Mar Roxas’ last laugh

AFTER all the videos of his meeting with Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez (short, edited version, 43 minute version and whatever else ), after his two press conferences clearing the air, putting in context the statements he made on the video about the mayor being a Romualdez and the president being an Aquino and after running through a long list of all the tons of assistance, aid, relief and man hours he had poured on the Leyte city despite what he called an unsigned letter from the city government, Manuel Roxas II, secretary for the interior and local governments department, said he sympathized with mayor Romualdez because, after what the latter had been through he most likely suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and this may be confused about details, facts and timelines.


Until, of course, his next interview where he followed up the point with a TV interview where he says that if he bumps into Romualdez he would say “Tatanungin ko siya, nagpa-stress debrief ka na ba? Baka tumino, luminaw and paningin mo.” (I will ask him, have you undergone stress debriefing? Perhaps your view will straighten up, become clearer.)

What this simple transcript does not show is his laugh – some sarcastic guffaw – and his facial expression captured clearly in this following video.

Mar Roxas interview on GMA News. Click to see video , especially at timestamp 4:48

Mar Roxas interview on GMA News. Click to see video , especially at timestamp 4:48

Ateneo School of Government dean Tony La Viña pointed out in facebook that I used “harsh words” in my last blog on Mar which he did not agree with, but did confirm the point that there was no need for the SILG’s insistence for a legal cover for the national government to act:

 I do think its really important to say, for purposes of the future because this will surely repeat itself, that there was absolutely no need for an ordinance or permission by the national government to come in to Tacloban. In massive disasters and in all emergency situations where the national government is needed, there is no need to wait for the local government to invite the former to come in and respond. The powers of the national government and the LGUs are not contradictory or in conflict and actually complement each other. That is my reading of the constitution, local government code, and the DRRM Act – all of which I teach year in and out. In fact I dare say that a resolution or an ordinance doing that (yielding power to the executive branch) is not only unnecessary but it is downright illegal and unconstitutional. Only the Congress can provide for this and it has to by law. And if in fact the crisis manual of the national government provided this, they better change it. Otherwise, Tacloban will happen again. 

For the life of me I still cannot see my words as “harsh,” but if they were then I guess I must apologize to anybody who was offended by my choice of words, whatever they may be. However, it does not change the way I view the whole situation and of Mar Roxas’ actions.

At this point it has nothing to do with his intelligence or competence. It has everything to do with leadership – true leadership, servant leadership, humility, sensitivity, sympathy, empathy… the works. That’s why, when Mar Roxas’ own people coined that phrase “Mar Stupid” I said it goes way beyond that because it calls for character and values that he has not displayed at all. At least, not in those videos with mayor Romualdez. Ceratinly, many others have pointed out more similar circumstances.

Amid my own processes in studying and digesting this I was touched by a message by Peter Tan-chi, senior pastor of Christ Commission fellowship. He had pointed out in a Facebook post that if there is any Bible verse so powerful and easy to remember it is in the book of John, chapter 11, verse 35 (Jn 11:35): “Jesus wept.”

This verse is within the story of Jesus raising his dear friend Lazarus from the grave. What is really compelling in this story is how it led from Lazarus’s sickness and passing and burial before Jesus up and went to his friend’s grave and called him out.

Imagine, Lazarus was ill, his sisters Mary and Martha went to Jesus to heal their brother. He wasn’t far away, yet he told them to just wait, have faith and trust. Next the sisters went to Jesus because their brother was dying and basically he said the same thing. Then he died and still Jesus didn’t go, not until the fourth day when Lazarus was already dead and buried.

When Jesus finally came it was like Winnie Monsod’s “would have, should have, could have.” Jesus could have just signalled and Lazarus would have come flying out of the tomb, alive and well. He is, after all the Son of God… all powerful, all mighty God.

But no, Jesus wept. He felt their pain, and he felt their loss. He shared their love for their brother, his friend. He reminded them of who he was and what he could do, but he did not castigate them for their waning, faltering faith. And in all power and majesty of the Lord, Jesus then raised Lazarus from the dead.

Jesus wept.

Mar laughed.

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77 Responses to Mar Roxas’ last laugh

  1. Dan says:

    God bless you more Jp.

    • Teresa R. Albayalde says:

      The good thing that the disaster has done to the people of the Philippines is to see with our own eyes the capabilities of a would-be-leader “DAW”!!! It seems like a wake-up call for all of us come 2016…

  2. ellen says:

    mar roxas should remember that the President noynoy is the president of all filipinos not just the aquinos . he should take a cue from pres obama and gov christie of new jersey when nj was devastated by hurricane sandy. obama showed his statesmanship by simply aking the governor what can the national government do. this is not the time for partisanship, this is national calamity with thousands of people devastated by the storm.

  3. jojo aguas says:

    Ang galing mong sumulat JP. Regards.

  4. Paul Alli says:

    the same thing I would fell if my friend or a foe has fallen, I would take him by my arms, and give him the respect he deserves till his last dying breath. Usec Mar showed his true upbringing, a rich clan, raised from the walls of an elite culture.

  5. enrique joaquin o. apostol says:

    Mar Roxas will never become President, just like his late father, Gerry who was second fiddle to Ninoy… He could have been great except for very ambitious people around him.. A classic: ‘You can choose your friends but not your relatives..’ syndrome.

    • maria says:

      Asa pa syang maging President, eh kumandidato nga sya as VIce President hindi naman sya nanalo…lalo pa ngayon na maraming tao, especially mga WARAY yung galit sa kanya.

  6. eduardo r. villamor says:

    sometimes hard as it is..leaders do commit mistakes big or small..but leadership is also about things we reborn ourselves after calamities we encounter in life..good for mar roxas or any body..great opportunity abounds in order to be great in service as we go to the
    process of reborn..

  7. Mike V. Jugo says:

    I found these online:

    The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan 2011 to 2028…/DILG-Resources-2012116…

    Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act 10121

    Can anyone, maybe lawyers, explain what these plans, rules and regulations, and republic act mean?

    And why Mar Roxas said that there’s a need to “legalize” the help of the national government?

  8. nora enciso says:

    I was able to watch that and I heard his insulting laughter. How disgusting

  9. Wala lang!!! says:

    Pikon si Mar Roxas! Roxas City Capiz was one of the areas also devastated by the typhoon, but I never heard anything that the secretary asked the mayor of Roxas City to write anything to the national government. Cguro, dahil ka alyado nila ang taga Roxas City.

    • CapzIce says:

      Sir alyado man nila ang Roxas City pero Piling pili ang nakatanggap ng relief goods. Kung sa areas na nanalo sila meron, sa hindi ewan ko lang. Mabango lang siya sa ibang lugar pero dito sa amin alam namin ang tunay na pakay nya and its not public service.

  10. pet melliza says:

    Very informative, JP, it’s just me, “Melvin ” noon sa Cotabato kasama mo with Nonoy Duran.

  11. lostcommand says:

    Hey Mar Roxas, Filipinos here in Australia are mad at you.

    I will be entering the military in 2 weeks time. Mag eensayo kong bumaril at para sayo yung mga bala ko.

    Epal ka, sana ikaw ang nalunod. Plantsado parati ang damit sa interview sa Tacloban where in fact people there have broken spirits. Ndi ka man lang tumulog mag buhat ng patay.

    I will make sure that my bullets goes into your forehead.

  12. ricard says:

    hirap kasi 2016 is coming maagang kampanya para kay roxas

  13. Wat Dafuq says:

    I just loved your last 2 lines there….

  14. tnx for posting and informing the public

  15. With all the municipalities affected by Yolanda, and the many demands on the national relief effort, I see it as perfectly reasonable for the Mar to request that each municipality put their request in writing and say they cannot cope. The aid was coming anyway, why did Romualdez even hesitate? If he was truly concerned for his constituents he would have happily admitted he was out of his depth and unable to cope. Given his and his Marcos era cronies long history of deceit, that just makes it even more reasonable for Roxas to request some sort of formalisation. It was not about legalities so much, as distribution of limited resources to the most needy. Typically, it seems Romualdez could not see past being the “man in charge”. Terrifying that come the next election people might remember he was not up to the task, either before or after the Typhoon arrived.Its now long past time this was buried next to Tacloban’s sad dead, and both these “poloiticians” got on with helping the victms of nature’s fury.

    • Goodshepherd says:

      Surely YOU Are not a Taclobanon. Had YOU been in Tacloban during the tragedy YOU WOULD know how Romualdez gave HIS best to HELP HIS constituents. Definitely YOU did not study the LAW concerning the issue because YOU DON’T know the connection between Local and National GOV’T rule in case of EMERGENCY. YOU Are just simply a Noy-Mar supporter. Learn to put yourself on the VICTIMS shoe so YOU WOULD have an emphaty to the real VICTIMS and not to the USERS in the PHILIPPINE GOV’T. What happened was a very sad reality and I AM praying it WOULD serve as a wake up call for the Filipinos to choose a GOOD leader WHO know the real meaning of PUBLIC SERVICE.

      • And you my friend is obviously a blind loyalist supporter. Admit it, the mayor had his share of major culpability. Clearly your mayor tried his “best” after the storm but what he did or did not do “before” the storm was the height of ineptitude. Being ignorant of what a storm surge was and not bothering to find out what it was is I guess ok for us ordinary folks but for someone like Romualdez who was supposed to be the “father”, leader of the city to be clueless of the impending danger because it was the first time he had heard of such term is simply..stupid.

        PS. I support Noy because he is our president and he’s the only one we got. He has flaws, lots of them but he is honest and trustworthy and tries to lead this crooked, corrupt country down a straight path. Oh and when this massive corruption and crookedness start? You can ask your good mayor, he doesn’t have to look far to get the answers.

        Another PS. Im not a Mar supporter and will never vote for him.

        • pollwatcher says:

          Recriminations of whether one is a partisan of whoever is not helping. But here is what I can say: historical records will bear me out that Tacloban, being shadowed by the tip of Samar from the Pacific Ocean, has had few experiences with surges or tsunamis. Given this historical record, one cannot fault the mayor for not making 6x the normal preparations. Note that before the storm struck, people were already in evacuation sites, and things were already battened down.

          A lot was said about the presence of the Mayor in his San Jose resort instead of the Tacloban City Hall. These people obviously did not take a good look at the Tacloban City Map. The San Jose District is the part of Tacloban that faces the sea!.Which means, any surges will occur there first! The City Hall is within the inland bay, and thus was assumed to be protected from high waves (a wrong assumption, apparently, given that the waves TRAVELLED across the san jose district, JUMPED over that isthmus of land, and then PICKED UP MORE WATER to throw at the mainland. If any, perhaps the one crime that may be laid on that Mayor’s feet was the violation of the incident-command-systems principle which says “Do not sacrifice your command structure. Keep the commander safe at all cost”. And placing himself in harm’s way even before anyone else does not help matters.

          That said, I think it is impossible for anyone to be “prepared” for the scale of the damage or the strength of the typhoon when it came. Fact is, even the president’s vaunted promises of having “pre-positioned” the resources of the government was apparently a dud!.Empty promises!

          Here’s what I would have done if I were him: (1) within a day after the typhoon, when the initial damage assessment clearly showed the extent of damage, announce a national emergency, (2) call on surrounding local governments to bring all their trucks and heavy equipment, authorize gas release from the military as commander in chief for these heavy equipment, and just simply drive these trucks over to Leyte and begin clearing operations within 24 hours of the incident. (3) and while LGUs may choose to ignore the call of the president by claiming other pressing needs, I am sure the wealth of goodwill the president has would have tided him over in these demands.

          fact is, they had to wait to determine how Mar Roxas wanted it played. They had to have their political strategists think up of ways to milk the situation first , and ensure the control of goods… FOR GOD’s SAKE, I still have a package of 150 relief goods waiting in Villamor since a month ago to be loaded on C130, and its sitting there because of a silly decision of the NDRRMC not to permit the shipment of anything not passing through DSWD!!! How stupid is that?

          haigz… nuf said… lalo lang aangat alta-presyon ko dyan…

        • Erick Tuason says:

          You’re comment clearly show your true colors Yellow the most hated color

          • pollwatcher says:

            I am not sure if you are referring to me Erick, but I can say that I am definitely not yellow. If I’d be into colors, I’ll be in white – as in mourning white… or black as the case may be..

            That said, do you seriously believe that tagging colors adds value to this conversation? 🙂

          • pollwatcher says:

            Maybe you should re-read my post again, Erick… that is, if you are referring to me in your comment… 🙂

        • Erick Tuason says:

          You clearly show you’re true color Yellow. The most hated color of the year

        • joan says:

          iddiot goes to hell

        • jun zeta says:


    • concernedausfilo says:

      How much more statements of, “We need help!” does Mayor Romualdez need to make for Roxas to see that this is not about politics, but about cooperation? I can’t believe how arrogant this Roxas guy is! Where is his compassion? Regardless of political ties and the history involved, can’t the govt set that aside at least while relief operations are underway? If this guy continues to show his disrespect and lack of empathy for the typhoon victims and the world keeps witnessing the government’s failure in responding to the urgent needs of its people, donors may not be as generous next time. I’m ashamed to see such idiots running the country of my birth. Too much politics and too little action! (Insert expletive here)

    • Celly IgONIA says:

      People in Tacloban also pay their taxes. Like BIR no Border they can tax you from north to request needed to any mayor. Now do we need a formalities in the event of disaster. So if they are not aquinos and they are romualdes, they have the option not to pay taxes until yellow govt expired.

  16. michelle natividad says:

    I would come home and join a revolution.I stand with those who has strong beliefs that our country needs change and would act upon it.

  17. Ver C. Tayao says:

    I prayed that I could be there to at least help our brethren…God answers prayer!!! Last Dec. 8-10, 2013 our mother church Word Of Hope on its continuous crusade of providing relief goods and medical assistance- I was able to join and got included in the manifesto for a C130 flight to Tacloban…It has been a month…many people are not yet been reached? many facts or account about what really happened was not elevated or put into the open, Many still need medical assistance (most especially infected wounds)…Why are we not disclosing all the facts??? The Philippine government needs ” HELP ” from other nation…Why don’t we simply cry out for ” HELP”.

    Yes, my Day # 1 (after one month) at Tacloban, “I WEPT” like a baby…for the people of Tacloban, (Samar & Leyte)…BUT I will not deny the fact that I grief also and felt the anguish upon knowing the remiss of our leaders and their pointless irrelevant finger pointing and political bickering…

    Hoarding & rotten relief goods are very evident. The locals (the victims) knows it, seen it, experienced it or tasted the spoiled relief goods…” Yan ang katotohanan makikita mo, at maririnig mo” pag andun ka mismo at kasama mo ang mga kababayan natin na biktima nang kalamidad at higit sa lahat biktima nang walang saysay na sisisihan, turuan, kayabangan at pamumulitika nang ating mga halal na tinatawag na ” leader nang bayan”…

    Nakakalungkot isipin, na higit pang nagdurusa ang ating kababayan pagkatapos nang kalamidad. Dahil sa makasariling pag-uugali at pamumulitika na tinatawag nating ” Halal o Leader nang Bayan…

    Sa mga Halal / Leader nang bayan, aking pakiusap. Pumunta po kayo ulit!!!…at tanungin ninyo ang pangangailangan nang ating kababayan at huwag ang apelyido nang isang tao na walang kinalalaman sa milyun-milyong tao naghihintay nang tulong. Ano mas mainam? Sisihin ang Isang Tao, O Tulungan ang Libo-Libo ( O Milyun-milyong) Tao o Kababayan natin…Salamat Po…At Patawarin Tayo Nang Panginoon, Sa Pangaln Ni Hesus Ito Ang Aking Panalangin, Amen!!!

  18. JohnyD says:

    haha..dami nyong alam. hahaha..mga pinoy talaga..hilig makisawsaw

  19. Quincy del Mundo says:

    JP you are great. You delivered it right!

  20. cheezmiss says:

    Jesus could have just signalled and Lazarus would have come flying out of the tomb, alive and well. He is, after all the Son of God… all powerful, all mighty God.

    But no, Jesus wept. – OO NGA `NO?? !!! THANK YOU for this.

  21. Ricky G. says:

    Finally, someone makes sense!

  22. northeast says:

    The true measure of a man is not how he behaves in moments of comfort and convenience but how he stands at times of controversy and challenges. – author unknown

  23. RoxasAbnoyisDumbAndDumber says:

    Roxas and Abnoy, DUMB and DUMBER!

  24. Susana Sylvana S. Merida says:

    Yes, Mar Roxas laughed. I can still remember also when I saw him during a press conference in tacloban over d television he called a person in charge of d cadavers – “yes, Mr Cadaver”,then Dinky Soliman of DSWD elbowed him. That was really so cruel and insensitive of him.I was hurt because I felt his not being serious inspite of d seriousness of d condition.yes, I am a taclobanon, we r still hurting but we will move on w/ d mercy of our Lord Almighty.

  25. How I wish each and every Filipino voter will be more discerning on 2016. If its not Roxas ( who belong to the elite ) or Binay ( who is allegedly corrupt ), whom are we going to vote? .Looks like we have no choice but to vote for the lesser evil and who is he or she? Your guess is as good as mine. Let us all forget politics and celebrate the best way we can the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ ☺.

  26. Mikko Duero says:

    I think it isn’t actually necessary to compare Jesus with such a ill-mouthed and ill-minded human being such as Mar Roxas because Jesus knows true love and sympathy. Whereas Mr. Palengke only knows about politicking and bullying the weak and homeless. Just saying. God bless and to God be All the Glory! 😉

  27. Gy Ros says:

    pag tumulong sasabihin nakiki elam…pag hindi sasabihin galit sa romualdez

    it’s all political..a game both sides are playing…

    hwag nyo iboto si mar at wag nyo rin iboto si romualdez – pareho naman silang may maling ginawa

    kasi campaigning against mar eh di you are also playing politics

    isip-isip din pag may time

    • Daniel says:

      romualdez is a better leader than mar, he knows what help to ask from the national govt while mar was clueless despite that he was in tacloban, before during and after the typhoon

  28. manuel zabala says:

    in a way, tama din si roxas. kasi kung uunawain natin ang local govt. code…ang mayor ang may police power sa kanyang sinasakupan. so it’s a matter of rule of engagement na nasabi niya yon. para din yong isang pamilya na nagkakagulo gulo. bago makialam ang ibang tao responsabilidad ng padre de pamilya ( o mayor) ang kaayusan ng kanyang pamilya (city or province) kung hindi na kaya gawin despite my power siya sa kaayusan ng kanyang pamilya (city or province) ang ibang tao (national govt.) mahingi muna ng permiso as a rule of engagement kasi magullang muna (mayor) bago ang ibang tao (national govt) ang makiaalam. ang national govt. as alalay lamang. so sa ano mang kalamidad ang frontliner ay tatay( mayor) ang makikialam bago ang ibang tao (national govt.) simply lang yan coordinative efforts lamang yan basta meron permiso saka ang ibang tao makikialam (national govt.).

    • Daniel says:

      with all due respect but the analogy is misplaced. RA10121 interprets the constitution and local govt code and says in sec. 15 that if there are 2 or more regions affected,the national govt automatically should respond and should help the LGU. No need for a letter. Mayor romualdez’s analogy where a doctor happens to passby in a street where there was a person injured and should immediately assist without waiting an ambulance is the one applicable..Further, the gov’t is one and the eldest is still under the guidance of his Father.

  29. Ano ba talaga ang naging pinakamalaking Problema pagkalagpas ng malakas na Hangin? Hindi ba nagkakagulo ang mga tao, para mo nang nakikinita na nagiiyakan, naghahanapan, may mga sugatan, mga basa ang mga kasuotang damit, mga nakapaa , mga gutom at uhaw , ang iba ay namumulot ng kanilang mga nadaganan na mga gamit, mga nagtatanong kung paano na at saan? Sino ang makakatulong?

    Kinabukasan ay lalong mga gutom at uhaw ang mga nasalanta, at nanghihina na ang iba dahil sa hindi kumain ng mahigit ng isang araw ( mula gabi ng Nov. 7) kinain at walang tulog. Wala silang mapuntahan dahil wala rin masakyan. samakatuwid ay para silang nakakulong, walang “information” kung paano na.

    Sa palagay ko ay kung nabigyan ng pagkain at inumin ang mga nasalanta at nabigyan din ng “information” na huwag silang mabahala at ginagawa ang lahat ng paraan para maayos muna ang mga daan at Airport para maipasok ang mga “Relief Goods” at makarating ang mga Volunteers kasama na ang mga medical teams. Siguro ay hindi aabot nang ganoong kalala ang sinapit ng Tacloban Survivors. Kahit ano pa ngayon ang gawaing turuan ng turuan, hindi na maibabalik ang mga buhay ng mga namatay pati na ang kaligayahan ng mga naulila. Siguro mayroon pang mga buhay na nadaganan lang ng “Debris”, pero dahil walang tumulong, natuluyan ng mamatay.

    Ang pagkain at inumin ay puede nang magawan ng paran ng Tacloban City govt. ng hindi kailangang hintayin ang National govt. Pati ang “ipublic information” na puede rin ibalita sa kanila ng hindi kailangan ng Kuryente para mabigyan sila ng PAGASA at mabawasan ang kanilang hirap sa mga oras na iyon (Nov. 8 to 9). Pero hindi nangyari lahat ng ito!! Inabot pa ng ilang araw bago nabigyan ng pagkain at inumin ang karamihan. Alam ng lahat na kukulangin ang pagkain pero maaari rin naman ito itawag o ipasabi o sulat sa Mayor ng Cebu City na magpadala kaagad ng maraming Pan De Sal o Biscuits man lang at nilagang Itlog at Tubig para pambigay sa mga Tao. Maaai ring tumawag sa Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Davao City (may regular na flights to Cebu) na magpadala ng maraming Pan de Sal man lang, nilagang Itlog ,ng Manok , Saging at Tubig. Ang Pan de Sal at ibang tinapay ay libo libo ang maluluto sa loob ng 2 Oras kung o orderen ito sa malalaking “Bakery” sa Cebu City at kahit sa Catbalogan at Calbayog Cities na mas malapit.

    Aywan ko, talagang malas lang na hindi nakaisip kaagad ang mga “Officials” ng Tacloban. Lahat ay bictima pero dahil ang “Officials and employees of the govt. are SERVANTS of the People. They are obligated to serve 24 Hrs. Pasensiya,na, iyan ang responsibility ng govt. Official., bale “Padre de Familia” ng bayan.. Kagaya ng kasabihan ng “Entertainers: ” the Show must go on” !!! Kahit na lumuluha ang kalooban o maysakit ang katawan, ay dapat gawin dahil sa ” obligation to perform, as expected by the public”. God bless us all!!

  30. joan says:

    karma ang aabutin nila cgurado yun…….. BAHALA DAW ANG DIYOS SA KANINA BUSY AKO SA PSP MAGLARO. >>>>>>> PAK !!!

  31. Hiber Nation says:

    Jesus wept. Mar laughed. Noynoy smirked.

  32. Leonidas says:

    both this politicians have same interest and ambition even before this tragedy happens… as a Filipino we have our chance to pick our leader in respect to our own opinion and understanding… unfortunately most Filipino vote their leader base on PUBLICITY, INFLUENCE, RELATIONSHIP, PERSONAL INTEREST, NET WORK, etc etc… What do you expect… same people runs the Government… I feel terribly sad after all this sufferings of Filipinos…. all the things in our present is the result of our parents, grand parents bad decision in the past…. How can we change that?.. no way…. it will probably takes 200 years before something apparent to happen… Filipinos are stuck in this very terrible political system. Oh before I forget pls don’t compare our Lord Jesus Christ with any human either in politics or public known person, coz its incomparable. 🙂 . maybe we should start changing from ourselves, to our family and extending to our friends .. in this way probably..probably something will happen in the next 200 years 🙂

  33. Come 2016, there’s only one battle cry “Remember Tacloban “, I hope the Voters will remember when they go to the polls!

  34. Engr Lope Cortez says:

    Lesson learnt to all of us. Be very careful on what your going to say. Because once it come out from your mouth it is very hard to take it back. Yes we are allowed to rectify but it’s too late, damage had been done. God designed us perfectly with one mouth and two ears. Meaning listen twice and talked one. To err is human and to forgive is Divine. Take good care of your hearts. Merry Christmas to all in advance.

  35. josephine pelingon says:

    Mar Roxas lost his once in lifetime chance to show to the people of the Philippines that he could be the best president the Philippines will ever have and Korina the best first lady the Philippines will ever have too. Yolanda did give him the chance but he blew it off. SAYANG

  36. chilibug15 says:

    Now i know wht Mar and Korina fell in love. Lol

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