not help our own (farmers) by selling their coffee? Every time you buy Philippine coffee, or Philippine items for that matter, money circulates in our economy.”

As for Kape ni Amba, “the demand has gone up and we now sell on a case-to-case basis to friends; it’s direct selling.”

On the minus side Señeres was thrown out of the NLRC by then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo for basically being anti-GMA. He was even charged with inciting to sedition and rebellion which, according to him, are “badges of honor”.

Also, his Party was also briefly embroiled in controversy. They had tried to get rid of their second nominee, Johnny Revilla, because of allegations of US Citizenship which Revilla said he had renounced. The next in line was his son Roy Señeres, Jr. who quickly declined as it would look improper (good for him). But further next in line was Jo Christine Napoles, daughter of the infamous Janet Lim Napoles. This fueled a lot of questions and negative publicity for Señeres and his OFW Party but, as he himself said during those days, “nothing has been proven.”

So except for that that his existence as presidential aspirant for 2016 has been largely neglected all this time, he just isn’t an alaskado to this alaskador.

Has Brillantes found the guy who will beat Mar Roxas and his election coup plotters? Have we, the zombies created by the despair and hopelessness of this 2016 election exercise, found our alternative candidate?

Let’s study this closely, boys and girls. This is serious business. It means our survival the next six years, and the future of our children and children’s children.

Besides, if Señeres turns out just as flawed as with the rest of those candidates, eh di, alaskahin na rin.


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