Stupid is as stupid does

TODAY I learned a new term: “Mar Stupid.”

It was used – in all caps – by one of his rabid supporters to describe Secretary of Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas’ act of firing the Tacloban police chief for not accounting for his missing policemen about a week after Yolanda devastated the city and subsequently getting angry at these cops for not reporting for duty, despite knowing that they were either dead or searching for missing family or putting their lives back on track.

News 5’s Ina Zara reports on Mar Roxas’ response to missing Leyte policemen

News 5’s Ina Zara reports on Mar Roxas’ response to missing Leyte policemen

The guy was defending Roxas against the negative publicity generated by the statements of Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez before Congress, who in so many words accused Roxas of injecting a political agenda into the crisis situation and insinuating that help was held back because of their political differences with the President.

Okay, Romualdez claimed that Roxas said: “You have to remember, we have to be very careful because you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino.”

So the Roxas supporter answered me in the Facebook post that while the Leyte police incident was “Mar Stupid,” the statement of the SILG was not “Mar Stupid.” He kept repeating the term in all caps that I thought it was political jargon they use in the inner sanctum of the SILG’s communications operations… and by the looks of the people who used it goes way back to his Vice Presidential campaign days and his Senate campaign days.

I guess it has to have some history to it for it to become official jargon.

In any case, the guy deleted his comment, probably realizing that Christmas bonus is just around the corner.

But it’s just as well because a few moments later Roxas went on a rampage with his own press conference, calling Romualdez a liar.

That, of course, was turned around almost immediately after when a YouTube video went viral showing Roxas – Romualdez meeting showing what Romualdez said Roxas said. It is an 18 second clip posed by one Jose Mari Gonzalez, which, if it is indeed that guy, is supposed to be the father-in-law of Romualdez.

Roxas - Romualdez video... short version - click to watch.

Roxas – Romualdez video… short version – click to watch.

Roxas’ spinmasters then countered that it was an edited video cut and polished to make Roxas look bad, that the full video will reveal what really happened.

True enough, the full video of the meeting soon surfaced in YouTube and Facebook, unenhanced audio and all 42 minutes and 55 seconds long.

The Roxas-Romualdez meeting, long version. Click here to watch

The Roxas-Romualdez meeting, long version. Click here to watch

And here I must say, I had to suffer through 42 minutes and 55 seconds of Roxas officiously sermonizing to Romualdez about legal propriety and political and image cover for President Benigno S. Aquino III.

Roxas’ message was: You failed as Tacloban’s chief executive from the start, now sign a document to turn over the whole city and your constitutional authority for us to use or you and your city will be left to fend for yourself. “Kung ayaw ninyo, bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo…” Classic Roxas.

To my mind, Roxas’ message should have been: Mr. Mayor, what do you need to resurrect your government, feed your people, clean up the dead bodies littering the streets, restore peace and order…?

It seems that Roxas forgot that Romualdez is the duly elected and constitutionally mandated official of the city. Roxas is just an appointed government official.

It just keeps bringing me back to the time when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in October 2012. President Barack Obama immediately called Republican NJ governor Chris Christie – his political foe with whom many heated words were exchanged in the past – and simply asked: “What do you need?” Next thing, Obama flew to NJ and followed up on Christie. Even the NJ governor acknowledged the president’s magnanimity. According to one news report: “The storm, which hit the United States one week before its general election, affected the presidential campaign as well as local and state campaigns in storm-damaged areas. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, one of Mitt Romney’s leading supporters, praised President Barack Obama and his reaction to the hurricane and toured storm-damaged areas of his state with the president.”

President Barack Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie talking to storm victims. New York Times Photo

President Barack Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie talking to storm victims. New York Times Photo

Fast forward to 2013,  SILG Mar Roxas in his media blitz further said that his sympathies go to Romualdez who may be suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome thus getting his facts, details and timelines all mixed up. Yet in the same breath he calls Romualdez a liar, asserts that the mayor twists facts around to suit his political agenda and tells media again that Romualdez has PTSD and lets out a hearty laugh – humahalakhak to be exact.

Maybe Roxas’ media operator is right: this goes beyond “Mar Stupid.” Way, way, way, way beyond.

POSTSCRIPT: I can just see the Roxas media machinery — operators, paid hacks and internet and social media trolls — coming together to label me a Romualdez lover. I would like to state here and now that I am not. In fact, I’ve been a critic of how they’ve run Tacloban and Leyte even during the time of the dicatator. So, no, your stupidity will not infect me.

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74 Responses to Stupid is as stupid does

  1. aeagleblue loyola says:

    you are Done

  2. boba mutegan says:

    fire roxas…

  3. Lito Munoz says:

    Pumalpak ang game plan ni Noy Mar. Anyare?

  4. Marnz says:

    Mar Roxas is a certified liar. He’s talking shit.

  5. phylsison says:

    Oh my God!!! He expects us to vote for him as the next president !!!!! STUPID REALLY!!!!!!!!

  6. bboncan says:

    the secretary or a cabinet member is the alter-ego of the president. noynoy cannot disengage from this blunder by mar. it’s all or nothing. they are firing at themselves. that is what happens when the ultimate power that be exposes a deep seated pride and arrogance camouflaged as public service righteousness………..

  7. Flor Ariza says:

    JP FENIX, from this video clip (, that full video from cito beltran apparently took place NOV. 14 NA (or a week after). Tama ba ang data nitong si Roxas? If that’s true, is there a change in the spin then? Just wondering…

  8. enough with that stupidity! and whoever vote for him in 2016 is stupid either…

  9. Johnson Wee says:

    The best weapon against mar stupid is the stupid himself…. wait!!!!!… can add kuring tsenilas on the side of it

  10. Lilia papa says:

    The next president? Pwe!!!

  11. Billy says:

    Mar, you’re a dead meat! You’ll never be resurrected! Kaput! Finito!

  12. Damian says:

    This video with Mar Roxas making palusot is also a classic. Nakakagalit panoodin ito pero classic Mar Roxas pa din –>

  13. footballer says:

    According to Mar, his statement should have been put in the following context: they didnt want to go to Tacloban and just takeover from Mayor Romualdez. There was protocol, as what was followed in Zamboanga and in other places in the past. Aquino was supposedly being careful because “[mayor was] a Romualdez and [he] is an Aquino”. That’s the alleged context.

    I don’t have time to watch the 40 min video. For those who watched it, was that the real context?

    • it was supposed to be that way, but his arrogance clearly showed on the video. And isn’t it irritating that they chose this disaster to follow protocol? for crying out loud, people there died, with survivors on the verge of dying from hunger/cold/sickness.. tapos dito pa sila magiingat?

  14. Say Goodbye to your Presidential ambition in 2016 Mr Mar Stupid

  15. MJ says:

    bagay nga sila ni korina

  16. A says:

    i must agree Roxas leave your post now you are a disgrace!!!!!!

  17. Eric says:

    B.S. Aquino’s crony. Birds of a feather flocks together.

    The masses need to know this or else this hole (doesnt even deserves the a) might become president.

  18. eachhisown says:

    Surely Mar Roxas could comfortably discredit whatever can be seen in the video and weave twisted truths to justify (that’s what most in the government are really very good at) whatever incompetence the Aquino administration have demonstrated after the onslaught of typhoon Yolanda until this date.

    Despite of the obvious facts shown on videos and reported by foreign journalists the Aquino administration would proudly “justify” their leisurely taking of their time to prepare and complete their master plan for a week while Filipinos in the devastated areas have nothing to eat and drink, no treatments for their injuries, no roofs to cover them from the heat of the sun and from the rain, being looted by crooks and while cadavers scattering everywhere are rotting.

    (The government having leaders with the right mindset should have already an established policies and procedures for natural and even unnatural calamities and disasters.)

    Most Philippine politicians down to government officials and employees are very comfortable for their continuous incompetence and wily businesses because they are very sure that by nature majority of Filipinos never have the nerve and will to demand ousting them like the Thailand and Egypt peoples who never stopped until their country leaders stepped down. Also, like the French and Russian peoples who not only ousted their royals responsible for their miserable poverty but killed them all.

    • Deflandre says:

      Tama ! How i wish People themselves grows-up… Elect those responsible leaders. I loss five membres of my family (direct), and really inacceptable to see that their corpses are treated like they are dogs…(whatever, describe them as you May wish);
      That even dogs we still give them the best we can so they can have a descent and peaceful burial…
      J ai la haine!!!!!!!!

  19. Bingaurea says:

    Me.Roxas, be professional enough to act being the appointed Sec. Of DILG. obviously you want to impress the people that you are a good politician to credit your plan to run the highest position on 2016 election…..but sad to say, we were not impressed…wala ka rin binatbat…PWE

  20. hajji says:

    just stay as mr. palengrkero… clean the weighing scale….no less…not more….

  21. Charlie says:

    Mar tama na ang mga picture taking mo… mag resign ka na to save the current administration from further shame…. President is it normal to suspend and float this type of official??????

  22. Charlie says:

    Ay sorry president… immune pala ang mga barkada…. shame on this administration and sayang ang ginawa ng mother mo!!!!!

  23. I read from a lawyer’s post (just forgot where) where he mentioned the laws that said, in cases where calamities involve at least 2 regions, the national government automatically takes over.

    And on the 2016 presidency, if not Mar, then who else?

    • EmCee says:

      that’s RA 10121, national DRRM act. no need really to ask the mayor for such document. de factor and de juris, tacloban city cannot take command of the response operations at all. well, that just shows the mediocrity of this whole government, and that’s an understatement.

  24. Black radio says:


  25. Meanne says:

    never voted for the guy or rather never considered him for that matter.there’s no need to sabotage his political career, he can very well do that for himself

  26. ALVINLABIOS says:

    Aquino and Roxas both planned it but both failed – Two world’s infamous IDIOTS.

  27. nuks says:

    Bagay na bagay talaga kayo Korina!!!

  28. Samboy says:

    That’s what we get when we elect a CLUELESS IDIOT for President and he appoints a MAR STUPID as SILG………

  29. Weng says:

    Gess! Mar… I was wrong adoring you as a good senator before! Parang parehas na kayo ng ugali ng asawa mong si Korena ah. Sya pinagtakpan ang kilos at pamamalakad mo sa Taxloban by the report from Anders Cooper and now it is what it is the true colors of your’s is showingly unprofessional. Mahiya ka naman malaki na ngang kawalan sa Leyte ganon pa kayo. Zero vote talaga kayo sa Region 8 by the next election.

    • Richard Banasig says:

      Mar has always been an opportunist. I can remember him then as the secretary of trade. He used the DTI to gather all of the industry leaders all over the country to tell them that he wants to help each of the industries when in reality he does not have the sincerity and the means to do so – he said it himself in the forum. It was pretty obvious that he abused his position (toured the whole Philippines) to start his campaign for his seat in the senate. I hope we can simply see him now as he is – an arrogant, ignorant, lying opportunist.

      I need not say anything about Binay. He is even worse.

      After this ignorant and idiotic president, can we find a better leader? We can not continue having these clowns leading – fucking – us.

  30. lingatong says:

    can’t help but recall the ancient proverb,”whom the gods wish to destroy, they make mad.”

  31. den says:

    The mayor and the Trapo…. Roxas was trying to gain some political mileage out of the situation. From the very start, wherein he lounge himself in tacloban before the storm hit, his agenda was for personal benefit; never for the welfare of the victims. Romualdez, on the the other hand, was overwhelm by the gargantuan task of being in charge of his city. I do believe he is suffering from post-traumatic syndrome. Instead of projecting an image of strength and control, he went on to personally operate a backhoe. A leader must take control of whatever is left of his command and be in charge. If he breaks down in tears, his people will also lose hope. Whether or not help will come, he must rally his constituents to rise and be resilient… That’s the two faces; the mayor and the secretary; whoever we vote, we lose

    • Rats says:

      Resigned now & save your face

    • Cesar says:

      I am sure the mayor is strong not weak because he still has the courage and strength to do something possible in his little way to rise up above the chaos he was facing. Anyone amidst such chaos will surely lose hope but he acted accordingly in his means. Only an ASSHOLE will thing otherwise.

  32. marie carag says:

    tama ang mga laway ala naman kau ginawa sa lipunan puro daldal in times of crises alang mahirap o mayaman we should forget politics

  33. juu says:

    Looks like “President Mar” will just be a dream forever. Now I wonder how Korina feels

  34. boyen says:

    the true color will always prevail . . .

  35. cassiopeia1218 says:

    This is really, really, way, way, way beyond irritating. They’ve had it both in a row…a team-up…till death do they part…lol.

  36. lorenz says:

    Mar ,dapat! ang nababagay lang sayo ang mag tenda kayo sa palengke wag kanang mag ambisyon sumali sa politika hende bagay sayo parehas lang kayo nang asawa mong plastic.

  37. All comments are well said and true!

  38. Tere dy says:

    They have treated the devastation as a political opportunity not thinking of the victims, first and foremost. Their true colors and mere thinking that people including the dead, are just votes are now obvious. Their response for the victims is almost worse than the storm! Still waiting for some sign of compassion from them.

  39. Saguisag says:

    The best way for SILG Roxas to do now is to tell the world that what he did was wrong. Please apologize to the living and the dead people of Tacloban City. Sige na, huwag ka nang mahiya. Maiintindihan ka namin.

  40. Benedict lim says:

    Karma lang yan tignan nyo napakasalan Nya c bitch of the century!!!

  41. QUO RO says:

    If it is not politically motivated,, bakit sa Tacloban lang siya humingi ng letter? HUMINGI BA DIN SIYA NG LETTER SA MGA MAYORS NG IBANG MUNICIPYO? Roxas wag mong bilugin ang mga ULO ng mga PILIPINO!!!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I’m from Tacloban, i’m also a big FAN of Aquino’s and agains’t the Romualdez and Marcoses. But What Pnoy did and Roxas is totally unacceptable!!

  43. estong says:

    How to LEGALIZE AID after disaster: 10 steps: 1. look for working PC 2. staff of Chief of Staff (COS) of City Mayor drafts memo asking help from the national govt (DILG). 3. COS edits memo 4. staff correct memo 5. COS approves memo 6. staff forwards memo to City Mayor. 7. Mayor signs memo 8. COS forward to City Council for approval and prepares Council Resolution asking help. 9. Notarized approved Council Resolution. 10. Give notarized resolution to DILG Secretary. ….. by the way, if step #1 is not available, staff rides back to Manila in C-130 and follow the procedures mentioned above.

    • francis co says:

      hak, hak, hak, better still, get a gun, point it at mar, don’t shoot please, not worth it…so that mar will relay this to his bff in the palace, n the retard there will say, “but you did not die, right?” hak, hak, hak

  44. Cesar says:

    This Mar Roxas is an asshole. He talks too much thinking he knows tons of legal matters. If President wont remove Mar from his post then he will bear the consequence of losing his popularity for championing the cause of the Filipino people. Mar only plays politics wanting only to please the president for what he thinks was the right thing to do but in reality became oblivious of the fact that he should have acted as servant of the people. What an ASSHOLE!!!

  45. dougfon says:

    What a revelation. Mar Roxas loves to argue even to the extent of justifying something that can never be justified. The more he try to justify, the more his chances in 2016 gets dimmer by the day. He should remember that Filipinos no matter how poor and unlettered they may be, can perceive what is right or wrong.

  46. Vaneshka says:


  47. Sol Immaculada says:

    Mar Roxas is in a downward spiral. No talent for executive governance …legislation lang siguro ang talent niya. Di man lang siguro umatend ng disaster preparedness seminar ang mamang yan. What do we get from trapos like Romualdes and him anyway….they only want to stay in power; perpetuate themselves and their kind to remain in power for all eternity.

  48. That’s the legacy of the Aquinos and their cohorts…ALL TALK…ALL VENGEANCE in mind but NO VISION…NO COMPASSION…they have been exposed many times yet the real stupid ones are those who vote for them time and time again…who’s next in line, Kristeta?

  49. myrna mojica says:

    marunong talaga ang Diyos . ibinigay ang kalamidad para malaman ang mga tunay na pagkatao ng mag nagaambisyon sa 2016 .

  50. Rosario says:

    If Mar Roxas is thinking of running for President next election, he is really Mega Stupid.. Not after all of his boo boo….

  51. Jefferson melendez says:

    To all dirty lier politicians…just to remind all of you …that u guys work for all Filipino people..people pay there taxes for the country budget…it’s your job to manage the money of the country….not to steel it…all politicians look stupid in televisions…the more they act smart….the dumber they get….if I were the Filipinos….don’t ever pay a single body deserve to be treated this way…Filipinos deserve better than this…peace…

  52. Joe Posada says:

    Noy & Mar, both products of my school & my co alumnus in the Ateneo. It’s really a shame how both Ateneans have screwed up in their latest showing lately. Really stupid I must say.
    you guys are a disgrace! Atenista pa naman kayo

  53. Kangker says:

    Living proof that we have a disgraceful Government.

  54. mackoy31 says:

    that’s why we filipino should wake up and start voting responsibly. chose a worthy leader and not just for namesake. if we really want to progress as a nation, i think we should start by electing leaders that are capable of leading us there.

  55. Jalapeno says:

    Give it a month or so it will die down… “Janet napoles who?” This is so filipino, sad to say..

  56. elizah alegre says:

    and binay is worse….

  57. rickye says:

    For everyone’s INFORMATION; What he did in Zamboanga City was the same in getting papogi points wherein if you will dig deeper it’s the same style on what he did in Bohol and Tacloban. We, the majority of Zamboanguenos who may be silent now and are still nursing the pain and sufferings they cause to ZAMBOANGUENOS especially the victims through their MORE TALK & NO ACTION STYLE OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT… We are so angry by what they did with the dragging of the WAR to 23 days which if seriously acted can be achieve in 1 to 5 days the most in solving the attack from MNLF. With of course dinky, gazmin and pnoy, Zamboanga City turned out to be their staging stage to make a political point. Mar and the other actors and actresses must and should not brag or refrain from bragging that the result of the sieged was a successful one and they were the heroes – “NO THEY AREN’T”… . THEY WERE the CULPRITS and ZAMBOANGUENOS are VICTIMS of their INEFFICIENCIES!

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