If 2016 elections were held today

TODAY we have the increasing pressures of the PDAF-DAP-Napoles scandals, traffic stress and road constructions, messy computerization issues at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) jeopardizing vehicle registration and drivers’ license systems, successive natural and man made disasters…

If it were suddenly time for the 2016 Presidential elections today, what kind of candidate lineups will we have? Here’s my fearless forecast for President-Vice President tickets, put together based on their current standing, positions, synergy and an overall feel of their political and personal stands, advocacies and personalities as complementing the other in their ticket (in no particular order or ranking, mind you).

lab teams


Team Mass Appeal. This tandem has the masa by the balls (no insult meant, the term is purely used to label that broad-based voter profile). Though the two attract the biggest segment of voters, their individual strengths also greatly complement each other.Grace, with the sterling performance in the last election, her credible and intelligent demeanor and toned down and tasteful sense of style; and Kris with… well… being Kris. The perfect blend of showbiz pulling power and yellow army influence peddling.


Team Short Term Memory. Both coming from marquee family names and political empires that have made it to the top levels, they have that built in following with political movers, shakers and backers as well as with their respective and loyal voter followers and their families. They are also banking on that phenomenon much touted about by the Social Weather Stations as the lack of memory power of today’s big proporition of young and first time voters—the ones who have no idea of the infractions of their President fathers… and it just might work. Individually they complement each other:  Although he has some mass base and celebrity cult following, Bongbong still needs Jinggoy’s masa pulling power for the D and E sectors his father and mother’s loyalists don’t cover. Jinggoy on the other hand needs Bonget’s uppity following for some sweet-smelling air to come his way, lifting him up from the clutches of thugland.


Team Coffee and Cream. Incumbent Vice President Jojo Binay is the current front runner. His come from behind win in the last election wasn’t from sheer luck. He worked the numbers and the resources properly. From day one of being elected as VP his next candidacy as president has been as strong as civet coffee. Now all he needs is a smooth partnership, which is where Chiz comes in. Smooth-talking Chiz brings in that youthful energy and youth following that provides the political lightness to the team. Besides, Chiz has Heart… literally.


Team Riding in Tandem. If there’s a tandem that exhudes ambition, this is it. TG and Alan Peter have displayed the most unapologetic display of raw thirst for higher office that they relish their media exposure and issue grabbing with gusto. If there’s anything that these two learned in their political careers and from their politician parents, it’s that age old adage: “I don’t care what you write about me, just make sure you spell my name right.” A problem hounds this tandem, however: to date no one knows who the lead is – the prez and vp candidate. And I don’t think they ever will. But hell, both can drive and shoot as well, so it shouldn’t matter to us, but it should to them. Think: watch your back.


Team Pag May Time. This pair’s chance is a stretch, but hope springs eternal. While the tandem may look politically opposed, it’s actually very complementary. After all, Mar was Boy Pickup and Bong was they guy he dutifully chauffeured.  Both of them are part of dead political parties – after the deals made between the various groups and political strongholds with the tandems mentioned above, it’s most likely Mar’s Liberal and Bong’s Lakas will have any warm bodies to speak of. In other words, wala lang. Takbo, takbo, pag may time.

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