DAY 6 since Yolanda/ Haiyan

DAY 6 since Yolanda/ Haiyan hit, I wake up to BBC’s report that “people have been increasingly abandoned” in Leyte. Switching to CNBC, Bloomberg, CNN… and the theme is much the same: Relief has been pouring in from all over the world, but they have been stuck and piling up in airport warehouses in Manila and Cebu.

In local TV and radio, the reports have cabinet secretaries like Dinky Soliman and Mar Roxas saying that they are still “studying how they will release relief goods.” Their concern is how action can be done in the most efficient and equitable way.

In the Palace, President Benigno S. Aquino III is still arguing with CNN’s Christian Amanpour over inaccurate casualty counts, and insists that they are still gathering data.

Click photo to see the CNN interview video

Click photo to see the CNN interview video

In the midst of it all I get this urgent email from my lawyer – a trusted friend. It has a document attached and it reads:

RETRIBUTION AND POLITICAL AMBITION – Deadly combination for Yolanda Victims

RETRIBUTION: Pres. Aquino has made no effort to conceal his disdain for the Romualdezes. Despite it being dubbed as “the strongest typhoon in the world in recorded history”, PNoy has placed the blame on the death and destruction in Tacloban City squarely on the local government, which of course is headed by Mayor Alfred Romualdez. His slow response to the tragedy seems intended to drive Mayor Romualdez, and Tacloban, to his knees.

POLITICAL AMBITION: Sec. Mar Roxas clearly intends to use this tragedy to let his political ambition shine at its brightest, at the cost of hunger, thirst and deprivation of the typhoon victims where those lucky to have survived the typhoon are at high risk of dying from hunger, thirst, and from the gangs of looters.

Mar Roxas has ordered that all distribution of relief operation be centralized by the DSWD and all relief goods coming in to Leyte should be turned over to this agency where he can decide by himself when, how and where to distribute them, with him leading the distribution with doleful eyes, the better to sear his personal image into people’s conscious and maximize his media face time.

While we don’t give a damn what his political ambitions are, this is unfortunately creating a bottleneck in the distribution, with him sitting prettily in the middle of that bottleneck.

Even private flights coming in are required to secure clearance from NDRRMC, again on Roxas’ instruction. Is this to ensure, again, that no relief goods are distributed without going through him?

Small wonder why, despite the non-stop arrival of relief goods from local and international donors, people are still acutely hungry, thirsty, dying of infections from untreated injuries. This hunger has led to widespread looting, and bad elements are taking advantage by joining the fray not to loot for food, but for non-food items like tv sets and other appliances.

As local gov’t secretary, Mar Roxas’ role should be to ensure the safety and security of civilian population. The DILG Secretary is vice chairman for Disaster Preparedness of the National Disaster Coordinating Council. So what business does Mar Roxas have in arrogating unto himself the distribution of relief items and elbowing out of the picture DSWD Sec. Dinky Soliman, NUDCC vice chair for Disaster Response?

The answer is as clear as the hunger and thirst: Political ambition 2016.

This was written by a group of people who have family in Leyte. They are professionals, business people, civil servants working and living in Manila, trace their deepest roots in Leyte and spend every possible free time, vacation or break there.

They have moved mountains to gather resources for relief operations, organize transport by plane, boat and truck – some 90 tons worth so far I am told. They have arranged transport with assistance from contacts with the largest Filipino and multinational companies with the means to do so. And they have arranged security, many of them being in government and the military.

They know the lay of the land, being natives. And their surviving families have been providing needed intelligence on roads, access and operational points. They have advance teams on the ground.

Yet to operationalize their plan – especially to land the goods in Tacloban airport – they report that it needs Mar Roxas’ permission. Going over land, they say Roxas has to sign off on it.

The answer was simply: “No.”

Meanwhile, the BBC report shows children in Tacloban, standing in the rain and amid rotting corpses, waiting for any sign that food will come. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes we are,” answer the children, smiling and in perfect English.

That’s what got me up this morning, on Day 6 after Yolanda.

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449 Responses to DAY 6 since Yolanda/ Haiyan

  1. sweety says:

    kapal muks itonng si ROXAS, pa-epal kaau!!!

    • bernie capillanes says:

      kapal talaga ng mukha ng mga ganid na pulitiko nayan!!!!!
      gutom na mga tao nakuha pang unahin mga sarili nilang kapakanan dapat sa kanila sila ang tinangay ni yolanda ng maranasan din nila ang hirap ng mga kawawang pilipino!!!!
      mabuti nalang hindi nanalo yang si mar roxas!!!!!
      mga ganid kayong mga pulitiko!!!
      mga wala kayong puso!!!!
      khit si pnoy npakabagal kumilos anu ba inaantay nya!!!

      • Ko says:

        Ikaw kaya ang maging presidente, magsalita ka akala mo madali lang lahat yun kasi nagbigay na ang ibang bansa.. Think before you speak..

        • mark says:

          you can’t blame them if gnun mga sinasabi nila sa gobyerno. kung ikaw din ay talaga my malasakit s kapwa mo ikaw na mismo gagawa ng aksyon right away indi yung ilang araw p.respect the opinion of every person n mgsalita.

        • BURNNN says:

          As common sense dictates, kelangan pa bang mangamoy ang libo libong bangkay para mag declare ng National Emergency?

        • wilyam says:

          Kaya nga hindi ako tumakbo kasi di ko kaya ang rsponsibilidad na yan e. Diba dapat imbes na think before you speak, dapat e think before you run for public office???

          • Isang Maralita says:

            Tama! Yung mga nagpapatahimik sa opinyon ng publiko at sasabihan ang publiko na kumilos at magdonate, mga pulitiko o alagad nila yan na matapos tumakbo at kunin ang budget na para sa bayan eh ipapatang ang responsibilidad sa publiko. Sasabihan ang publiko na nagcricriticize na manahimik at tumulong. Suwerto nyo ah damhin niyo ang bigat ng responsibilidad ng isang public servant!

            • Isang Maralita says:

              May kung anong balak pa kasi kayo sa mga donasyon na narereceive ng bansa natin eh kaya ganon ang pagcriticize sa inyo ng publiko! Yung mga public citizens na nagsariling sikap na mamahagi ng tulong haharangan niyo pa at kakailanganin pa ang special permit ng isang inappoint. Kung gusto ng nagdonate na siya mismo ang magdonate hayaan sila, kung gusto nilang ipangalandakan na kanila galing iyon hayaan sila importante tumutulong. Bakit kailangan pa ang permiso ng Roxas para ipaabot ang tulong? Sana tumulong siya sa mga tumutulong na mapabilis ang pagpapaabot ng tulong hindi yung cause pa siya ng delay!

        • dodong ko says:


        • Jinoh says:

          AQUINO LOYALIST!!!!! tsk.tsk.tsk…… Ngayon palang sila magplaplano kung ano ang gagawin sa mga donation. ang daming agensya ng gobyerno para sa disaster dapat alam na nila ang tamang gawin…..

          • Mel says:

            I agree 100%

            • iloveyou18 says:

              oo nga!! kaya mabagal ang usad ng pilipinas ehh.. mabagal mag isip ang mga yan!!

              • jm says:

                Hi everyone,,,,I think you all have a right opinion regarding on how this situation affects us and how the government officials serves us as they have promised to do well.I should say na,we all have the right to say anything we have to express on how we observed and we understand the situation right now.Sa nababasa ko sa mga sinusulat nyo,makikita na some of us are really opinionated and so smart enough to say something especially when blaming the president and they other officials of our country regarding on the present situation right now of the affected areas in Visayas. Therefore, I want to as everyone a favor to maybe pause for a minute and let’s try to do somethings which all of us probably benefit the most.Alam nyo kasi,kahit ano pa man ang sabihin natin dito;anong mga pasisira sa o pangungutya o lets say,paghuhuga sa katagalan ng response team ng gobyerno,hangang doon lang tayo.Why cant we try something different and which can help encourage others and inspire people to share their love and compassion to reach out and helps the lost.God intended or allow worse incident to happen in our life in order for us to be a person of someone’s testimony and motivation. Try to do this way,whenever you are to say something which is not helpful to someone or not that really encouraging for others to do something better for good,why don’t you ask yourself like this; WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE THINGS BETTER? AND WHAT CAN I SHARE TO SOMEONE WHICH CAN INSPIRE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME FOR THE BETTER OUT OF GOOD?AND LASTLY,CAN I DO THESE THINGS POSSIBLY RIGHT WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD IN HEAVEN?Instead of trying our best be recognize that we have the right to say anything we want even it is a hurting words already and can encourage others to also say the same towards that person,WHY CANT WE BE UNITED AS FILIPINO AND FIND A WAY TO HELP OUR COUNTRY TO SHOW THAT WE ARE BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN THIS WHAT WE CALLED “HOME”. We cant blame every thing to that person alone because his system is slow and he is just trying to have a better picture for the upcoming election. How can you be reasonable to say things that can destroy the credibility of this person when you are the one who puts him in that position. We are to blame also of giving this person a power and authority over us to run our country when we think he is not doing well with his title as leader. I know for sure that our beloved president is trying to be a person of integrity and discipline by organizing the mess we have been experiencing right now. Remember,he is a sole person that has no one that can encourage him like the mother of the house,the father to strengthen him,and a wife that can comforts him love and warm embrace as he needs it the most.Our president is just also a human being like us as he is try his best to simply clean the house by removing the unnecessary stuff that clogging the pipe of development, the mess that made the house looks dirty and wont encourage visitors to come back again, and organizing the interior parts of the house to make it looks presentable and pleasant to the eyes of our neighbor. But he needs us,he wants us to be cooperative,and most likely he wants us to be united again like what his late father’s sole desire for his beloved country. Lets help one another,lets involve ourselves in doing the house chores even to the least thing we can do best,sharing our faith together and dreams that one day we will rise up from this falling,and lastly,let us make God reign in our house as He is the only one can make the impossible to be possible for us Filipino.PLEASE,LET’S HOLD OUR HAND TOGETHER AND BE UNITED IN ONE PRAYER,ONE PURPOSE,ONE GOAL FOR THIS PARTICULAR MISSION AS A CITIZEN FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND SUCCESS OF OUR COUNTRY AS A PEOPLE OF LOVE AND UNITY.
                That’s what we should be Filpinos.

                May God bless us all.

                2 Chronicles 7:14
                “if my people who are called by my name,will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.”

                • Me says:

                  ang haba, parang isang article na ung comment mo 🙂

                • Clad says:

                  Kung mag volunteer ka and mag donate ng relief goods, kung hindi papayagan ni Mar Roxas, wala din.

                • Bad girl gone good says:

                  I agree. GAWA HINDI NGAWA!

                • Ian says:

                  So…since mahaba comment mo? what have you done so far to help ???

                  tanong lang….

                  • jm says:

                    to answer your question sir ay lahat tayo ay may ginagawa at sa anong mang uri ng tulong sa pamamagitan ng magandang hangarin para sa kapwa kahit maliit o malaki ang nagagawa mo,as long as it is from your heart,then you are doing the will of God for others.personally,not to brag myself,I would have to excuse myself from my work and ak permission from my wife and my kids that I am going to lend a hand of help for my fellow countrymen that has been affected badly with the typhoon and they all have to say’do as you wish daddy…’and I am not ashame and afraid to do what is best for my brothers and sisters.I thank God that my family is safe and secure under God’s protection and these people is well deserving also of our time and effort to help.It is not of what you have done,it is of what you can do.

                • Fay says:

                  Well said.

                • you says:

                  “God intended or allow worse incident to happen in our life in order for us to be a person of someone’s testimony and motivation. ”
                  -GOD never test a person in a bad way brother saith James (apostle of Christ), basa din minsan ng bible pre..God never wanted us to suffer nor face death that’s why He promised eternal life..It is not and absolutely not HIS will na mangyari sa atin tong trahedyang to.

                  • jm says:

                    Well,you’re right bro,but you also have to think and realize that there are times that even God himself give satan permission to test the life of His faithful and blessed ones,in order for them to be an example to the unbelievers that despite of horrifying incidents that happened,they prove that even the enemy itself can never be victorious over their faithfulness and their faith in the Lord. I don’t have to be sound religious here,cause I hate being religious in fact I grew up serving the Lord and I even study the bible(if you know what I mean) and I’ve been through different ups and downs in some ways of trials and temptations in life yet one thing I said to myself always,’whatever the trials and circumstances I may be facing and even to the point of giving up all I have,I will never give up on my Jesus’, cause He is my only Savior as the Heavenly Father sent for us sinners to save.Brother,I understand you but probably you dont understand my point here what I am trying to share as I speak in a general term for everyone to know what is the real issue here. Im not a kind of person who wants argument especially when it comes to biblical topics and issues. Im content to have Jesus as my Savior and have a passion to serve others,all I want is to help people understand that we don’t need to be critical to each other and argue who is right,when there is another way to find solution and make things better for the good of everyone. My only concern that instead of being divided and critical to this situation we all have been experiencing right now,why cant we start making ourselves available for any cause of help and assistance for our fellow filipino countrymen by establishing the strong foundation of relationship to God and to one another. Thank you for your concern about the issue and I’ll put that in mind. God bless everyone.

                • perly says:

                  yesss very good and amen to that jm. sa kalamidad na ito lalong higit tayong lumapit sa Dios. And sa mga tao na puro batikos ang alam peace be with you, dapat po igalang at erespeto ang pangulo dahil tayo ang naglagay sa kanya sa ganyang posisyon kaya suporta at di batikos ang kelangan nya. tumulong na lang po tayo and show our love to one another.. Peace…

                  • mary says:

                    I agree with you perly to support them pero paano nga kung sila mismo ang pumipigil na matulungan ang mga kababayan natin na nsa kalamidad? hahayaan na lang ba natin pabayaan sila at antayin kun kalian nila gustuhin at kun sino ang gusto lang nilang bigyan ng tulong? Aba’y mag isip isip naman kayo… mamamatay na sila di pa natutulungan!

                • Kaso nga ang kaban ng bayan ay hawak ng mga politiko. Kaya tayong mga mamamayan responsibilidad nating imonitor kung paano winawaldas este kinakamkam este ipinagdadamot este iniipit este ginagasta ang pera na dapat sana ay para sa mga mamamayang Pilipino lalo na sa panahong may ganitong trahedya.

                  Wag na magsalita yung mga ayaw magsalita. Pero yung patigilin ng iba yung mga taong may malasakit sa kinahihinatnan ng kapwa natin Pilipino, yang mga yan ang malaking bahagi ng problema.

              • pilar solomon says:

                hahaha!!Oo nga!! agree ako diyan!! at `yong mga ayaw ng puna sigurado nakaambos `yan sa donations or mga amoyong `yan!! sakit!! mga bulag ba at bingi hindi na magamit ang isip gayong kitang kita na ebedensya tuloy parang hindi maka-bayan pag umarte!! sori na lang!! commento lang!!

        • ranie says:

          aba!!ikaw kaya sa kalagayan ng mga nasalanta anu mging reaksyon mo sa napakabagal na kilos ng gobyerno..u cannot blame anyone else to speak what thy’re feeling against the government..palagay ko isa ka rin sa mga alipores ng gobyerno’ you compare some far country can help urgently after typhoon was landed in the phils while ur good government can travel an hour to the said affected places cannot do it??

        • antonio says:

          kagaya karen ng utak ng mga poletiko.. bakit nagawa ng davao city government ang tumolong agad sa takluban.? day after yulanda ang davao rescuer nsa takloban na agad at ang mayor ng davao doon na agad at nkapag bigay na ng 8 million php para sa tulong nla.. kung ako pasabihin inutel ang pang governo ni pinoy

        • Nancy Evans says:

          Inuuna kasi nila ang sisihan. Kailan pa sila talaga kikilos kapag patay na ang lahat? …naman!

        • TJBon says:

          I know its not easy to be the president…but will it help the victims of this HORRIFYING calamity by blaming the local governments, I think not. The people affected are confused, afraid, hungry and thirsty, yet despite huge amount of donations from both the international and local communities bakit marami pa rin ang hindi nakakatanggap ng relief goods?! Madali lang sa atin magsalita kasi hindi natin na experience ang naranasan ng mga biktima ni Yolanda. May this tragedy serve as a wake up call to each and everyone of us. Let it serve as an instrument for social change.

          • SURVIVOR says:

            Its not easy, we all knew that … but come to think of it who’s blaming the local Govt., it was the President, he was blaming the local govt. he blame the mayor of tacloban, kase hindi nya kapartido, pero ang governor ng tacloban kapartido nya kaya ang blame nya sa mayor, kaya nga bakit up to now hindi pa rin ma mobilized ang huge part ng relief or ma distribute? kase ma apektohan ang political interest ng cabinet ni PNOY. Even the international community are frustrated sa effort ni PNOY kase nde naman din sila BULAG….

          • mia says:

            Yes, i a agree, being the president is not easy, but as one, the best thing he could do is to inspire and to give hope to the victims instead of doing a blame game. After all, the tragedy has already happenned, why blame the LGUs in tacloban about what preparations should have been done when in fact, they also were victims of that catastrophe? And take note, he did it during his interview with CNN? What kind of president he is. He just show his incapacity to run the Philippine government due to his incompetence and lack of political will. I thank God I did not vote for him.

        • Observer says:

          alam mo ungas kang loyalist ka! madaming means of transportation para mapaabot ang TULONG sa tao! asan ung mga pinag mamalaking barko ng NAVY? CHOPPER ng AIR FORCE? at 6×6 TRUCKS ng AFP? pwede pa clang kumausap ng mga private agencies that can provide other ways of transportation para mapabilis ang pag bibigay ng RELIEF GOODS sa mga tao! pero anu ginagawa ng mga nahalal na politiko naten dito sa manila? wala! NGA NGA! pare pareho cla ng ungas na presidente naten na walang ginawa kundi ang mag hintay! tapos sasabihin naunlad ekonomiya eh ganyan b ang ang naunlad na ekonomiya? naasa sa mga donasyon ng ibang bansa tapos haharangin pa ng mga GANID na pulitoko? PAMBIHIRA. hindi ako makapaniwala sa mga PULITIKO na meron tayo..

        • bang says:

          Di naman ganun kadali pero shouldn’t it be a part of the responsibilities of the gov’t the moment they sit in office to make sure that there are existing contingencies manuals and plans before any crisis strikes? Hindi ung tipong mamadali just days before the forecasted strike… it should have been done kahit wala pa ung problema.

          Dapat sa panahon pa ni Aguinaldo may mga ganun na plano which should keep improving overtime regardless whether they are being used or not.

        • anonymous says:

          “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” po erase mo na ung “Think before you speak..”

        • vince says:

          day 6 pare and still they dont know what to do, ano hinihintay? sample na may mamatay sa gutom? wala naman din nagawang mabuti ang gobyerno ah? whole day naka pila ang mga tao para mag ka laman ang mga sikmura tapos ano? hihintayin pa signal ni Sec. Mar para pamigay na? bakit d nila tingnan pag mumukha nang mga survivor kong kailangan paba sila mag line up for whole day…. is that the right thing to do? base po yan sa report ha…

          • Isang Maralita says:

            baka pag may mamatay sa gutom mas dumami pa ang donasyon na makuha. Or baka di pa nakapagprint ng mga pang repack na may mukha at pangalan nila.

        • NON SENSE KA says:

          ikaw ang dapat mag isip ng inyong sasabihin… it seems you don’t understand what you are saying.. PLEASE USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.. have you read that article on TOP? FUCK U IDIOT….

        • NON SENSE KA says:

          ikaw ang dapat mag isip ng inyong sasabihin… it seems you don’t understand what you are saying.. PLEASE USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.. have you read that article on TOP? FUCK U IDIOT….

        • jeff says:

          LoL. Eh bat pa sya tumakbo bilang presidente kung di naman pala nya kaya?

        • neng says:

          yeah, you’re right..! it’s not easy to handle millions of people..kahit na sabihin nating maraming tulong na dumadating, wha’ts mahirap is to organize. sa sobrang dami, nawawala na sa track, hindi na alam anong una at dapat talAagang gawin. anyway, lahat gustong tumulong, walang sisihan,hindi yan makakatulong.

        • Angela says:

          Di nga makapasok ang foreign donations kasi hinaharang ng office ni mar roxas. Life is at stake here. Malipasan ka nga lang ng isang meal nahihilo ka na how much much di ka makakain ng ilang araw.

        • Steven says:

          Dear Ko,

          You say think before you speak. Yet your comments are one of the most close minded I have seen. We were already expecting the typhoon. Yet we were not ready. There should have been emergency services ready. Of course it’s easier said. Yet 6 days is way too long.

        • liza says:

          lamunin mo yang presidente nyo na hanggang ngayon pagbibilang ng patay ang focus. lalong dadami ang patay dahil sa kabagalan ng gobyernong eto..PURO EPAL!!!!!!

        • Thesss says:

          We all have the reasons to be in a furious due of what is happenning in the country…..Put your shoes into the victim shoes…..I am sure you will not be in the furious but rage, there is no worse than loosing what you love and have in life and same time surviving and fighting to live…..we all have the right to express and think…..thank you very much…….

        • jerilayagan says:

          un nga think b4 you speak,how bout our pres.ngoyngoy did he ever think b4 he speak

    • parang s zamboanga city…ganyan ang papel ni MAR ROXAS… sinapawan niya si mayor beng climaco,si mayora naman nag pa sapaw sa kabit ni pnoy……..

    • pikol says:

      walang mangyayari sa pilipinas kung laging palpak ang gobyerno.

  2. Libatman says:

    bias article…

    • The Man says:

      I think you’re lost… this is a blog

    • Jo-jo says:


    • May schoolmate ako nung highschool na nagorganize maggather ng relief goods for people in samar. Hindi raw umuusad ang shipping sa port. Bakit? Nagpapahintay pa sa pirma ni Roxas. Kinailangan pa daw nilang tumawag sa DZMM para maayos na agad. Sabihin mo nang biased ang article, pero totoo ung about sa pagiging paimportante ni Mar!

      • shannielle says:

        D nmn n sana maki alam c roxas nun kc private organization yun.. sana mav thank you n lng sya mga private groups.. n nagsisikap kung paano makatulong at suportaan nya lng … hindi yung gigipitin p nya. Gusto kc nakadikit lagi pangalan nya.. pata kunyari galing sa kanya…yaay.. pa ppapel ba.. bakey hindi open ang makatulong at need p approval nya.. cguro support pefi pa. And thank you ganun sana..

  3. Rowena reyes says:

    Mga demonyo ang gobyernong Ito ni noynoy ABNOY

  4. tingguian says:

    talga naman. mga politikong buwaya. ano hinihintay nila mabulok yung mga donasyon.

    • tabang pinoy says:

      Pag di naman nilagay sa ayos yung pag bigay ng tulong at di nyo nakita sabihin nyo ninakaw… wala na talaga kayong ginawa kung di reklamo nalang lahat… kung gusto nyong tumulong mag repack nalang din kayo pra ma iba naman…. wala na nga kayong silbe puro reklamo pa nasa utak….

      • The Man says:

        We complain because we give, and we see what we give not reaching the victims.

      • Rey B says:

        Walang magrereklamo kung nakakarating ng tunay yung mga aids and relief goods…Naintindihan mo ba yan?

      • kaibigan mamamatay na yun mga tao sa affected na mga lugar… karamihan namn sigurong relief goods na galing sa ibang bansa ay naka pack na yan kelangan nalang nyan ay ipamahagi sa kanila… kung ikaw kaya sa kalagayan nila 5 araw walang makain at mainum.

      • Jhet says:

        And you’re arguing with them (other countries)? don’t complain coz in the first place they are the ones helping, and second our government is too damn greedy and slow to help our countrymen in Leyte. Coz what they’re saying is true, and Mar Roxas is still holding the relief goods while our President is arguing with something and still gathering data? Really now… you’re still gathering data… he should be helping out by now it’s day 6 my God people there are dying. So, just be thankful that they’re helping us,

      • Fingerfood says:

        We complain because we worked hard to prepare relief goods and are f**king mad they are not delivered still!!! Oh how you made me swear! Just because you hate the world you have to hate those you are voicing their feelings? Although we Filipinos are quickly prone to egoism, yours is truly off the charts! Newsflash: Nagrereklamo ka nga dyan eh!

      • the question is bakit ang tagal nilang mag-antay pa bago release ang mga relief goods antayin pa nla na madaming mamatay dahil na sa gutom?

        • tabang pinoy says:

          This is what i heard from a local who lives in my city saying…..

          Let me just remind you about being a storm victim. “sendong” also took away lives, electricity and water. Everything was a chaos.. dead people… rotten corpse everywhere…

          We needed help… world help came…

          But on that experience, i saw what we are capable of…

          when relief goods from the government etc… came, it was more than a good 1 week supply per family.( Who cares help was comming in almost everyday).. we keep it until as soon as tomorow a different team( forein or domestic )came along trying to help as well… i could still remember people telling them we did not receive anything… everyday help was coming from everywhere… but all they do is say “help wala parin kami natanggap we are hungry”.

          When help come and If a victim says he/she has recieved relief goods we call them stupid… they do this kase baka bukas wala nang help buti nka imbak pra safe…

          A sad reality…

          • sira ulo ka!! says:

            putang-ina mo!!!

          • derfliw says:

            Then what about that CNN reporter, who is there in Tacloban, saying that there’s no help at all? Walang pag iimbak na nangyayari dahil wala silang maiimbak! Makangalas gud man na mga tawu!

            • tabang pinoy says:

              Cnn reporter kano. Sa nakasanayan mo na kahit sigro di ka tinamaan ng bagyo pag nka kita ka nang kano mang hihingi kadin… alam kana nakin beggar ka since birth

          • BURNNN says:

            lol ! this was the funniest comment of all.

            sendong is way too different sa Yolanda.

            if you can read faces, ung sooobrang pain and suffering sa mga mukha nila ay kahit kelan hindi nangangahulugan na “help wala parin kami natanggap we are hungry” kasi nagiimbak sila ng relief. wag tayong bobo, wag tayong tanga.

            onting mulat kapatid, mukha ba silang sagana sa relief goods na naiipon sa mga bahay nila? tang ina wala nga rin silang bahay e.

            sa palagay mo tataas ang bilang ng krimen kung nagiipon talga sila ng relief? papatay ka ba kung marame ka ng stock na delata sa bahay mo?

            magkape ka muna nga!

            • Good point Burnnn! At highschool classmate ko, nagpost sya ng frustration sa fb kasi nga ung shipment na puro relief goods na nakalap nila sa organization nila, nakatambak lang sa port. Naghihintay pa ng pirma ni Roxas. Kaya itinawag na nila sa DZMM para magreklamo. Powertripping lang talaga yang gobyernong pinamumunuan ng 2 pinaka-retarded na tao dito sa mundo!

              • BURNNN says:

                ikaw din boss Rhod. sobrang Good Point ung last part mo.

                soooobrang ganda ng bansa natin kung tutuusin, been to some places pero nothing compares sa pinas.

                UN NGA LANG!


          • taumbayan says:

            Eto lang ang masasabi ko sau tabang pinoy: Pilipino ka nga ba? Ba’t ang tanga mo? Namamatay ang mga kababayan mo sa gutom at sakit tapos magpo-Post ka ng ganyan? Tsk tsk tsk. Self righteous bitch!

            • tabang pinoy says:

              Gago tumulong ka nalang walang silbe yang mga pinuputak ng butchi mo…. halos dito na kami natutulog sa kaka repack ng goods. Mas pinoy pa ako sayo dahil kami mas pinili na tumulong kesa putak ng putak… walang kwenta…

      • Wolfwood says:

        pro mar roxas tong si ‘tabang pinoy’, mag sama kayo ng mar roxas mo!

        • jason says:

          baka tuta ni mar yan

        • tabang pinoy says:

          I will never be a pro roxas or pro jinggoy na kamag anak mo ata… ang akin lang halos lahat na nang bansa sa mundo gusto na tumulong dahil alam nila na pilipinas hindi kaya ang ganitong sakuna. And it is fare to admit na di talaga natin kaya to… sila nga naka isip na tumulong… bat di kana lang din tumulong pra may pakinabang ka naman diba? Your opinion is good on how bad our government is..but for now we need help… and i dont think your negative outlook is helping at all…

          • sira ulo ka!! says:

            putang-ina mo uli taratado ka!! trash talkan na lang bwesit ka ksama ng tropa mong pananabutahe lng alam!!

            • tabang pinoy says:

              Mas tarantado ka… ngayon na magaling ka naman pala sa putak. Magaling ka din ba tumulong ang tanong sayo… walang kwenta kasi yang mga putak mo gago.

          • YOLANDA VICTIM says:

            hello bakit naman pinaabot pa ng 6 days? diba graduate sila ng kung anu anung kurso para umupo jan sa gobyerno? para anu pa yung pinag aralan nila kung nd sila maka device ng plan kung paanu makapag distribute ng relief goods? alam naman ng lahat na kelangan na yung relief goods at nasa bingit na ng kamatayan dahil sa gutom, uhaw at infection yung mga survivors dun sa eastern visayas…antanga naman ng gobyerno lalo na sa customs na pababayarin pa ng TAX yung donations para sa yolanda victims.. nakakainis isipin na wla na bayad tayu ng bayad ng tax pag nagtatrabaho tayu, kumakain o bumibili ng bagay sa gobyerno pati ba naman yung donation para sa nasalanta LALAGYAN PA NG TAX? nd ba kawalangyaan na yun? bakit nila itetengga sa malayung lugar yung goods? para ba ma videohan nila at ma post sa media na sila ang nag distribute? para mapakita nila sa buong mundo na andun sila nung pinamigay na yung tulong? nd ba kabobohan na yun? mas mabuti pa nga yung totoong bobo eh may commonsense pa kung paanu tumulong..silang matatalino nga halang naman ang kaluluwa..ngawa lang ng ngawa wala namang gawa…mas inuuna pa nila atupagin yung magnanakaw na ayaw umamin kesa sa mga taong nasabingit na ng alanganin..ginastusan nila ng mahal para lang sa segyuridad ng magnanakaw ng baboy funds..tas magtuturuan sila kung bakit mabagal ung distribution…hay naku..PRESIDENTE kakahiya ka sa pangalan ng tatay at nanay mu…mabagal ka pa sa uod kung magdesisyun..IKAW ang chief of command ng lahat db? nagpapalapad ka lang ng pwet mu ung pumunta ka kaya dun sa leyte at namigay kesa ngumawa ka jan at manisi sa mga alipores mu, may nagawa ka pa…

            • Zorayda says:

              Exactly! Our Commander in Cihief is a BIG BIG MORON!!! He should be ASHAMED OF HIMSELF. We cannot blame this people blasphemed this GOVERNMENT! NOw we know were better off in time of Martial rule. Politicians are afraid to commit corruption! NOW??? Anything goes, they hire their own private armies with powerful guns! SHAME TO ALL OF YOU!!!

          • BURNNN says:

            just to let you know. or to remind you a bit.
            DITO SA PINAKAMAMAHAL NATING BANSA, ang GOBYERNO DITO DI TUMATAKBO hanggang di pinupukpok sampu ng ahensya at galamay nito.

            so let this negative outlooks serve as hammer to make them realize na each and everyone of us is watching them all the way.

            and baka tanungin mo rin ako. tumulong na ako sampu ng pamilya ko. nagambag ako sa mga delatang tinatambak lang ng gobyerno mo. and yes! FUCK YOU VERY MUCH!

          • pesting yawa!! says:

            yun nga..gustong tumulong nang ibang bansa..kaso nababara dahil sa mga buwaya tulad mo…may tulong ka na bang ngawa..nakita mu na bang pano mag dusa mga tao dun…mag stay ka kaya dun nang 6 days wlang pagkain kurente at tubig…tingnnan ko di mag bago yang pananaw mu sa gobyerno..

          • Pipay says:

            Hindi lahat ng pinoy tanga… Kailan pa magrereklamo pag lahat ng tao sa tacloban patay na? Wish ko lang malamnan ang kumakalam na sikmura ng mga kababayan natin at gumaling mga nararamdaman nila sakit sa positive outlook… Reyalidad nagugutom sila…. Pag walang kumilos sa govnt mamamatay sila… Binuo ba ang gobyerno para manipulahin tayo? Walang perpektong gobyerno, alam natin yan pero alam natin sa mga sarili natin walang ginagawa ang gobyerno… Kung meron man ginagawa ang gobyerno, busugin mga bulsa nila… Dapat ba maging kalmado at positive tayo kahit kitang kita natin lahat nangyayari? Maliban sa pagtulong ito na lang kaya natin gawin magreklamo, aminin natin, di nmn nasusunod ang demokraysang pamamaraan dito sa pilipinas… Di lahat ng pinoy tanga, pero nakakalungkot isipin marami satin ganon at ung iba nagtatangatangahan pa…

          • Pharaoh says:

            Why the hell do you keep on implying that people are related to politicians? Why do you keep on commenting as though you’re the only person that’s helping out? Naasar kaming lahat dahil marami na kaming idinonate para sa relief effort na ito! Tumutulong rin kami sa pag repack ng goods through red cross and other similar organizations! Problema mo kasi you lack critical thinking! People have the right to criticize the way the government is handling this situation simply because pera at paghihirap rin natin ang ibinubuhos natin sa relief efforts! Gusto kong makakain ang mga nagugutom sa Visayas kaya ako tumutulong pero bakit hanggang ngayon yung mga idinonate ko hindi parin naibibigay sa kanila? Galing sa akin yun pero hindi parin natatanggap ng gusto kong makakuha nun! May karapatan akong mairita.

      • Meme says:

        Kc naman kahit sa sakuna pinupulitika ng mga walanghiyang politiko nato… Dapat matoto na talaga ang mga Pilipinong bomuto ng tama…

      • jegz says:

        Bwessseet ka tabang pinoy…. wa kay pulos… di ka katabang bwesset na bayara ni mar roxas…

        • tabang pinoy says:

          Mas bwesit ka. Kamaganak mo ata si jinggoy kaya galit na galit ka… ito yung gusto mo na masira lalo ang gobyerno para mapawalang sala ang tito mong kawatan

      • Jinoh says:

        Mali ka dyan. Ang gobyerno dapat alam na ang gagawin sa mga sitwasyon na ganyan kaya nga my mga ahensya na tinatag ang gobyerno para sa mga disaster. Hindi kung kaylan nangyari ang sakuna dun pa lang sila magplaplano. Walang sistema ang gobyerno kapag ganun. Kaya tama lang na nagagalit ang mga tao. Ikaw kaya ang nasa kalagayan ng mga nasalanta tingnan ko kung hindi ka din magalit. Baka loyalista ka lang ng mga Aquino.

      • Noel Tugade says:


      • Isang Maralita says:

        Repack repack, pwede naman dalhin na ang tulong dun agad kasama ng militar at anyayahan ang mga tao don na tumulong na mamahagi sa kababayan nila. Mas positive pa nga ang effect non kasi mararanasan nila ang joy ng pagtulong sa kapuwa ganun din ang pagtutulungan bilang isang komunidad. May mga local officials din doon na willing mag lead sa mamamayan nila need nila dumating doon ang tulong repack repack na iyan kumikupit lang yung iba dito eh.

  5. kish says:

    the one who wrote this, are those people who are trying to destroy the administration, these are the people who are patronage and beneficiaries of marcos’ martial rule, part of the 10 billion Napoles scam, they are eager like a tiger to ruin the efforts of the administration in responding national disaster, drag the name of Pnoy and SEC MAR ROXAS into bias observations and press releases and discredit them… this is a TOTAL and a CLEAR destabilization efforts of the REEMS’ BROTHERHOOD! (Revilla, Estrada, Enrile, Marcos)… they are simply the team of corrupt who wanted to protect their allies who are now facing plunder charges and grab the presidency in 2016 just to save their king pins….PILIPINOS wag tayong mag palihis sa mga kulay itim!

    • The Man says:

      Yeah right. Sumunod na lang ng hindi nag-iisip sa mga yellowtards

      • sim simi says:

        philippines is not a poor country,,pero dhil sa mga wlang hiyang gagong mga kurap ng bansa nghihirap ang pinas,,,,,kung hindi man kau tinatablan ng karma sana dun tumama ang karma sa anak asawa magulang nyo ng maramdaman nyo ang karma,,,,,

    • Jinoh says:

      And you are? AQUINO LOYALIST…….Walang alam yan si noynoy sa paghandle ng bansa. Hindi mo ba alam na si CORY AQUINO ang nagpahirap sa bansa natin.

    • derfliw says:

      Ikulong ang mga magnanakaw at tanggalin sa pwesto ang mga hindi kaya gawin ng mabuti ang trabaho nila!

    • V says:

      LOL dami mong alam.

    • Atty. Caalim says:

      I am the author of this article and I have no political ambition, in fact I voted for Mar Roxas Senator when he ran for said office and I voted for PNoy as our president which I am regretting now, I should have voted for Gordon, but it is too late. I am a waraynon and Leyteno desperate to bring relief to my families not depending on this govt for I cannot seem to rely on them. So how can I destroy the administration that I supported. I am simply expressing my opinion and outrage of what is happening to my kababayans including my family. With all due respect KISH, You don’t feel what we (waray-waray) feel because you may not be one of us. Mr./Ms. KISH check and watch CNN… you will know the real situation in Tacloban and what about the other towns, like my home town of La Paz, Leyte which has not been reached by media and where my family is situated. They are out of food and have to travel several kilometres to get one… no gasoline for their vehicles, if it is your family, how would you feel?
      I thank Mr. Fenix for carrying my article.. Again JP, thank you.

      • The Man says:

        Thank you too Atty Caalim. I avoided using your name because in my checking your words represented a broader feeling of discontent and frustration. You articulated what was already beibg said by so many. Do not be dusheartened by certain comments in this blog. Some are actually paid trolls who have been handed a script that says you are a bad person if you criticize Pnoy and his minions.

      • tabang pinoy says:

        Well ang sinulat nyo po ay nkaka dagdag ng galit sa gobyerno po… kamag-anak nyo po ba si enrille? Oh baka si jinggoy po… sana po mas dumami pa ang magalit sa gobyrno natin diba po. Para naman po magkaroon ng chance na mapawalang sala ang kamag anak mong kawatan…

    • Really now? Para naman maliwanagan ang utak mo, manuod ka ng foreign news para makita mo ang tunay na sitwasyon ng mga nasalanta, lalo na ng mga taga-tacloban. Shipment nga lang ng relief goods, ang hirap-hirap pang kumuha ng approval galing kay Roxas. Don’t tell me na hindi totoo un, kasi personal kong kakilala ang nagrereklamo nun. Nangalap sila ng relief goods para sa mga taga-Samar, pero ang bagal ng usad sa port dahil nga kailangan pa ng approval ni Roxas. Kinailangan pa nilang tumawag sa DZMM para maaksyonan. Ikaw ang nagbubulagbulagan!

    • BUMOTO PA AKO!!!! says:

      If there is someone who must ACT NOW – it should be YOUR PRESIDENT PNOY! Everyone is alarmed for such HUNGER in Tacloban – POLITICKING should be put aside.
      The mere fact that there is call of URGENCY – ACTIONS must be provided ASAP. Now may I ask you ” SAAN NA YONG MGA PULITIKO BINOTO MO?” – @?@?@?@?@

  6. Rein Carnation says:

    Di na sila naawa sa mga taong nagugutom at nauuhaw !!!!!

  7. Reij chan says:

    Watta shame…

  8. lanie says:

    ipamigay nyo na yan mammatay na mga tao sa gutom parang awa nyo na…

  9. Cherrie Pie says:

    Mr Mar Roxas should be held accountable for any more deaths or injuries to any survivors resulting from his inaction, ignorance or pure stupidity. How is this guy so oblivious to the fact that survivors are beyond desperate for food and water??

  10. Bogchie kalasa says:

    Politician are happy when there is calamity like this. More aid ,more donation ,more corruption. Fxxx all this politicians. Its pogi points once for those politician. Go to hell!!!!

    • yha that’s true, the people in leyte was desperate to have food and drinks but our politician still ignore it, Mar Roxas where is your heart? kung may natitira k pa awa sa mga tao nakasurvive ibigay mo na dapat na sa kanila naman.

    • Ave says:

      I totally agree ….what a shame our government cannot be trusted because most of them are CORRUPT !!! It’s not to serve the Filipino citizens but for their own personal interest. .

    • BURNNN says:

      If this is true, I wish this guy die from decapitation.

      and be sent to deepest depth of hell !

      OMG! kapal ng mukha neto. kala naman mananalo sya sa susunod na eleksyon.

  11. Myelle Eser says:

    Pananamantala ng mga taong niluklok sa posisyon ng mamamayan ay dapat itali sa puno at pakagat sa mga hantik na langam…kayo pa ang magiging dahilan ng matinding paghihirap ng mga tao…nasan ang kunsensya nyo!

  12. sinister crafty says:

    Is this for real? Factual?
    If it is this is so, it’s so DISGUSTING, one of the few instances it’s hard to feel pride in our country.

  13. E.G Abad says:


    • conrad says:

      Ayaw sab ana…ngano, sigurado ba jud mo nga mao na ang nahitabo? Ayaw dayon mo pag-conclude ug pag-condemn sa tawo. Gikinahanglan siguro nila ang ensaktong sistema sa pag-distribute sa mga relief goods mao nang medyo nalangan. Anyways, pag masugdan na ang pag-distribute, dire-diretso na man dayon ug mahapsay na ang tanan. And nasugdan na kaganina pag-deliver sa mga goods via Ormoc for distribution then another will follow hangtod nga ang tanan mahatagan. Dili nato ipatigbabaw ang kainit sa atong mga ulo kay ania kita karon sa kalisud ug kapit-os. Dapat magkahiusa kitang tanan sa pagtabang sa atong mga kaigsoonan nga biktima sa Yolanda. Salamat and God bless us all!

      • jegz says:

        Klaro kaau nga pamulitika…. nganong ormoc man ang una nga mas daghang casualties sa tacloban….. laban lang gihapon ka sa gubernong bulok? Naglingkod ra man gud ka…. wa gani tingali ka kahatag bisag piso nga donasyon… bwessset pod ka…..

        • E.G Abad says:

          Tmah gyud ka jegz ai… dili na masuko mga tao kung klaro nga na hatag ang amo mga donation piro look lots of pipol japon ang gutom ug wala kaka-un ikaw kaha bisan gani seguro 1 meal lang buang na kaw kung wala kaw kaung then 6 Days Hello… mo laban pa sila sa businessman na victim sa looter hello… gutom na mga tao… action dapat ilaha… paka-uwaw lang sa pilipinas Bweset gyud…. che!

      • YOLANDA VICTIM says:


      • E.G Abad says:

        mag plano pa nganu ge tukod ra na nga ahencya sa goberno piro wala diay sila daan plan for any calamity mo abot HELLO…unsaun ug kalma kung na gutom na tanan unahon unta ang gutom na mga tiyan dili ang ila mga interest kay bisan unsa-un buang man sila GAMAY UTOK…

  14. Rave14 says:

    magsitahimik kayo.. puro kayo reklamo ehh ano naitulong nyu? bobo..

    • The Man says:

      That’s it? That’s all you can say? Surely a troll like you can do better. Your boss isn’t getting his (stolen) money’s worth.

    • ramispo says:

      tang ina mo!.. we gather all thign we can here
      repack and send
      then look for new goods to repack

      you what did you do? putang ina ka!

    • True Pinoy says:

      ikaw naman bugok

    • bat ikaw may naitutulong?
      ikaw ang manahimik nyeta ka.
      mamatayan ka sana bukas

    • Juan de la Cruz says:

      Luma na yang “eh anong anitutulong nyo?” at yung “ano na ba nagawa mo”. Kung sinabi ko sa iyo na andami na anong sasabihin mo? Hoy andami ko nang naitulong sa kapwa kong Pilipino habang nagpapalusot at naghuhugas kamay yang panot mong presidente! Yan lang ba ang kayang sabihin ng mga bulag-bulagan na troll ng yellow army- “eh anong anitutulong nyo?” Luma na yan gago!

    • Rosita B. Bulanadi says:

      Rave14, wag ka ng magsalita, please para ipagtanggol mo ang gobyerno natin, dahil kahit anong pagtatanggol mo sa kanila, lumalabas ang katotohanan sa kanilang mga ginagawa. Di talaga sila sa pagsisilbi sa atin. sarili lang nila ang imprtante. tanggapin na natin, mga hindi karapatdapat ang nailuklok natin sa gobyerno. Kesa sumagot ka, Magdasal ka na lang, ok?

    • BURNNN says:

      dont be blinded with this faith you have sa obvious na set of officials na binoto mo.
      Open your eyes! Nasa tulad mo ang problema. kitang kita na ang ebidensya, pinagtatakpan mo pa.
      And BTW, we already donated and gace the best we can and talk shit to your “dream government” at the same time…. multitasking ayt?

      and yes. FUUUCK you very much sir!

      • derfliw says:

        Besides, we are not supposed to donate anything sa laki ng TAXES na binabayaran ng mamamayan, 12 percet evat tapos schedular compensation taxes. Abot hanggang jolo na dapat kayan tulungan. Ngaun nagdonate naman tayo ano nangyayari sa idinodonate? Kabagal! Matumal! Malapagong!!!

    • E.G Abad says:


  15. punch711 says:

    Hayop! mga hayop! ina-assess pa nila hanggang ngayon kubng papano mag didistribute ng relief goods? hindi ba sila handa sa mga ganitong sitwasyon? pabubulukin na naman nila ang mga donation sa mga warehouse? ang distribusyon kontrolado ng isang tao lang? sana isang araw maramdaman nyo ang balik ng mga pinag gagawa nyo mga hayop kayong nasa gobyerno!

    • Dr, Eden Ramos says:

      Tama ka dyan..Iniimbak sa warehouse tapos mabubulok lang!!!! Pabida bida yang mga politiko na yan..Ang dami na namamatay…

  16. Politicians that serve their own interest even in times of great need must never be given a seat in the government anymore. The Filipinos deserve better options, it’s time that good servant leaders be slated in the campaigns. Now if they trapos do get elected again, then we all deserve this.

  17. pag -aralan pa? tapos kinabukasan anong napapala sa mga nag hihintay namatay nalang ?

  18. juan says:


  19. neat_bratt says:

    They even have time to be interviewed in an international channel? They should be focus on doing their job!!!

  20. Nuyen go says:


  21. shannielle says:

    Hayyy.. naku po.. kya nmn pala na stock yang mga goods… wako say… ang talaga kung iasa mo sa gobyerno ang familya mo.. what a sad info. 😦 kya kung cnu po yung may mga pamilya na affected.. tulungan nyo po ang family nyo.. sa abot ng inyong makakaya.. bago po mahuli ang lahat.. kc ilang araw na po ang iba hindi kumakain..

  22. Win Gonzales says:

    mga demonyo tlg! walang budhi! walang sing-kapal ang mga pag mumukha!


    • emy moe says:

      alam na natin sa susunod na ´wag ibutos yon hindi tumulong sa gitna ng kalamidad na ito. Wake up people, kasi kundi sa atin hindi sila nakaupo sa kanilang kinalalagyan.

  24. rhoda says:

    tang na mo roxas! masyado kayo ni soliman nagpapalapad ng papel! tang na ang daming tao n walang makain bkit pinagttagal nyo pa pag distribute ng relief goods? bkit kailangan daan p muna sayo??? tang ina nyong mga nkaupo kau,nakkahiya kayo! yung bulok n sistema nyo nkita n ng buong mundo!

  25. Lernie says:

    Kumilos naman kau ka agad!!! Ginusto ninyo ang inyong posisyon na magsilbi sa mga mamamayang pilipino, ngaun ipakita nyo!!! Wag yang puro pera lang habol ninyong mga pulitiko!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  26. HI. says:

    A Letter to the “President” of the Philippines

    5 days since super typhoon “Yolanda” made landfall. And in 5 days, our “president” is playing the blame game with his co-politicians. I mean, really? You’re going to blame a fucking typhoon to a single person? Dumbass. You’re the head of command for Christ’s sake, you should be the one in control in these situations. Why don’t you get off your freaking butt and do something for a change? In the first place, if your family just settled the Hacienda Luisita issue a long time ago and distributed the lands as promised, the Filipino’s wouldn’t be this poor. And if only those lands were given accordingly, we wouldn’t need too much of the donations that are coming in. Stop using this tragedy as an opportunity to boost your political standing. People are getting hungry, thirsty, and desperate. These people trusted you, voted for you, put their hopes upon your shoulder, you could at least do your part. I wish your receding hairline is not proportionate with the size of your balls, because you really need to grow a pair and man up.

  27. jhun says:

    Don’t wait the pilipino people will blamed you all the suffering now….2016 is far from the recent crisis in visayas..

  28. pakiExplain says:

    Sino ba talaga gusto nyo maging leader? Paki Explain nga lab u.

    • ZhangLee says:








    • Isang Maralita says:

      Kung cause ng delay si Roxas alisin na ngayon din! Inappoint lang naman siya eh. Iappoint si Gordon sanay siya sa ganyang situwasyon tagal na niya sa Red Cross.

    • tabang pinoy says:

      Si jinggoy ang gusto nilang leader….

  29. TIKOL says:


  30. Jarryl says:

    The should have given kahit partial relief goods, pantawid gutom lang. Lalo na ang fresh water, susme, ako nga di makakatagal pag di maka inom. God knows nalang, I extend my sympathy for those affected.

  31. Joy says:

    Politician in the Philippines are worst people in the planet. Nauna pa ibang bansa mag padala ng relief sa mga victims of Yolanda. Next Election wag na po kayong mag benta ng boto nyo para maihalal yung tutuong tao sa government. Kaya binabalikan tayo ng kalikasan dahil na rin sa attitude nating mga Pilipino.

    • Arlene says:

      I don’t think “politicians in the Philippines” are the worst in the planet. They are just it “politicians” – you may like to be one? It’s not easy. I think at this point in time – this is a subject or discussion best left later after the “priority of getting or trying to get help to these unfortunate people. How? I do not have a clue as the “logistics” of the scale of such is unimaginable – however, those in the front line needs to get their act going fast and furious – to those who are in great need ;( I have been trying to contact Charity Agencies on perhaps the possibility of being a Volunteer or or they may need some more volunteers – whatever the job entails. My head spins and heart breaks seeing all the images on the TV, following the news on feels so frustratingly painful to see others suffer longer…sadly this will go on for longer but any hope of even slight comfort to these people surely would make a person’s heart feel some joy…The search goes on..if people can only take time to be more constructive and productive…that may help..Timing of course is of paramount importance…Can only hope more strength be extended to the victims…until relief comes to them…

  32. BOYKID says:


  33. IMELDA A.DIAZ says:


  34. Bisdak says:


  35. Joey Turzar says:

    simple as that?kelangan nyo pang pag aralan kung paano ibibigay?ang tatanga nyo nman!sana nman inisip nyo na mamatay na sa gutom ang mga tao habang pinag aaralan nyo pa kung panu ipamimigay yan.nagkamali pla ang taong bayan na ibinoto kayo kc saksakan kayo ng BOBO!kung hindi nyo ALAM ipaubaya nyo n lng yan sa mga taga ibang bansa na may sapat na kaalaman di kagaya nyong mga BOBO!kelangan na ng taong bayan yan..oh baka nman pinag aaralan nyo pa kung panu nyo makukurakot yan? Aba! ang kapal nman nyo!tama na ang NAPOLES SCAM maawa na kyo!buhay plang kayo eh nasusunog na sa impyerno ang kaluluwa nyo!!! mga bwisittttt!!!!!!

  36. Chan seyer says:

    kealngan n ng pagkakaisa para amwala n mga demonyong iyan kase ang lugar n iyan ay marcos second home town kaya alam nyu na

  37. sinasadya yata nilang patagalin ang distribution ng relief goods para madiin ang mga Romualdez sa Leyte.

    • renba says:

      Ayokong isipin ito pero hindi ko masisikmura kung bakit napaka bagal ang response ng gobierno sa pagpadala ng tulong sa mga biktima ng typhoon Yolanda. Sana po hindi pinairal ng Aquino administration na porque Tacloban, Leyte is the place of Imelda Marcos basta hayaan na lang na mamatay sa gutom at sakit ang mga taga Leyte. Kalimutan na sana natin ang “hatred” sa mga Marcoses. Please lang nasaan na ba ang karangalan natin bilang “the only christian nation” in Asia? Lots of people in Leyte and Samar are in desperate need of food, medicine and shelter.

  38. balikpinoy says:

    Then take Roxas to task and get him to show his mettle. If he refuses to let them in, run over him and get things moving.

  39. Teresita r. Dominguez says:

    Maski ano pa ang pagpabango n mar roxas ng carrer nya s political
    Sumisingaw pa rin na mabaho sya wala kaming gana s kanya hindi sya manalo puro politica pa rin ang sa Utak calamidad n yan e unahin mo ang gutom na Tao baka kayo ang Kainin nila.

  40. keithbaguio says:

    damn! ang daming donation pera,relief goods etc. until now hndi pa naibi2gay??? maawa naman kau sa mga nabiktima

  41. Sinabi mo pa kapatid. …nakakapang-gigil sa asar at inis,nakakahiya sila ng lubusan…ang kakapal.

  42. R-nhel Bernal says:

    gusto pa sguro makihati sa mga imported goods…di pa cguro nakakatikim ng mga galing abroad na can foods si Roxas…EPAL!!!!!!kapal mukha mo MAR ROXAS!!!!!

  43. Angie L. says:

    so that is why the leyte survivors are hungry. and we could not understand why when there are loads and loads of relief aids sent..only that these are stuck in airports. at least those in the extreme north of cebu are better off. the cebuanos made sure of that.

  44. Midge says:

    They all ought to be ashamed of themselves. My cousin died at the height of Yolanda’s worst storm surge in Tacloban; his wife and children are starving at some squalid evacuation center, and these politicians are just sitting around doing nothing – all because of political ambition?!? As we’d say in Waray: Gabaan man silang tanan! A curse upon them, all of them!

  45. jefu says:

    inotil ang gobyernong eto… sinisi ni noynoy ang local govt ng tacloban dahil hinid nila kapartido… ang sarap upakan ng dalawang toh..roxas at aquino…dapat sa knila manatili s atcloban ng maranasan nila ang nararanasan ng mga tag roon..tutal ginawa narin ni noynoy yan sa di gawin nya ulit..para hindi lang pakitang tao… asar!

  46. ramlok says:

    studying pa,….kailan pa e relase pag wla ng kakain or pag sira…ang mga goods na yan

  47. rina says:

    Mar Roxas kunin kana sana ni Lord…walang awa ikaw na sana and dinala ni Yolanda

  48. Jasmin Sid says:

    then when are they going to release these reliefs? ’till all of then are wide opened dead of hunger?,,wooow what kind of government do we have in the phils?hey Mr Roxas that’s not for you,,that’s a relief not for sale!!!

  49. Geo says:

    T@ngIna mo Roxas dapat sayo Itinali sa daga ng pacific ocean at ipinaikot ikot sa mata ni YOLANDA wag kang ambisyoso hindi ka mananalong PRESIDENTE ng PILIPINAS

  50. Mardy R. Sorromero says:

    dapat kayo nalang mga politiko ang namatay ng dahil sa bagyo, dahil kayo ang mas maraming kasalanan sa taong bayan! mga magnanakaw ng buwis namen!!!

  51. chadems says:

    Kaya marami wla nakatangap at nagugutom kc mga buwaya na politiko kayo…magkaroon nmn kayo ng kunsensya ang dami ng naguguto at namaty.,,

  52. Ramon Reyws says:

    sa isang tabi muna ang politika at wag mag pakisigan ang perang tulong ay para sa mga dayukdok na politiko at mga negosyanteng maka pera at sa mga buwayang kontratista.ang tunay na kailangan ngayon nang mga tao ay pagkain,tubig,saplot katawan,at mga gamit pang tawid buhay.ang pera ay para lamang maghangad ang mga politiko.

  53. Teptep says:

    Hi nold nila kasi unti unti nilang binubulsa . Mga bwesit tong mga to.. Ang daming pasikot sikot.

  54. michelle says:

    Langya.. kawawa namn yung mga tao.. paepal talaga tong mga tao sa gobyerno.. hahayaan yang mabulok sa dswd kagaya ng mga bigas na binulok nila!!! Kawawang sambayanang pilipino.. ang daming bansa ang nag donate.. tapos gusto dumaan muna sa kanila.. para ano??? Grabe namn yan.. ang nga taga ibang bansa nakikita kung ano merong gobyerno tau dahil narin sa mga nakaupo!!! Tsktsktsk…

  55. GIO says:

    kailan nyo pa ipamimigay yan??? kung kelan ang mga tao ay hindi na makakain at nag kakasakit na.. namamatay na sa gutom ang iba, pinag aaralan nyo pa rin???? MAAWA NAMAN KAYO SA KANILA!!!!! MABUTI KAYO HINDI KAYO NAKARANAS NG GANON???

  56. fritz says:

    Sad to say that we have this kind of leaders in the phil government..asal hayop na mga gahamang leader..mapagsamantala…

  57. Maawa kayo sa mga nagugutom na mga biktima ni Yolanda. For God’s sake open your heart. Hind naman gastos ninyo ang mga relief goods bakit kelangan pang matagal ipamigay. Baka hindi na kelangan ang mga goods nayan kung madesisyonan na ninyong e distribute at patay na lahat na biktima sa gutom. Nakaligtas nga k Yolanda namatay naman sa kupad ng mga kilos ng mga namumuno. Wake up ….

  58. Bro Flip says:


  59. angel says:

    pakshit kumilos naman kayo…wag na hinatayin pa mamatay sa gutom ang mga tao… mar roxas dami ng galit sayo :/

  60. Kendal96 says:

    Very nice article. Congratulations.

  61. Mhar From Bicol says:

    Bkit ganito ? pati ung mag nag cocomments d ko ma intindihan tlg tsk . my galit my hnde . hnde nag kakaisa .

  62. kapal naman ng mukha niyan, ano pa pinagiisipan nila?

  63. Fed up of Corrupt Phil Govt says:

    Ang mga mamayan din naman ang dapat sisihin kung bakit binoboto pa rin yung mga hayupak na mga politikong yan.Yung mga corrupt pinapaupo pa rin natin sa pwesto kahit alam natin na may mga kaso dati ng plunder at corruption. Magbabago na tayo uy! Pinaparusahan na tayo ng Maykapal !

  64. Alexis jabla says:

    Bakit nila i blame ang local government ng leyte, alam naman ni noy2x na lahat ng tao sa leyte ay biktima, wag naman po sanang magpaka bulag…

    • Nakakapang gigil mga tao Hindi nag isip Hindi nila naisip na Hindi lahat ng mga official ng tacloban ay buhay.. iilan nlng ang nala survive Na doon pa nila iaasa.. Iniisip ba nila Na biktima rin sila nagugutom rin hanggang ngaun..

    • renba says:

      ayokong isipin ito pero hindi ko masisikmura kung bakit napaka bagal ang response ng gobierno sa pagpadala ng tulong sa mga biktima ng typhoon Yolanda. Sana po hindi pinairal ng Aquino administration na porque Tacloban, Leyte is the place of Imelda Marcos basta hayaan na lang na mamatay sa gutom at sakit ang mga taga Leyte. Kalimutan na sana natin ang “hatred” sa mga Marcoses. Please lang nasaan na ba ang karangalan natin bilang “the only christian nation” in Asia? Lots of people in Leyte and Samar are in desperate need of food, medicine and shelter.

  65. roger says:

    Hindi maganda sa ganitong panahon puro reklamo hwag tayong magsisishan..tulong tulong nalang ang kailangan..matapos din itong problema..

  66. joben says:

    Grabe ka PNOY, natitiis mo makita kababayan mong naghihirap, napaka daming way para maideliver mga relief goods na yan bakit kelangan pang pag aralan ang pamamahagi? It’s been 5days now, Nabuhay nga ang mga taong nasa Tacloban, mamamatay din sila sa gutom dahil walang makain.. Bulag kaba sa mga nakikita mo sa TV o sa mga nababalitaan mo sa mga tao na nag mamakaawa para lang makakakain? Umiiyak na mga kababayan mo, uunahin mo pa ba ang galit mo sa mga Romualdez dahil naka incorporate ang pangalan nila sa mga Marcoses? Wag naman sanang ganun.. Maawa ka naman.. Nag aalisan na mga tao sa lugar nila, kanino nyo pa ipamamahagi mga relief goods na yan? Mga taga ibang bansa paba ang dapat manguna sa pamamahagi ng relief? OMG.. Kaw MAr Roxas kapit ka din ke PNOY eh.. alam nyo ang solusyon pero ayaw nyong gawin.. meeting ng meeting, wala pa rin.. Grabeeeeeeee kayo..

  67. Bing says:

    Media can attack our government,it’s their job to do that!!!!but as fellow Pinoys it will not make us better Pinoys to embarrass them even more,let’s join forces to pray for them that they will do the right thing,and apologize in their behalf….Bing’s random thoughts,I’m also just saying.

  68. Letty says:

    You ! People! Mga negative comment you judging what leaders are doing! What about you?? Are you helping? Or just destroying your very own leader’s image??.! Go and help!! Bring your goods and distribute!! Wala na kayong ginawa mag putak ng mag putak. The leaders who are incharge are doing their best to organize things before they can move. They need the right people to. Distribute it . It is not easy to organize! When you are at the top level of leadership, wisdom is needed. He is doing his best. DO NOT JUST CONDEMN. HIM ,! Will you be able to do it at once if you are in his shoes??

    • gale says:

      Yellow zombie alert! Gasgas na iyang linya mo!

      Gusto ko yung comment ni Juan de la Cruz. Pasok na pasok sa banga!

      Juan de la Cruz says:
      November 13, 2013 at 1:18 pm
      Luma na yang “eh anong naitutulong nyo?” at yung “ano na ba nagawa mo”. Kung sinabi ko sa iyo na andami na anong sasabihin mo? Hoy andami ko nang naitulong sa kapwa kong Pilipino habang nagpapalusot at naghuhugas kamay yang panot mong presidente! Yan lang ba ang kayang sabihin ng mga bulag-bulagan na troll ng yellow army- “eh anong anitutulong nyo?” Luma na yan gago!

  69. flory says:

    It is good if his intention is maidistribute ng maayos ang mga donations… pero nagugutoman na mga biktima… he has to do it fast… anu ba mas mahalaga. .. organized distribution o buhay ng mga tao… kung di pa nya mafigure-out kung paano I distribute ng maayos kahit paano mag release sya ng makakrating sa mga tao para may makain sila… kapag sa tingin nya may mali sa distribution yung second batch icorrect nya kung anong naging mali sa process nya…. as long as continues ang distribution and monitored ang process I don’t think anything can go wrong….

    • concerned says:

      maybe, it could have been better if the donations were given to media foundations like gawad kalinga of abs-cbn or kapuso foundation. they will be able to distribute the goods faster than the government.

  70. Ainee says:

    Grabe nman. Im from tacloban. This really sux, the lives of my frends,neybors and relatives loved ones are compromised, juz bcoz of their greediness and selfishness and hungry for power, damn you! Leche! I seldom post stuff like this but the hell with you,. I was there, and not even a glass of water did we reciv frm the so called relief goods, putis la! Ur an evil! Leche ka PNOY!

  71. Naiinis_ako_sa_Gobyerno says:

    i just got a text then from a close relative in leyte.. hanggang ngayon wala pa ring dumarating na relief goods sa kanila.. ilang araw na silang gutom.. mas focus daw muna kasi sa tacloban.. paano naman yung mga natanggap nating tulong sa ibang bansa? ano kaya ang ginawa ng gobyerno dun? unti-unti nang nanghihina ung mga kababayan natin, wag niyo na sanang patagalin pa yung pagkilos, isantabi na muna yung pagiging selfish niyo, Noynoy at mar roxas.. buhay yung pinag-uusapan dito!!!

  72. Joren says:

    Day 6 and the government still didn’t know the easiest way on how to distribute those relief goods???

  73. dale says:

    Mar Roxas based on the reports stated above, I highly compain & advise all my fellow OFW to not vote you when you run for President/Vice President again if that is your strategy. Even we are accross the miles most of our relatives & friends in Tacloban reported us that until now Nov.13,2013 they’re still hunger because they haven’t received the relief goods especially food. The looters people have given in public a big issue & even kill them to do so rather than those officials who does corruption did not even put them into jail & kill but those poor people who have lost everything caused by typhoon has nothing to eat now. Where is justice now?This is against human rights violation.

  74. Nate says:

    Can you cite who are the professionals you are referring too? Coz I believe this is fraud. No citations at all. Lahat general response.

  75. arlaine cabarog says:


    • The Man says:

      Uhm… hope you can expound. Bullshit because you’re angry at what you read? Or angry because you are pro mar roxas. Let’s be a bit clearer people!

  76. James Wise says:

    I do not hear any news of the President of the Philippines personally directing and orchestrating the distribution of the goods! Walang silbe ‘yong pagkapresidente n’ya kung wala s’yang pinapakitang kapangyarihan to command to send the goods to the victims! It is command responsibility! What happened to “WALANG CORRUPT, WALANG MAHIRAP?” What a shame… to hear of corruption in the midst of tragedy!

  77. ang nagugutom pakainin, ang nauuhaw painumin.. saan ba galing ang tulong? sa bulsa nyo ba? pinaghirapan nyo ba? hindi diba? milyon-milyon ang tulong na ibinigay bakit di nyo kaya ibigay agad-agad? sobra-sobrang biyaya.. tulong yong para sa mga nasalanta..hindi para ilagay sa sino mang bulsa!

    buong pamilya ko nandoon hanggang ngayon naghihingalo! hindi dahil sa delubyo kundi dahil sa pagkagutom at pagkauhaw dahil sa kasakiman ng taong mga walang puso! buhay pa kayo sinusunog na kaluluwa nyo sa impyerno!

  78. thony says:

    pinoy kamo mahina ka talagang presidente ka mahina ang diskarte mo kasing bagal ng hustisya mo sa mga kasamahan mo sa sinado dimo kayang ikulong ang mga taong alam mo sa sarili mo na nawala ang pundo wala kang lakas na ipakulong sila kasi wala kang lakas mahina kang pangulo kaya ang nangyayari sa bansa natin ay singbagal mo kasi hanggang salita kalang

  79. thony says:

    wala ng magamit na lakas at plano si binoy kasi alam nya sa sarili nya na naging presidente sya hindi dahil sa kaya nyang tumayo bilang presidente dahil sa mga kasamahan nya na politico gusto syang paupuin dahil alam ng mga nagpa upo sa kanya sa pag ka presidente eh wala syang lakas at diskarte at magiging sunod sunuran lang sya kasi sya mismo walng diskarte yong kaso sa mindanao na mga pinatay hanggang ngayon natahimik na ang kaso hindi maglalakas ng luob ang mga kasamahan nya sa sinado na nakawin ang pundo ng gobyerno kung alam nila na ang presidente ay hindi basta basta, kasi alam nila na mahinang presidente kaya alam nila pano paikutin ang utak ni binoy kasi nga hanggang salita lang takot sa mga kasamahan nya,

  80. coachjdj says:

    mga putang ina nyo hindi pa kayo ang mga mamatay na lahat,hoyyyyy pinoy na abnoyyy kalimutan mona ang paghihiganti sa mga marcos at romualdez at ikaw mar roxas kahit na ano pang gawin mo hindi ka mananalo presidente mga putang ina ninyo mga wala kayung konsensya.

  81. ITONAYAN says:

    Ang hirap sa nagsimula ng blog na ito masyadong marunong. Ikaw ba may naiaambag kaba sa solusyon?

    • The Man says:

      Yes. Obviously you don’t know who I am. You, on the other hand are most probably a partisan who can see beyond your yellow colored glasses.

    • Isang Maralita says:

      Pag-iinitan pa ang blogger. Tama lang na may nag expose ng ganito nakakapagtaka naman talaga na day 6 na (nung time na ipost ito) walang help na dumarating. Naisaboses ang hinala ng marami kaya ganon ang galit ng majority sa mga nagpopost dito. Pwedeng mag start ng change ang blog niya pwedeng hindi pero mas hindi dapat bawalan siya na ipost ang opinion and observations niya.
      Kaya sa mga communist countries pinagbabawal ang ma social media platforms like these kasi alam nila na pwedeng mamulat at kumilos ang marami against sa mga mapanamantala.

    • haipa says:

      Don’t shoot the messenger bro.

    • tabang pinoy says:

      Kamag anak yata ng blogger isa sa mga accused politicians na nag nakaw kase gusto nya talaga magalit tayo sa gobyerno lahat… ang meaning siguro sa JP – jinggoy porever

  82. Fredo says:

    Kalaban nga nila ang mga Romualdez at Marcos kaya lahat ng taga Leyte at Samar damay sa hidwaan nila. Taga saan ba si Emelda? Db taga Leyte, kaya yon wala kayong aasahang mabilis na action dyan sa central Visayas.

    • Agoooyyy hindi naman lahat yan ang Leyte mga Romualdez.. At Marcos mga Tao nakakaawa taint bayan nasama Sa hidwaan ng dalawang pamilya nakakalungkot.. Panginoon nlng ang bahala Sa pamilya Ko Sa Lapaz Leyte Na Hanggang ngaun Hindi pa naabotan ng relief goods

  83. Archie Pengson says:

    Please deploy all government helicopters from the navy, marines, army and the local government.Charter all registered choppers and pilots who are available nationwide too.We have billions of pesos in calamity funds plus the financial donations from other countries.Send all available choppers that can carry medicine, food and water ASAP! Plead to all those who own private choppers with pilots too.We have mountains of donations in kind nationwide and from all over the world.Delivering them should be the first priority of the government now.Food and water are the only things that will somehow relieve the tension and the frustration of those who are suffering there as we speak.Day 6 is almost over.Kindly utilize the executive power that was entrusted to you by the Filipino people in the most righteous, moral and SWIFTEST possible way.No more blaming and whining about who’s at fault.You are the President and all the mistakes/shortcomings committed by your local government people fall on your shoulders as Chief Executive during times like this.Making them abide to what you think is right falls on your job description as head of the chain of command.Like what the media people all over the world are saying now.How you react and resolve this very urgent matter of this magnitude will define the very essence of your presidency and most probably you as a human being.

  84. Crispin tolentino says:

    Thanks CNN… For all the help…. I coudnt believe you send andersoon cooper in tacloban city.. I really adore him..thanks for waking up the president of the Philippines.. I think the Philippines is lacking of good system…. Philippines needs to have a foreign and systematized way of helping the survivors… And please shout out not to give all the help from different countries to any politicians…

  85. jks says:

    do they have conscience??? sorrounded by death, hunger and despair, they still have the temerity to put their political ambitions first… what a shame!!! if these are our leaders then this country has no future… im truly losing hope that our country will ever move forward… 😦

  86. jazz says:

    The planning should be done while badly needed relief goods are being distributed. What’s with the planning? The typhoon came to us in surprise, our response should be immediate! Planning is for the future, present situations don’t require planning! Action is far more appropriare response!

  87. GSGDGHSDRF says:


  88. jazz says:

    The planning should be done while badly needed relief goods are being distributed. What’s with the planning? The typhoon came to us in surprise, our response should be immediate! Planning is for the future, present situations don’t require planning! Action is far more appropriare response! !!

  89. antonio_antonio says:

    In local TV and radio, the reports have cabinet secretaries like Dinky Soliman and Mar Roxas saying that they are still “studying how they will release relief goods.” Their concern is how action can be done in the most efficient and equitable way.
    HELLO!!! studying how they will release relief goods or how they boost their political ambitions. Paano na yang relief goods kung pagdating nyo patay na ang mga tao. Anyway their is GOD watching on them, definitely this will go back to them.

    • JT says:

      Ay baka mag-eenrol pa para makapag-aral.. o baka naman nag-hahanap pa ng eskwelahan kung saan mag-aaral. Eh kung mag-organize kaya tayo ng pageant?? Search for Mr. and Ms. TAN-G.A. 2013?? I’m confident, kilala ko ang winner dito!

  90. JING says:

    “…ramdam ng buong mundo ang kagaguhan ng ating gobyerno…maging trahedya….o kahit ano pa? ….noon pa ito….tayong mga mamayang pilipino lang ang may kakayanan para tapusin ito… ..ang hindi ko lang alam ay kung sino at kailan uumpisahan ang lahat? …sana dumating na… …nakakaawa na tayo…..nakakahiya…”

  91. Nagmamakaawa Na ako Sa inyo big yan nyo muna ang pagkain ang Bayan ng Lapaz Leyte naghihingalo Na Sa Gutom mga Tao doon

  92. rosh says:

    kaya nman d umasenso asenso ang pilipinas eh.. dahil sa mga namumunong ganid. day 6 na…. hello? nasaan na ang tulong nyo mga punye*a!!! patay na ang mga tao maawa nman kau!!! khit ngayon lang!!! kahit ngayon lang!!!….

  93. Negrosanon says:

    Japan government approach to relief operations and recovery is way better and much more efficient as compared to Philippines ….why? Simply because our Philippine government is always tainted with corruption…unfortunately! That’s the simple and hard truth! The poor gets poorer 😦

  94. anak ng pucha pati ba nmn trahedya pinulitika? alam n nmn sa 2016 cnu ang hndi nmin boboto. mga walang kaluluwa.

  95. Jen says:


  96. Che Guevarra says:

    Wag naman kayong ganyan baka naman kasama nya si “Madam” Janet Napoles at doon naman padaanin ang mga papasok na FUNDs 😀

  97. iris070586 says:

    di ba nila narerealize na oras ang kalaban dito. kahit ang international communities, inip na rin sa aksyon ng pamahalaan. sana isantabi muna nila ang galit o anumang ambisyon meron sila. lahat nag-effort para makatulong pero kung ganito ang sistema, mas marami pa ang magiging casualty ng trahedya.

  98. domagz says:

    the DILG sec. always want to be on top of everything, which causes wrong decisions,,,,,i agree political ambition is the cause of all of these stupid moves……….bangon pilipinas….

  99. dominique v. marasigan says:

    Salamat sa information. I will follow your blogs from hereafter.

  100. masswar says:

    Parang gusto yata nilang patayin lahat ng biktima sa gutom hindi lang masabi. Sa sobrang tagal mag-isip at kung paano ma-distribute yang mga relief goods for 6 days.

  101. Sam Cab says:

    From EDC :

    To everyone bitching about why we shouldn’t be criticizing the government and just help out instead:

    1. This is the PERFECT time to criticize. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and fucking tired of the same goddamn story every time a typhoon comes our way five or six times a year: no funds in the budget because government officials wanted a Porsche, or I’m the president but it’s not my fault I’ll just pass the blame onto the cities for not being prepared because passing blame is the ONLY thing I’ve passed in my fucking term so far….

    2. Constantly not speaking out about this in the past is the reason we’re all in this shithole. When you know something’s not right, the worst thing you can do is to shut up.

    3. I can criticize AND help out at the same time, fuck you very much. If you’d rather not say anything because the current status quo is more important to you than accepting the need for things to change, then YOU’RE part of the problem.

  102. junlof says:

    sana mamatay ka na Roxas.. Hindi sa iyo ang pagkain pinahold mo pa.. pinatiis mo ang kawawang nasalanta na.. u r adding injury to the damage… yan bay tinuturo ng magulang mo!.. galit na galit na aang mga pilipino sa inyo..Satanas ka!!

  103. Nico from Laguna says:

    simple explanation: the more people die, the less relief funds they need, the more these politicians get to keep in their pockets.

  104. corrupt politicians… what’s new…

  105. Edwin C Callang says:

    ang mga magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanankaw..patawarin mo po sila!!

  106. Patrick says:

    After this whole chaotic event is finished (though it wont be for a long long time). Ngayon alam nyo na kung sino mga dapat iboto sa gobyerno, hinde yung mga anak, nanay, ate, alagand aso, katulong ng mga past leaders and government members.


  107. janeville says:

    mayor rody duterte of davao and dick gordon ang gusto ko mamuno ngayon dyan sa relief operations pra pag may makialam na politiko lagot agad…

  108. It all comes down sa mga binoboto nio… ngaung di nagkamali kau,.. magdusa muna tau sa mali nio…

  109. Garry Flores says:

    Hope all the people in Western Visayas can read all these messages, para naman alam nila kung anong gawin sa mga taong yan, lalung lalo na at nandun sila ngayon. please find a way to relay all this to the good people in Samar and Leyte.

  110. Garry Flores says:

    Maybe Pnoy saw what Mayor Rody Duterte said in the news, to declare state of national emergency and not state of calamity. Kaya siguro nag declare si Pnoy ng State of National Emergency because of what he saw in the news.

  111. Garry Flores says:

    Kung saan si Mar Roxas at Dinky Soliman, dun lang mag labas ng relief goods for the photo ops. Di ba pwedeng labas na muna relief goods, photo ops to follow na lang!

  112. Bossing says:

    Ang kailangan ng Pilipinas ay isang lider na matapang mapagkumbaba matalino. pero ang higit dyan tunay na pag mamahal sa bayan at sa mamayan nito.
    Akala nyo walang corrupt sa Korea sa Japan??
    Meron din yan
    Kaya lng naman tayo ganyan sa mga sitwasyon na yan
    Inuuna ng Politiko yung reputasyon at pagkilala sa kanila
    sa Japan walang looters dahil ang mga tao dun disiplinado
    sa Korea khit talamak din ang corruption. tapat naman sa trabaho mga tao dun hindi yung basta basta nakatambay lng nag hihintay ng utos.. i’ve been in Korea and Japan and walang wala na ang Pilipinas.. I hope is we need a leader na talagang desididong ibangon ang Pilipinas sa isip at gawa at isang salita lamang..
    sana din masupil narin ang NPA at MILF dahil ang dalawang paksyon na yan ang kmuha sa buhay ng dalawa kong kamaganak sa hukbo ng bayan.

  113. dodong ko says:


  114. Garry Flores says:

    Take note! Di makapasok ang mga relief goods ng ibang bansa dahil daw dapat magbayad ng tax. Pati customs nakisawsaw na rin!!!!!!!!

  115. Hazel Cortez says:

    An absolutely rotten president..Step down and drown yourself for you are a disgrace to the whole Filipinos!!!!

  116. Jo-jo says:


  117. vince says:

    Mamatay na magnanakaw, NGAYUN DIN!

  118. Elessar Ciryatan says:

    What I really wish for these (if not, all) corrupt officials at the core of the Philippine political system is karmic retribution! LET IT BE SWIFT, JUST, AND UNFORGIVING IF IT NEED BE! INSOLENT PIGS!

  119. OGAG says:

    Pasikat naman etong website na to. HOAX po ang website na to nakigamit lang ng free wordpress para di ma trace. Unreliable po ang source mo GAGO. Tumulong ka na lang puro ka reklamo.

    • The Man says:

      Google me and see if I am a hoax. You, on the other hand, are a troll with an appropriate name. Is your boss paying enough? Did you even bother to read the blog post? CAN YOU EVEN READ?

      • OGAG says:

        Yes you are a HOAX. If you can bother to get your own website registered to your name then I will say that you are reliable. But you are hiding in a free website. My boss is paying me enough if you need some I will recommend your articles if your source is reliable. Baka chismis lang.

        • JPFenix says:

          some of the best blogs are in wordpress. there is nothing wrong about using a free server… what do you call using gmail or yahoo? you, on the other hand, are justb a troll. but if it pleases you to know, i have… you are still an OGAG!

  120. Garry Flores says:

    What we want to hear now is for the president to tell his dilg secretary to fix things up or else, may paglalagyan ka (cabinet secretary)

  121. Xzarkan Bago says:

    Tang Ina naman pag ganito panahon nde naiiwasan mamulitika. Wag nyo gamitin ang nangyayari ngayon para magpabango o manira pare pareho lang kayo nde kayo nakakatulong

  122. Sad but Hopeful_To God be the Glory says:

    We should campaign for a response from the subject of this article (and from everyone in government directly or indirectly related to putting back law and order, rehabilitation, and supplying the basic necessities such as decent shelter, clean water, proper nutrition, sanitation, medication, etc. as equitable as possible) to explain in full detail the plan to distribute all the support and help pouring all over the world to Philippines right now. We need full accountability and transparent plan of action, including the when, the how, the where, by whom, etc. and a proper evaluation towards the end. Let’s not forget to be thankful too to those who keep sending support and prayers in spite of reports such as this. And hope that the actions of one or two in power don’t stop them from helping again some day. Then we react. We suggest after we’ve heard of the full picture. We be vigilant in monitoring that all promises are being executed. I’m not saying to delay the relief distribution some more but an organized way of allocation of much needed provisions will minimize unnecessary chaos and maybe injuries later when mass of starving and desperate victims go on stampede towards help. I am always in near tears whenever I hear the news of the support from different parts of the world. And it’s really upsetting to me how the government has mishandled a lot of things from the beginning and is still proving consistent in misappropriating and possibly pocketing some of the funds intended for the people, taking advantage of the situation in every way possible to further their own cause. But let us not make that the focus in social media channels. After all, the government is still a Filipino government. Let’s not trash each other here. Let us all work towards influencing media men to report what’s important to us – not how evil and heartless some politicians are – but how are the victims of this calamity getting along now? What are the measures being done to rebuild the country? To prevent another devastating result from forces of nature? How much money from our taxes is going to update the calamity and disaster forecast tools and equipment? Communication system? Emergency response and rescue system? Let us be proactive in rebuilding our nation. In helping each other stand up again. In never having to experience such devastation again. In never letting other nation see how their help is just being misused by some. In letting faith by Filipino people and in Filipino strengthen again. By not adding salt to the wound, bickering here and there, passing blame left and right. Not just the government but the people (remember we people put those people in power ourselves through our vote) and even religious sects. By being positive.

  123. EDWARD says:


    • tabang pinoy says:

      This is what i heard from a local who lives in my city saying…..

      Let me just remind you about being a storm victim. “sendong” also took away lives, electricity and water. Everything was a chaos.. dead people… rotten corpse everywhere…

      We needed help… world help came…

      But on that experience, i saw what we are capable of…

      when relief goods from the government etc… came, it was more than a good 1 week supply per family.( Who cares help was comming in almost everyday).. we keep it until as soon as tomorow a different team( forein or domestic )came along trying to help as well… i could still remember people telling them we did not receive anything… everyday help was coming from everywhere… but all they do is say “help wala parin kami natanggap we are hungry”.

      When help come and If a victim says he/she has recieved relief goods we call them stupid… they do this kase baka bukas wala nang help buti nka imbak pra safe…

      A sad reality… wag naman sana umabot pa na wala na talagang matinong pilipino….

  124. lan says:

    pag madami pang dumagdag n mga patay dahil s gutom konsensya n nla yan kung mayron man silang ganun..Diyos nlng bahala s kanila..

  125. Isang Maralita says:

    Kabi-kabila ang hingi ng mga donasyon pero yung paraan para mapunta talaga sa mga nasalanta ang hinihinging donasyon wala! Baka hanggang warehouse lang yan at pinagpipilian na pang-ukay ukay. Sa dami ng monetary donation ng mga taga-ibang bansa pati ng mga local companies and foreign companies, pwede na nga bigyan tag 1Milyon Piso mga nasalanta eh. Sana naman mapunta talaga sa pagrebuilt ng komunindad ang mga donasyon.

  126. Tulong na!! says:

    Siguro kong hindi ninakaw ng pork barrel ang bilyon bilyon na pera, eh di meron sanang perang n itulong ka agad agad. mga corrupt gising na kayo at tumulong na!!!

  127. joel b says:

    Mar Roxas, Day 7 and counting, Mamamatay na sa gutom ang mga tao, ambisyon mo parin ang iniisip mo. Mr. President instead of you finding blame, gamitin mo ang pork barel mo para tulungaan ang mga tao.

  128. Rodel says:

    Your blog is not necessary and seriously full of crap. I don’t know if some people paid you to do this or you’re just riding to the the emotional devastation of all the Filipino and gets more followers and hits. I have nothing against you but you should be really thinking what you are writing, be a responsible person and a citizen of this nation. This government is what we have, we should support this and ask everyone to have faith on what little capability our government have. Kung ikaw or sino man ang magaling dito, who bash people trying to do things in the devastated area.., be the president and given with all the power you need to help all those people, you people think that you can do it faster and better?

    Our president appeared on international community, pleading and thanking allies who helped already, even the countries who never engaged ties with our country, he thank them.
    You want our president to tell every nation that we have poor governance and its the national government fault its a good thing he showed up in CNN to reassure all that we are trying our best, we’re not Japan who keep silent and help everyone regardless of the intention political or personal. There are so many people like you, instead of prayers and word or re-assurance, you focus on highlighting the evil deeds that might come out of this. You are simply a filipino who is still use “crab mentality” in this digital world. I pity you.

    It’s not the time to criticized or make any politically inclined comments. a blogger’s prayer will be enough and re-assuring, but you will not gain any hits or click if you just create a blog helping and praying because its not controversial and it will not make you any money.

    Just please ask people to help and start building trust to whatever and whoever activity and people doing this.

    • The Man says:

      That’s where you are wrong. I blog because it’s there. I don’t care about hits or anything else except saying my piece. I’m not forcing anybody to read my stuff.

      • rodel says:

        Don’t give that lame excuse, its not even your words or feelings to express in the first place. It’s a letter from that attorney guy. So don’t dare to claim it. You posted it for a reason. The fact that you put it in word press you cared for hits, there are other means to write this in a personal note. So your so full of hipocrisy, again I pity you. Don’t you dare tell me that your not forcing people to read this, people is sharing this wanted or unwanted to received this bull crap.

        • The Man says:

          Yes, i never said it was mine. If you know how to read, you’d get that. And the use of wordpress? It means nothing except that it’s free… like yahoo, gmail, linkedin… how can i possibly force people to read my crap? Did I force you? You came in here on your own. Go back to your epal boss and ask for a new script, Mr. Rodel Troll.

          • rodel says:

            Again I’m asking you to be responsible for what you write…I reiterating that this crap is unwarranted. Just because its free it doesn’t mean you can use it recklessly, you are triggering people feelings unnecessarily. And you said “except sayoing my piece” and its not even yours. I received this post in my account, my friends asking to share this crap. You are reckless, insensitive and senseless. God bless you, whatever you do in life do not think of yourself alone or what you want to say else, you’ll end up being the same politician you are condemning, who only cares what they say just like you. God Bless to you!

            • Pharaoh says:

              The Man has every right to criticize the government simply because he’s part of those that pay for their wages. We as taxpayers are the bosses of our elected officials and hence are given every right to criticize them. This is also a blog which means that he is simply sharing his opinion on current events, it’s your problem if you view his opinions as though he was stating them as facts. This article is being shared simply because a lot of people have the same view as he does. Oh and don’t use the English language if you can’t use it properly, you’re taking away any semblance of credibility you have, and simply it’s just painful to read. No one will bash you for using Filipino, so stick with that.

    • Arlene says:

      Yes I agree with you – at this time of crisis it may be best to leave criticism at a later stage? Surely the writer and some who commented here can divert time and effort to FOCUS on even perhaps doing something themselves about the whole thing…Every little helps ie good deeds directed to the victims. Politicians for now can be left alone and be dealt with later especially At ELECTION TIME? (about time to use the head and not the heart when VOTING – who the voters think can deliver – this is not an easy subject matter & space here is not to discuss politics so will leave for now.) No matter how much criticism aired at this time it’s not going TO DO ANY GOOD to these poor sufferers. – please maybe “first thing first” is the order of the day? Sure some of these people can GO OUT in the open and DO their bit? – in a pro-active way. These days IMMEDIATE ACTION counts .well, I know I am but I’m trying to research on how or what I can do before I hope to go out there (if I can) and board a plane myself. I’m trying to dig more into HOW I can help I guessed these are coming..

  129. Jocelyn says:

    I’m not at all surprised with issues like corruption, politicking, greediness, selfishness, disorganization-my God, our people are displaced, starved, needed medical help. our terrified children-whose lives will never be the same. think outside the box, POLITICIANS!

  130. Tulong na!! says:

    buti nalang na sa kulongan si napoles!! dahil baka yan na naman ang susunod na nakawin

  131. Rodel says:

    For all the people here who felt that they are not part of this system of corruption, you should wake-up. You believed in these people during campaign, you believed in democracy and voted for these people. During the campaign period where all they can do is talk you, believed in them, now they are trying to proved their worth, you condemned these politicians. Pag nagtrabaho yung politician ng di maayos ang dami nyong sinasabi. samantalang nung campaign period puro kayo endorsement sa facebook at sa blogs. This is the time to prove their worth, sana tuwing may kalamidad, mageeleksyon para maraming eepal at tutulong political interest man o true public service, para malaman kung sino yung marunong tumulong. Hindi ko maintindihan yung logic nyo, yung lumabas sila sa TV at mag appeal for your vote you trusted them, nang nagtrabaho na ang dami nyo nang sinasabi.

    CRAB MENTALITY you are all the filipino that I’m not so proud of. Next time boto pa kayo, tanggapin nyo yung mga fliers nila, yung mga network at influential people na pumapayag sa ad ng politicians you should have think in this state bago kayo bumoto.

  132. ATASHINCHI says:

    SANA MAKARATING NG BUO YANG MGA DONASYON N YAN!!! bka naman bulok n, ngo pa MAKARATING!! wag sna !! ( karamihan.. yang mga donation n yn, or foods.. tinatago ng mga politiko at pagdting ng eleksyon, yun yung ipapamugay nila.. at ang sabi..”tulong”came from their money para makuha ang mga boto.)… BWISIT sila..

  133. James Wise says:


  134. James Wise says:


  135. Tulong na!! says:

    sisihin nyo nalang sirili nyo!! nandyan ang mga corrupt dahil binoto nyo!

  136. arlene says:

    Nearby islands in northern iloilo also suffering in hunger.

    So many places still are not reach buy relief operation or even given attention coz it is far from the city. se. Help

    • myklvncnt says:

      Has anybody realized that the need for planning is exactly for cases like the above statement? The media has inadvertently skewed the effects of Yolanda by reporting only about places where they have a presence, there is a chance that remote places that were also affected by the storm might not be reached by the relief goods. However, I agree that it’s taking too long. Then again, I’ve never organized something this big so I have no idea what period could be considered too long. Keep in mind that we don’t have the infrastructure and resources of a country like Japan at our disposal.

      I’m still giving our officials the benefit of the doubt. I wish that the delay is simply caused by their desire to not overlook other areas also affected by the typhoon. At worst, I’m willing to believe that gross incompetence is the cause of these issues. I, however, still want to believe that the good intentions are there.

  137. For the nth times in my life..i’m so ashamed of our Presidents!! And where is Congress? The Sin-ators and the Tong-gressmen? Are they supposed to serve their people or what?

    • concerned says:

      this is so correct. buti pa c grace poe, kahit pano nag organize ng pag collect ng relief goods, samantalang yung matatagal nang pulitiko/senators/congressmen, ni minsan di mo nakitang tumulong sa ganitong sitwasyon.

  138. G says:

    Okey, so I am not sure that about the group of professionals. But these … They were there since Tues. And members of the Canadian Forces are still in Hawaii waiting for “specifics” from the Phil Govt. Still in “consulting” process when they could have already helped thousands.

  139. erap for ever says:

    Ibalik na lang si gma o si erap… Baka mabilis sila umaksyon kesa kay pnoy.

  140. FILIPINO says:

    STUDYING on how they will release relief goods ???????????? its been 6days….. this is total BS…

    • Isang Maralita says:

      Either they’re studying how they(politicians) can benefit from these overwhelming support from other countries or medyo mabagal and decision-making skill ng leader ng bansa natin. Kung sina Gordon, Bayani Fernando o Miriam Santiago na lang sana…kailangan talaga above average ang talino ng isang leader eh. Hayzzz…so sad so sad

  141. Takte Gobyerno Yan says:

    NDRRMC where is the incident command training that was used for training companies here in the Philippines… Are the government officials even had this training? Kung sinunod nyo ung incident command steps dapat wala na gutom, kung walang gutom walang nakawan, dapat hnd ganyan ang banat ng media sa gobyerno… Habang nagiisip dapat gumagalaw na din kau… Put a more capable incident commander wag ung mga officials na sa iba lang ata marunong… put some urgency when it comes to emergency issues… alam nyo na nga na malakas ung bagyo nanuod naman cguro kayo ng tv hnd pa pinaghandaan para day 1 pa lang may command center na agad kau sa tacloban..

  142. rodel says:

    You people are hopeless… Ang alam nyo lang magreklamo… Yung mga bobong mga pinoy yan ang gagawin magrereklamo at maninisi para pagtakpan yung sarili nilang pagkukulang… Ano bang ginawa nyo para makatulong sa sitwasyon? Ang magreklamo! Wow! yan ang contribution nyo, mga hipokrito pitong araw na yung sakuna, ang naitulong nyo lang eh magreklamo at siraan yung mga binoto nyong politiko! Bat hindi kaya ikaw ang pumunta ng tacloban para magabot ng tulong para malaman mo gaano kahirap gawin yun! Pag tapos pagisipan mo pano mo gagawin yan para sa lahat ng na ngangailangan. Maka reklamo kayo kala mo may silbi ka sa lahat ng ngyayari.
    Di ka nga makadonate ng pera mo sa accounts ng mga fondation, pero pang starbucks at pang mall meron ka! Hipocrito!

    • rodel says:

      Tingnan nalang natin kung mga pilipino nga kayo! Gusto nyo tumulong bat di ka mag punta ng subic at salubungin yung mga survivors at kupkupin mo sa bahay mo… Patirahin mo at pakainin mo at bigyan mo ng kalinga! Kesa nakaupo ka jan at nagiisip kung ano ang isusulat mo sa blog na to na di naman makakatulong! Pagnagawa mo yan may karapatan ka na sabihin na inutil ang gobyerno mo!

      • The Man says:

        That’s where you are wrong again. You guys assume that we are doing nothing. That is just plain stupid. We do not epal like your bosses.

        • rodel says:

          You people do what you comfortably can do. If you pick a survivor from the airport and they are not relatives and you open your home to them, feed and care them. You have my respect, I’ll give a share of my salary, but if you just organize a donation activity forget it everyone can do that. Don’t be so proud of that and think that you are better than anyone.

          • Isang Maralita says:

            Trabaho ng gobyerno na manguna na protektahan at paglaanan ang mamamayan. Yan ang dahilan kung bakit pinapatawan ng tax lahat ng Pilipino para may pera ang gobyerno na gawin ang mga functions niya. Mahirap maging public servant dahil buong bansa ang paglilingkuran mo at sila ang nag-aasses ng performance mo. Kaya yung mga makakapal na mukhang politiko na tumakbo pero wala namang skills at qualities para maglead tanggapin nila ang feedback negative man o positive. May karapatan ang blogger na ipahayag ang discontentment at observation niya hindi niya obligasyon na tulungan ang mga taong nasalanta ng kalamidad. Obligasyon yun ng gobyerno natin!
            Kung tax payer ang blogger, he did his part. Yung tumanggap ng tax they need to do their part properly!

            • rodel says:

              Feedback sessions happens at the end. This is not about the taxes we pay, its about the people who is dying in hunger. Its not about you making excuses and blaming anyone who is not working their jobs properly. Its about the people asking for your help, it doesn’t give you any right to neglect them and point finger that we have a government who will take care of everything they need. If its your daughter or close kin, you would have been fly or pick them up stay in a safe and comfort of your home now. But you will only do it to your relatives maybe upto 4th kinship. And you don’t feel any moral obligation to do it to other people. Because you believed you’ve play your role. Wow! Your a genuine kind hearted person who has the right to express your dismayed to the people who uses your taxes. Wow God Bless you and your family.

              • Isang Maralita says:

                It’s all about the taxes=money cause iyan ang kailangan para mamobilize ang help thru government. Help is pouring as what this blog already emphasized. If you want to help and shelter them as a private citizen go ahead nobody is stopping you. Post mo pa dito video mo while doing yung mga sinasuggest mong pamamaraan na iyan. Pero wag mo icriticize mga private citizens na hindi magbibigay ng help sa paraan na gusto mo. Pareho lang tayong genuine kind hearted person and I’d rather not involve God sa mga statement na pasarcastic. Sheesh!

                • rodel says:

                  Paying taxes helps people and the victims, and you’ve done your role. Now you can bash the government. Good for you.

                  • Isang Maralita says:

                    Good for you too. Sige na volunteer ka na sa paraang gusto mo kaysa inaaway mo ang blogger o mga nagfefeedback dito.

                  • Isang Maralita says:

                    Kung may video ka ipost mo na rin ang link dito ng pagvovolunteer mo huwag naman volunteer sa re-packing lang ha baka mas maganda yung nasa area ka talaga ng mga people who need “your” help. Show us what kind of help ang dapat to deserve your respect and sabi mo pa eh share of your salary.

                    • Isang Maralita says:

                      Malay mo mamotivate ang government na gayahin ka para madeserve nila ang respect and share of salary=tax naming mamamayan

      • Malou Punzal says:

        Korek!mga reklamador d nyo nman alam sitwasyon! Presidente na nman ang sisisihin walang mga utak!

        • Isang Maralita says:

          Hmmm kasi si blogger nagbigay siya ng explanation kung bakit delayed ang response. Ano pala ang totoong situwasyon? Bakit mas mabilis ang ibang bansa magdeploy ng help?

  143. angmamangenhinyero says:

    You nailed it! I was wondering why they wont blame GMA for Yolanda, or JPE maybe…

    If only we can be as mature as Japan or any other country who faced apparent annihilation, we would have helped a lot of people and we can be sure that the healing of wounds is not far. By the way the government is acting, it’s like putting salt on the fresh wound.

    May the Almighty bless the Philippines..

    • rodel says:

      Salamat… Ang daming utak talangka sa ganitong panahon…kailangan ipamukha yung ka hipocrituhan nila bago sila magsulat at pumuna ng iba eh kailangan punahin nila ang sarili nila.

      Prayers to the helpless! God have mercy on us!

  144. Rea says:

    Political ambitions are indeed dangerous. Why do they need to centralize all the transactions?

  145. jake s factuar says:

    sa tutoo lang wala namng bansa ang may ready capability na mag handle ng disaster of this magnitude. kasi nga first time nangyari na ang isang suoer typhoon ay rumagasa sa populated area. maski nga ang FEMA ng US di rin handa ng sinalanta sila ni Katrina. Kung gusto ni Sec Mar Roxas na mag hands on let him be. siguro gusto rin nya accounted for ang lahat ng relief na dumadating. kasi nga normal na ang mga relief good ay ninanakaw ng ibang politicians thru NGO.

  146. rubelts says:

    At this time we don’t need to blame anybody or whoever that person involved, coz I believe if everyone really have a common sense to help regardless what status you have in life, spontaneously, you help them immediately without any further delay. That’s how a good samaritan does. I may not be a politician or superman, but one thing I could suggest to Hon Mar Roxas will all due respect sir don’t make any further delay of distribution. If you wish it to be released it systematically, then please create a system within your reach that it will be distributed immediately. If DSWD will come in I possibly guarantee you’re adding up so much luggage on part of every people. Just allow the good samaritan(people, country, or individuals) freely extend their blessing immediately to those in need. May god bless us all!

    • Isang Maralita says:

      Kung tatahimik lang ang mamayan, abuso ang mga nasa posisyon mabuti nga may gantong blog para malaman ng mga pulitiko na nakikita na ng taong bayan ang galaw nila pati motibo!

  147. politicallyincorrectjuan says:

    hindi lang yan political ambition ni roxas, mas worse ang takbo ng utak ni pnoy, ginagantihan ni pnoy ang mga tao sa tacloban kasi lugar yan ni imelda marcos.

  148. Laurence Sevilla says:

    False. Centralizing goods distribution, is in a way supply chain management. Without proper management of resources/goods, MORE anarchy would ensue from the unequal distribution of donations.

    This is disgusting. Instead of formulating bizarre and uncalled for political theories, just shut your pathetic mouths and do something to help. You posting a comment here about the government not doing anything will not feed the people. Want to help? Volunteer at DSWD. They need help.

    PS I am not a supporter of Noynoy or anyone, but I am a supporter of the Filipino people.

    • Isang Maralita says:

      Kung mabilis niya ba sanang na idistribute ang mga help/goods na narereceive ng bansa natin walang problema kaya lang day 6 na ayon sa blog nasa planning stage pa rin? Nagiging complicated ang plan pag may ibang motive na sinisingit kasi..which this blog explained and we should not shut his mouth lalo na kung totoo ang observation niya.

    • The Man says:

      Good comment. But why do you assume that people who criticize are not doing anything or acting? Many of us are volunteers, contributors and down on the ground working to help, and perhaps that’s the root of the frustration and anger.

    • haipa says:

      “Centralizing goods distribution, is in a way supply chain management. ”

      The thing is, by having only one person sign off on EVERYTHING (if that part of the story is true), they create a single point of failure in your supply chain network. In this situation where even seconds count, do you really want the risk of your request pending while the signatory takes a toilet break? (Look up cascading failures on networks)

      What you have here is over-centralization. Better to carve up the affected areas into several zones and delegate responsibilities to people in each of those zones, while maintaining overall monitoring (a control tower of control towers, as it were). At least when things in one zone are held up (God forbid!) those in the others aren’t.

  149. sammy says:

    mtagal pa 2016 namumulitika d ader DILG n din mangangasiwa sa bingo milyonaryo ng pcso….for 2016 p rin…????department of interior and local gambling ..DILG…NAKAKADISMAYANG ISIPIN….

  150. Eugene says:

    It’s not the time to blabber who’s wrong and who’s right. May pagkukulang man ang gobyerno natin, hindi pa din dapat isisi lahat sa kanila. We, as an individual should make a difference. Wala namang mangyayari if magbabangayan diba? The problem with PNOY is that hindi sya maging transparent sa nangyayari sa bansa. Oo, andyan na ang tulong, but is there enough man-power and ways to distribute the donations? He should have said to national television na we are in need of Boeing CHINOOKS and other means of transportation of the relief goods.

    It’s for us Filipinos to pray hard and make a difference despite what the government is lacking.
    All for humanity. All for the victims of this disaster.

  151. Cherriez Khyle says:

    goodness nasaan b ang puso ng Mar Roxas n yan??!!!! ndi na nahiya sa sarili nya…ang kapal na mukha!!!! no wonder nakikipagpatayan n mga kababayan sa leyte just to get food nka survive sa trahedya mamatay nman s gutom at sakit anung kalokohan yan mr roxas pki xplen hate u!!!!

  152. Juan says:

    i would like to dedicate this song of abra ilusyon to team pnoy
    Nasan na ba ang pagbabago? San?
    Wala parin pala kaming mga bulag sa katotohanan
    Ngayon nakakakita na
    Kayo na nga tong pumapapel
    Pati ba naman ngayon nakikipag plastikan pa
    Bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo
    Basta wag niyo kong gagawing tanga
    (wag niyo kong gagawing tanga)

    Ilang dekada na ba, nakapagtataka na
    Wala paring pagbabago ng pagkatagal na
    Imbis na mataranta, aba nagbabalak pa
    Pagtakpan ang matagal ng halatang halata

    Palakihan ng lote paramihan ng kotse
    Para di mangamote, bayanihan ng konte
    Matapobre, talagang plastikan ang forte
    Natutulog sa pansitan na sandigan ng korte

    Sakit, ng lipunan kayo ang ebidensya
    Sakit, oo pero ngayon ay epidemya
    At sa Pilipinas ang mga elektibo
    Nagpapaka bibo at hindi epektibo
    Puro salita pero ni wala man lang pruweba
    Magpapaka-propeta para walang protesta
    Sa nakaraang problema ano ba ang solusyon
    Kung ang lahat ng nakikita ko ay isang Ilusyon

    Nasan na ba ang pagbabago? San?
    Wala parin pala kaming mga bulag sa katotohanan
    Ngayon nakakakita na
    Kayo na nga tong pumapapel
    Pati ba naman ngayon nakikipag plastikan pa
    Bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo
    Basta wag niyo kong gagawing tanga
    (wag niyo kong gagawing tanga)

    Walang nakaisip ng nasa palagid
    Mabaho, madumi at kadalasan mainit
    Tambakan ng basura kahit na saang gilid
    Nag trapik parang bang kada kalsada makitid

    Laganap na kotongan, sus Maria!
    Mga driver tingin sa kanilang bus tamiya
    Bayarang kababaihan para boobs makita
    Ganyan talaga resulta pag kapos ang kita

    Kapag umulan wag susubukang bumiyahe
    Madalas ang pagbaha may lumulutang na tae
    Sandamukal na problema pupuhunan daw sabi
    Tutulungan, tutulugan, tututukan kunyari

    Ngayon sabihin niyo kung nasan diyan ang pagbabago
    Baka nakasalamin ako pagkataas ng grado
    Kasalakuyang problema ano ba ang solusyon?
    Kung ang lahat ng nakikita ko ay isang Ilusyon

    Nasan na ba ang pagbabago? San?
    Wala parin pala kaming mga bulag sa katotohanan
    Ngayon nakakakita na
    Kayo na nga tong pumapapel
    Pati ba naman ngayon nakikipag plastikan pa
    Bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo
    Basta wag niyo kong gagawing tanga
    (wag niyo kong gagawing tanga)

    Marami pang mga kababayang habang buhay na pagod
    Pagkat hanap ng hanap ng hanapbuhay sa abroad
    Iiwan ang pamilya para ang tagumpay ay maabot
    Nakakumay ang sagot kaya ako ay nayamot

    Di kayo makapagbigay ng mga trabaho
    Kaya di dapat kinailangan na mangako
    San na ang pagbabago
    Taray naman, imbis na magbagong buhay, bagong bahay na lang

    Habang marami nagugutom at walang matirhan
    At abot kaya na gamot wala man lang mabilhan
    Edukasyon sa lahat di magawang pagbigyan
    Kayo ang boses ng Taong di nyo kayang pakinggan

    Magandang kinabukasan na orasan ko yon
    Di ba dapat ngayon ang kinabukan noon?
    Kinabukasan ng problema ano ang solusyon?
    Kung ang lahat ng nakikita ko ay isang ilusyon?

    Nasan na ba ang pagbabago? San?
    Wala parin pala kaming mga bulag sa katotohanan
    Ngayon nakakakita na
    Kayo na nga tong pumapapel
    Pati ba naman ngayon nakikipag plastikan pa
    Bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo
    Basta wag niyo kong gagawing tanga
    (wag niyo kong gagawing tanga)

    Wag na wag, wag na wag!

  153. Isang Maralita says:

    Mahirap maging transparent kung may ibang motives kasi sa planning eh. This blog helped us understand kung ano ang possible reason ng delay. Hindi pala nila kaalyado ang pulitiko sa area na iyon eh..kaya posible talaga na iyon ang isa sa mga cause. At kung iyon ang cause dapat lang malaman ng lahat at ipadama sa gobyerno ang kakulangan at kakapalan nila.

  154. rodel says:

    Yor still focus on the government performance, you can’t do anything about it! that’s what we have, you deal with it! Its not that easy, you are not professionals who knows the science of logistic, disaster management and a lot of things, the leader will lead, experts will think what is the best action for the situation. And you people will condemn. Good luck Philippines! Your people know what is best in this darkest hour! Let’s condemn the people who is doing their best! Let’s hail all the volunteers and all all the people has to say to this tragic event!

    • haipa says:

      The thing is, some of us “may” be researchers in precisely those fields, and thus know what we’re talking about.

      “that’s what we have, you deal with it!”

      • rodel says:

        If you are expert why your mumbling here your expertise is needed by the government. Maybe you know a lot of things bt not good enough to make decision calls for the lives of thosands of people.

        • Isang Maralita says:

          O bakit inaaway mo na naman ang nagbibigay ng feedback. Volunteer ka na dun sa Tacloban

        • Isang Maralita says:

          Kung iaannounce ng gobyerno or ni Roxas na they need help on planning and they are calling specialists or experts sa field na iyon help will also pour in that area. I don’t think ieentertain si “haipa” kung basta siya pupunta don. I announce nila na need nila help kung paano mas mapapabilis ang distribution ng help I’m sure it will pour abundantly! Kaya lang hindi nila gagawin iyon dahil nga sa na explain na ng blog na ito.

          • rodel says:

            Nagiisip ka ba? Tingin mo ipagkakatiwala ng gobyerno ang buhay ng libo libong tao sa volunteer expert without credential. Kung kayo ang pinakamagaling sa field nyo sana tinawagan na kayo ng gobyerno, eh may masmagaling sa inyo na kayang mag desisyon kaya sana supportahan na lang natin. I’m not saying experts here are not good enough but there are people in your field better than you that is being utilised by the government. So sisihin nalang natin ang gobyerno kasi nagbayad na kayo ng tax nyo.yehey goodluck philippines!

            • Isang Maralita says:

              Nag-iisip ka ba? bakit ka nagcomment ng ganito kay “haipa”

              If you are expert why your mumbling here your expertise is needed by the government. Maybe you know a lot of things bt not good enough to make decision calls for the lives of thosands of people.

              – Eh di nilamon mo sarili mong suggestion! Kapa l mong itanong sa akin kung nag-iisip ako ah ayus ah!

            • Isang Maralita says:

              Para ka namang walang muwang sa pulitka. Tingin mo kaya sila tinawagan dahil sila ang pinakamagaling o may koneksyon sila sa nakaupo? Syempre dapat lang na sisihin at pakilusin ang gobyerno diyan sila binabayaran eh.

              • Isang Maralita says:

                O baka sabihin mo isisi ang bagyo o calamity ha. Ang pinupuntirya dito eh yung pagkakadelay ng tulong sa kabila ng dami ng nareceive na mga donations.

        • Isang Maralita says:

          rhod de guzman says:
          November 14, 2013 at 1:27 am
          May schoolmate ako nung highschool na nagorganize maggather ng relief goods for people in samar. Hindi raw umuusad ang shipping sa port. Bakit? Nagpapahintay pa sa pirma ni Roxas. Kinailangan pa daw nilang tumawag sa DZMM para maayos na agad. Sabihin mo nang biased ang article, pero totoo ung about sa pagiging paimportante ni Mar!
          Isa sa mga response yan sa blog na ito baka nalampasan mo eh. Apparently hindi private citizen ang nagkukulang sa pagtulong. hayzzzz

          • rodel says:

            Bakit daw hinarang at bakit sa samar dadalhin? Diba sa cebu yung bagsakan ng mga relief para madistribute ng maayos? Centralised nga diba? Di ba pwede sa cebu ipadala? Oh matigas lang ulo natin, mas alam natin yun gagawin kesa sa gobyerno.

            • Isang Maralita says:

              Hay hay hay di naman hinarang dahil sa target location ng relief. Hinarang dahil naghihintay sa pirma ng mahal mong Roxas. Hay hay hay basa basa tayo ha pag may time. Speaking of time, kamusta na ang pagvovolunteer mo? May pinatuloy ka na bang calamity victim sa inyo? Post mo naman dito ang pag-usad ng volunteering mo.

    • Isang Maralita says:

      Best na pala iyon…baka imbes na monetary/material help ang hinihingi natin sa mga bansang tulad ng Japan and Germany baka mas maganda help on planning ang pagstrategize na lang ang hingin natin tingin ko eh malaki matutulong nila sa area na iyon. Ang Japan lalo na kasi naeexperience din nila lagi ang halos similar na calamity.

      • rodel says:

        The thing is we are proud nation, binabato nga natin ng kamatis ang US embassy everytime my joint training ang mga kano, we want them out. Imagine how much preparedness they can share if we do this joint training. Kasalanan ng presidente to bat nangyari. Imagine kung masmalapit yng carrier nila dito within hours andito na sila to help. Kasalanan ng gobyerno yun. At wala kayong pananagutan kasi bayad kayo sa taxes. At lulustayin lang yun ng mga binoto nyong politiko. Pagnatapos to, mumurahin ulit natin ang america sa joint training.

        • Isang Maralita says:

          Baka binabato mo kasi ako sigurado ko hindi ako nangbabato ng kahit anong embassy.
          O read mo isa sa mga post na comment dito baka nalampasan mo para may idea ka sa nangyayari. Wala ka pa rin sa Tacloban eh
          rhod de guzman says:
          November 14, 2013 at 1:27 am
          May schoolmate ako nung highschool na nagorganize maggather ng relief goods for people in samar. Hindi raw umuusad ang shipping sa port. Bakit? Nagpapahintay pa sa pirma ni Roxas. Kinailangan pa daw nilang tumawag sa DZMM para maayos na agad. Sabihin mo nang biased ang article, pero totoo ung about sa pagiging paimportante ni Mar!

          –Apparently hindi nagkukulang ang private sector sa pagtulong..hmmm bakit kaya nadedelay??

          • rodel says:

            Sana lang s buhay mo di ka papadala sa emsyon o sa situation. As a fellow pinoy, magiisap at maging rational muna bago magsalita. Itong blog na ito ay isang venue para ihighlight ang mga pagkukulang at ipahayag ang galit ng isang taong nasaktan. Personally I felt the obligation to put this government bashers into perspective. Hindi ganun kadali and situation and emotiaonally draining to see each day passed without any improvement. But bottomline is people in this form does not help to improve the situation either. Japan is sccessful and resilient because the are very disciplined and last thing they will do is tarnish the people who will help them. Here pinoy, without understanding the decision made by the government judge already the outcome and blame the leader becase his subordinates are incompetent.

            • kookai says:

              in this situation, it is clearly incompetent

              • rodel says:

                Who is competent? Gordon and Bayani right… Binoto mo ba sila? Ikinampanya mo ba sila?palitan natin si Mar, gawin natin si Binay payag ka? Si Gordon hawak nya na redcross nakakatulong na sya. Si Bayani malang, aayaw yun makaktrabaho nya si Binay. Sino yung competent na pwede si Grace?

                • Isang Maralita says:

                  Opinyon ko na mas competent sila base sa nagawa nila nung nasa katungkulan sila. Si Binay at Grace bakit naisuggest mo ano meron? kung tinatanong mo kung payag ako well hindi wala naman siyang nagawa kumpara kina Gordon at Bayani eh. Kung mas magkakaroon ng authority si Gordon sa pamamahagi ng donations kung papalitan niya tong si Roxas kaysa nasa Red Cross siya malamang di siya tatanngi. Kung si Grace Poe ang tinutukoy mo di sya leader type Si Miriam Santiago mas matapang at may authority.

            • haipa says:

              “blame the leader becase his subordinates are incompetent.”

              Command responsibility’s a bitch.

            • Isang Maralita says:

              Kung feel mo obligation mo na ilagay sa tamang perspective ang opinyon ng nakararami dito bakit imbis na sabihan silang walang isip, utak talangka , walang naitutulong, bakit di mo iexplain ang talagang dahilan bakit nadedelay ang tulong? Bakit 6 days na di pa nakaabot sa mga nasalanta ang mga basic material donation? Hindi mo naman kailangan pintasan ang nagcocomment dito eh sabihin mo na lang ang fact na alam mo gaya ng ginawa ng blogger.

              • Isang Maralita says:

                Let private citizens decide kung gusto nila magvolunteer or tumulong sa paraang acceptable sa “iyo”. In the meantime malinaw na di acceptable ang ginagawa ng government sa pamamahagi ng donations and relief dahil cause pa sila ng delay!

              • rodel says:

                Makinig ka kaya ng presscon para malaman mo. I’m not the right person to say anything jst to add uncertainty and confusion sa mga tao. You should trust the government and hope for the best. Tapos.

                • Isang Maralita says:

                  Trust them if you want! Wag mo ituwid ang opinyon namin. Kung wala kang fact na maihaharap dito opinyon lang din ang meron ka at wala kang karapatan na ituwid ang opinyon namin. TAPOS!

    • Isang Maralita says:

      Bago mapunta sa kung saan ang bilyong pisong donasyon nareceive mula sa ibang bansa, at sektor eh humingi na tayo ng tulong paano marebuild ang mga community ng mabilis at efficient baka kung saan pa mapunta yang donasyon na iyan.

  155. cindydy0121 says:

    I surprise how a lot of effort you place to make this type of great informative web site. Thank you for such a wonderful post.

  156. villadog says:

    still thinking how to connect the blame to previous admin as an excuse. IM FED UP LAHAT NG PALPAK,,, DAHIL SA PAST ADMINISTRATION ANG EXCUSE.

  157. Helen Gibson says:

    Wel all I can say is the president of the PHILIPPINES is IDIOT and IGNORANT, they are useless when you need them most, god help him, he dont deserve what ever position he is now, his qn arrogant, ignorant son of Aquino

  158. Pharaoh says:

    At times like these I actually miss GMA. She was not a wonderful person but at least she knows what to do during calamities and can get things done ASAP.

    • Isang Maralita says:

      I won’t miss her. Mas mabilis ang galaw ni Gordon at mas astig magpatupad ng rules si Bayani Fernando kaya mabilis at kita agad ang epekto ng programs niya.

    • Get A Life says:

      Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? She knows how to spend the donations given by other countries. She knows how to play the calculator game in the sense that she’ll be able to put in her pockets large amounts of money. Why would you miss someone who made the Philippines’ situation once worse. LOL You better miss yourself. lol

      • Pharaoh says:

        Hey at least she’s good when it comes to calamities. It doesn’t take her 6 days just to provide support to the people. Right now our government is running around like a headless chicken.

        • Get A Life says:

          LOL. Yes you have a point. She’s good to calamities especially in putting into her own pockets the funds for the calamity. ironic. haha

          • Pharaoh says:

            Better a thief that’s smart than a thief that’s also a blundering idiot. And besides hindi galing sa calamity funds ang mga nakaw ni Arroyo, most of her stolen assets came from agri-NGOs. Again I’m not saying that she’s agreat person but I’d rather have someone than can organize relief efforts and uplift people rather than someone that’s just sitting down while looking for the next person to blame while at the same time being an arrogant prick.

  159. kookai says:

    this guy depending the government so much,must be in close and knee deep in politics as well. you can’t blame us in expressing our thoughts, as we speak what we see. one week after the disaster and they are still planning! just get on with it give it to the needy as it was meant for them anyway. there are so many ways to go there and the government has all the means and the facilities and transportation at their disposal if they want to do so.
    and that is the big question, do they want to do so?

    • Get A Life says:

      They already knew that yolanda (haiyan) is a super typhoon and no aftereffect plans were made. LOL

      • rodel says:

        Do you know aperson in philippines capable of preparing a better plan than what we have right now?

        • Isang Maralita says:

          Better than Aquino and Roxas? Meron syempre naman… masyado mo naman minamaliit ang Pilipino, si Gordon nga o si Bayani Fernando si Gordon voluteer na siya sa mga ganyan matagal na. Si Bayani Engr yon kaya mas di hamak na magaling sa Planning kaysa kina Aquino and Roxas.

          • Isang Maralita says:

            Hindi sa avid supporter ako nila or whatnot pero di kasi praktikal na mag-itemize ako ng qualities ng dapat na leader ng isang bansa. Sila ang mga taong willing mag lead (kaya nga sila tumakbo, meron din naman akong kilalang magaling magpatakbo ng kumpanya ayos maging leader pero di sila willing na pasukin ang mundo ng mga pulitiko) at na prove nila base sa mga area na pinagsilbihan nila na kaya nila gumawa ng mga makabuluhang pagbabago. Hindi sila after na ma-please ang botante kundi ang nasa isip nila eh kapag kailangan gawin ang isang proyekto para bumuti at mapabilis ang pag-unlad gagawin nila. So ganun dapat, ang goal eh maipaabot ang tulong ng mabilis sa mga nasalanta ni Yolanda so either na kung ano pang iskema ang gusto pa nila mangyari sa mga tulong or kulang ang skill nila sa planning pero malabo yung huling dahilan kaya nga madami ang napacomment sa blog na ito.

        • haipa says:

          Get the S4 (logistics) or G4 of the US Marine Corps unit already on the ground. Day 1: Distributed food, water, medicines and evacuated people. Politicians not allowed to touch the relief goods. No ifs, no buts, no excuses just doing the job fast and right!

  160. rodel says:

    Alisin natin si Pnoy palit natin si vice Binay, palitan natin si Mar palitan natin si Senator Binay. Payag kayo? Solve and problema. Wala na si Pnoy at Mar mga Binay nalang. Mas ok ba yun?

  161. BoySugbi says:

    Baka gusto ng govt natin pa abutin ang casualties hanggang 10,000 as per their estimate? Sya nga pala kung si Mar ang mey control lahat ibig bang sabihim mey blessings galing sa kanya na ipalabas sa media na ang casualties aabot daw ng 10,000 ?

  162. jaz says:

    sino ba ang nagtatangol dyan sa mga politiko natin…ehh talaga namang mga pul[pul yang mga yan simula’t sapul talagang pulpul….

  163. DocJenB says:

    Soliman and Roxas still studying how to release relief goods? A Grade 3 problem and very hard to solve. LOL!!!!

    • Get A Life says:

      LOL hahahaha. . it is really hard to solve 3+3 divided by how many officials will receive some of the funds. hahahahaha no more pork to eat. relief or calamity fund is the best option as of this moment. hahahaha

      • Isang Maralita says:

        At least 31 countries and five international organizations have extended assistance amounting to P3,848,564,500 or $89,501,500 to the Philippines, based on the latest tally of Department of Foreign Affairs. – report sa GMA website.
        I heard sa show ni Kris nagdonate ang samsung ng $500,000. Si KC Concepcion P5M si Sharon P5M marami pang private companies/sector ang nagdonate. Mahirap yan paghatian at itago sa publiko lalo na ngayon active ang mga Pinoy sa social media sinusubaybayan lahat. Kailangan talaga nilang pag-aralan ng husto ang plano kung paano magagamit ang mga iyan ng “tama”. Tama sa political career nila.

  164. nakakahiya kayong sa buong mundo..nauna pa ang taga-ibang bansa na galling pa sa kabilang mundo pra maghatid ng relief goods samantala kayo pro kyo de upo lang sa tinamaang ng lintik na upuan na yan….

  165. Anghel says:

    isa lang ang masasabi ko SAYANG ANG BOTO KO!!!!! natutulog lang sa pansitan???

  166. edgar quitasol says:

    I have a question to a law expert… Does the relief goods in the Philippines comes from other countries have been audited by Commission Of Audit? if NO this billion of pesos donation will be cut off for political ambition in 2016 election.

  167. Joel says:

    Blog yan, meaning opinion yan ng taong gumawa, kumalma kayo.

  168. Isang Maralita says:

    Blog na naginstigate ng comment at support ng mga taong may kamag-anak sa mga lugar na nasalanta pero walang relief na dumadating.

  169. AQUINO regen nagpabagsak sa PIlipinas says:

    AQUINO regen ang nagpabagsak sa pilipnas..nagcecelebrate pa kau ng EDSA…freedom pra saan,..freedom pra mangurakot ang mga nsa pwesto.kung MARCOS regen parin tau ngaun,tau ang tumutulong sa ibang bansa eih ano ngaun tau ang namamalimos sa ibang bansa..!atleast sa MARCOS,isa lng nangungurakot si MARCOS lng, eih ngaun pati baranggay tanod corrupt na..!

  170. Isang Maralita says:

    May sakit si Marcos nung naalis siya, di rin tatagal na ang buhay niya that time. Suggest na lang kayo ng mahusay na leader na willing tumakbo, yung kilalang may nagawa na kapakipakinabang sa area nila hindi yung kilala dahil sikat ang magulang niya at wala na yun lang.

  171. zhard says:

    Nagpaplano na naman sila kong paano dugasin ang pera,

    • Get A Life says:

      wahahahahaha. kea natagalan ang relief. tinatawagan or nagmemeeting pa ang mga taong mamumuno sa mga operations para malinis ang pagbubulsang magaganap kung meron man. hahahahaha

  172. Kaya pala sa mga relief goods from US, binabawal nila na galawin ng Philippine politician ang kanilang relief. May ganito pla kc na nangyayari.

  173. Dherwin Reyes says:

    mabagal tlga ang systema! kelan ba ngng maayos ang gobyerno? pag aaralan pa kung paano e rerelease ang relief goods?? ah ah! patay na ang mga gutom dpa tapos pg aaral na yan… Mar Roxas nmn..

  174. mayrica says:

    bwiset na government nman yan, walang kuwenta !!! nakakahiya sila

  175. samarnon says:

    This is true.. after pnoy walked out from tacloban, he and mar roxas went straight to roxas, capiz which happened to be mar roxas’ hometown to distribute relief goods. While forgetting guian, eastern samar which was actually where the super typhoon made it’s first landfall.. how convenient was that? Politicians at their finest!

  176. Arlene says:

    Surely it’s NOT ONLY Pnoy and Mar Roxas who distribute relief? so as not to target hometown as priority? and mostly these good deeds are mostly behind the scenes of the CAMERA..

  177. Omeng says:

    Di naman sana aabutin ng ganun kagrabe ang mga namatay sa TACLOBAN kung sineryoso ng husto ng Local Government partikular ni Mayor Alfred Romualdez ang panawagan regarding sa Super Typhoon, sa interview pa lamang sa kanya ng crew ng ABS CBN, maliwanag ang sagot niya ” di niya akalain ng ganun kalakas ang bagyong darating kumpara sa mga nakaraan bagyo ”
    WTF ! yung mga nakatira sa coastline di niya pwersahang pinalikas, Nationwide TV nanawagan na si PNOY bago pa mag landfall si YOLANDA. Kung di nila kakayanin ang paglikas, bakit di sila humungi ng saklolo sa National Government.

    In the midst of it all I get this urgent email from my lawyer – a trusted friend.
    JP fenix sayo trusted friend mo yan, magsalita siya sa media, lahat ng akusayon niya sa nangyayari sa kapalpakan ni Joshua este ni PNOY. patunayan niyang totoo ang pinaparatang niya. O baka naman puro dada lang at di naambunan ng grasya ng Malacañan?

  178. Jea says:

    There is no effective Incident plan and disaster management coming from our government since from the start they did not allocate funds to formally train personnel to handle emergency incidents like this. You know what America is looking for?— An agency from the Philippine government that is mainly accountable for an emergency management system, that could have handled from the start the evacuation process and these are life safety, incident prevention, system restoration. Tsk, tsk! Ngayon lalong nasubukan si Noynoy, still politically motivated above and beyond of these chaos, kawawa naman mga kababayan ko…

  179. Unknown says:

    sinabi nanga ni pres.aquino na magsilakas habang wala pa si bagyong Yolanda/ Haiyan pero yung iba ayaw magsilikas kaya maraming namatay . Wag nyo pong sisihin si Pres.aquino dahil ginawa nya nmn lahat mabagal lang po talaga kumilos ang mga nagpapa evacuate dahil sa sobrang dami nang mga tao doon…

    • Pharaoh says:

      And where exactly were all of those 200,000 people supposed to go? 95% of their city vanished. Hindi sinisisi ang gobyerno for the calamity, they’re being criticized by us because they can’t bring aid to our citizens. The death toll is not the issue, the issue is the fact that those people are starving and are injured or sick. Kahit na mailikas mo pa silang lahat ay pareho lang ang result, magugutom parin silang lahat. Ang rami nang relief goods na naidonate ng mga tao pero bakit kahit simpleng bigas at tubig hindi natin maipadala sa kanila? Warehouses in both Manila and Cebu are filled with relief goods but still have yet to be distributed! Ano ba hinihintay ng gobyerno? Gusto ba nila magkainan muna yung mga tao sa Visayas bago nila ipadala yung aid na kailangan nila? Kahit yung mga doktor na galing sa France hinaharang nila! People can only remain hungry and unaided for so long before they result to complete anarchy and start killing each other just for their families to survive!

  180. villadog says:

    tigas ng ulo kasi… HAIYAN tuloy maraming casualties.. wat is the deffirence between tsunami & storm surge.. in terms of the wave height. tnx

  181. EDSA says:

    Sus Ginoo! Matakot naman kayo sa Dios! Sariling kapakanan n’yo ang inaatupag habang ang mga taong biktima sa bagyo naghihirap!

  182. Noai says:

    Magsilikas? Saan? 95% of Tacloban has been wiped out.

  183. Emraida Abaya says:

    Dapat ang mga politicians na gaya nila ang naanod at namatay sa bagyo. Hindi ang mga kawawang ordinaryong mamamayan…

  184. UNHOLY says:

    you cant blame them kung ganyan opinions nila.. masaklap nmn tlga gngwa ng gobyerno now e.. bagal kpg tulong mabilis kpg kurakot..

  185. Abnormal citizen says:

    Blame the government tama yan. ilabas nyo pa galit nyo . Magaway away kayo at magpagalingan kayo kung sino ang tama. Pataasan kayo ng ratings sa barahan ng comment at magbigayan kayo ng masakit na salita. In the end gaya ng sinasabi nyong presidente na palpak, vice president na palpak nagsasayang din kayo ng oras. nagrereklamo kayo? Kayo mismo pumunta sa site at gumawa ng gusto nyong mangyari. Wag nyong sabihin na di nyo kaya kasi hectic schedule nyo , di nyo mapapanood yung paborito nyong tv show o wala kayong pera. Dami ng paraan na pwede gawin. Kung gusto nyo ng action gumawa kayo ng action. Asa pa tayo sa kanila alam nyo na ngang wala pakinabang. Gagaya pa tayo? Ganto tayong mga Pilipino di ba nagsisisihan? wala ngyayari di ba? Tapos magaantay at mangangarap tayo ng pagbabago? haha we dont deserve it unless lahat tayo magbago.

  186. zed says:

    ang dami niyong arte mga bwisit kayo mga pro “PANOT” gago ba kayo? bakit pa kayo mag pupublic servant kung di niyo rin kakayanin yung bigat ng responsibilidad? isa lang masasabi ko TANGA kayong mga pro “PANOT” kaya ka nag PUBLIC SERVANT para tugunan pangangailangan ng mga tao., LAHAT NG BAGAY SA MUNDO MAY PARAAN., LAHAT NG AYAW MARAMING DAHILAN., KAPAG PURSIGIDO ISANG TAO MAKATULONG GAGAWIN LAHAT! PRESIDENT SI PANOT NATURAL LANG NA TANGGAPIN NIYA LAHAT NG BAD FEEDBACKS SA KANYA DAHIL ILANG ARAW NA WALA PA MGA RELIEF GOODS? YUNG ISANG CHOPPER NG MILITAR NA PURO SACKS OF RICE DI MAIBABA NG PILOTO NG MILITAR DAHIL WALA PANG UTOS GALING SA SUPERIOR? MAGBASA KAYO MGA PRO “PANOT” HINDI PURO BASA NG MGA COMMENT NG IBA., caps na yan baka di niyo pa naiintindihan mga BOBONG pro “PANOT” ano sabi ni panot sa interview sa kanya sa CNN? maagang nakapaghanda sa bagyong yolanda? konti lang namatay? reviewhin niyo ng mabuti ung interview sa kanya., sa CNN kayo manood ng news., para malaman niyo gano karami namatay sa bagyong Yolanda.,

  187. Juan says:

    Mga bobo, magkano ba ang ibinayad sa inyo ng gobyerno nyo para ipagtangol nyo sila. Kung hindi kayo nagbubulag bulagan ay sadyang mga bobo nga kayo.

  188. Gianne says:

    Geez. Hindi tuloy maiwasan na mabatikos itong si PNOY dahil ang kupad rumesponde at umaksiyon. Daig pa sya ng ilang maliliit na politiko na kusa naglibot sa baluwarte nila at tumitingin kung may surviviors pa ba. Hindi baleng nanlilimahid na sila sa dumi at putik wala sila pakielam. So ang nangyayari, mas mabilis pa nakapag-organize ng rescue at relief operations ang ibang mga bansa kesa sa gobyerno. Hanep diba? Mas mabilis din sila nakapag-deploy ng mga tao. Kaya yung mga bumoto sa presidente nating incompetent at mahilig manisi, next time wag basta boto ng boto. Hindi porket sikat ang angkan nila eh yun na ang basehan nyo. Ang laking kahihiyan tuloy sa buong mundo na ang UN pa ang nagbigay ng instructions na hindi dapat mahawakan ng mga politicians natin ang assistance na nanggaling sa ibat’-ibang panig ng mundo. What a real shame.

  189. nestor amoroso says:

    Dapat ang pairalin ng PINOY leaders sa panahon ng sakuna ay PATRIOTISM at Pagmamahal sa Kapwa Pilipino ano man ang POLITICAL affiliation nya. Pagtatawanan tayo ng mga banyaga pag ganito ang ating ugali.

  190. john says:

    sino gusto nyo binay or roxas?

  191. Janette says:

    Nakakaawa ang bansang Pilipinas…ng dahil sa pansariling kapakanan bata matanda may sakit kahit mga patay deprive ng kakapirasong karapatan.

  192. Showbiz Government says:

    Mga BOBO-tante

    Bulok na napakabagal na sistema sa Pagmimgay na Relief Goods para sa Nasalanta nag-halo sa Pulitika ang pag-sisi kay PNoy or Boy Sisi ang ambisyon ni Roxas sa 2016 tila malabo.Kawawa ang bansang Pilipinas tama ang CNN at si Anderson Cooper at hindi sila biased ay sinabi niya “Miserable” ang reaksyon sa Bagyong Yolanda Gusto ni PNoy gaya gaya puto maya ang Martial Law sa Tacloban katulad ni Macoy (Marcos) biased ang Media katulad ng Philippine Daily Inquierr kahit nag-sisi laban sa Administrasyong Aquino at ABS-CBN pag-aari ng mga Lopez top-rated ang mga shows pero biased padating sa pagbabalita.

    Si Kris Bernal ang future president ng ating Bansa linisin ang bulok napakabagal na Sistema sa pagmimigay ng Relief Goods sa Nagsalanta ng Bagyo katulad ni Davao City Mayor Duterte pag-dakip ang mga kriminal sa kanyang Lungsod upang maging Ligtas ang kanyang Lungsod.

  193. Pingback: Marcosian propaganda in Daang Matuwid | JPFenix Blog

  194. jamed mercado says:

    No PROOF on these… plane allegations…..

    Instead of blaming why not do your part to help…..

    This is not helping….

    • JPFenix says:

      you can’t even spell, what kind of a troll are you? kulang ba budget ng boss mo kaya mahina sa ispeling ang kinukuha niya?

  195. Kimora Reese Dagang says:

    Stupid writer. Study the law of our land first before reacting. All donations should be coursed to our proper gov’t agencies before they can be deployed anywhere and Mr. Mercado is right…all plain allegations. no proof.

    • The Man says:

      Tell that to 1.4 million starving people.
      Kimora reese dagang? that’s the name you chose? hahaha… you trolls, akala niyo lahat ng tao tanga… tulad niyo

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