The Quest

In the musical Man From La Mancha, Don Quixote sings “The Impossible Dream.” It is the song of living up to the ideal of doing what’s right, even when it does not seem doable, even when it is against impossible odds.

The song became the anthem of that movement for freedom and democracy against the dictator when Ninoy Aquino came back from the United States in 1983. It was said to be his favorite song, embodying the rationale behind his act for which it cost his life.

This comes to mind now amid some calls for his son, Noynoy, to step down from office. He is embroiled in this mess called the Pork Barrel, especially the people do not buy his reasoning that the funds his office has been disbursing for projects is not of the same breed as the Pork that legislators have been allocated and using for their projects. The issue, protesters say, is not whether the money ended up lining the pockets of some politicians and their private sector cohorts. The issue is whether funds available for disbursement are there for the enhancement of patronage politics.

The movement against Pork Barrel allocations called the Million People March seem to be divided in this issue, with some in the movement subscribing the President’s line that the billions in funds his administration has been disbursing is not pork. Some in the movement believe otherwise, noting that the use of the funds has been to pressure legislators and other government functionaries to vote, support and act a certain way with issues close to the administration’s heart.

One thing’s for sure: for some reason the Million People March has made it very clear that the movement is not calling for the President’s resignation.

big meme

Just how involved is the Palace with the Million People March? None, proponents say. But others – like meme creator Atanacio Salvador – beg to disagree.

This has raised many an eyebrow for the Anti Pork Barrel factions because if indeed the President’s funds disbursement squeals like a pig, then it must be a pig and thus must be made part of the solution – the extreme solution: his removal from office. On the mild side, there is a call for PNoy’s resignation.

On the more extreme side, there is another call: one of impeachment. Now neophyte Senator JV Ejercito, a former member of the House of Representatives, knows the game too well. From the old adage the “Impeachment is a political and not a judicial process” and thus “a numbers game” JV goes out and says that impeachment won’t likely happen, because of the President’s noted popularity – both with the public and in his control of heads in Congress. In short, why bang your head against the wall when it’s quite certain you won’t get your way?


But Teddyboy Locsin, former Representative of Makati and himself experienced in the ways of Congress and impeachment, would not have it. Reacting to Twitter reports of JV’s statement Teddyboy lashed back through the social media vehicle, basically saying that as Senator, JV should realize that and impeachment move must not be hampered by expediency, but because it is a the right thing for a Senator to do.


Or, as Don Quixote said: “This is my quest, to follow that star. No matter how hopeless. No matter far. To fight for the right without question or pause. To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause…”

Yes, we live in interesting times. Especially now, even as all this is out there unfolding, most are still sitting comfortably in the sidelines watching and waiting for what will happen next. Just like how they watched My Husband’s Lover or whatever Filipino, Korean or Mexican soap opera unfold… or even the latest Senate Blue Ribbon Committee drama. This is good TV.

As for me, I’m singing along to a different tune: “Don’t you know, ‘talking about a revolution sounds like a whisper…”


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9 Responses to The Quest


  2. HBDC says:

    For the Philippines!!!! ♥
    Kung pwede lang talaga ako makapunta </3
    Maraming paraan, pero may priorities ako sa ngayon. Makakabawi din ako para sa Inang Bayan! Pag nakagraduate na ako… =) ♥
    For the Philippines!!!! ~

  3. Politicians make mistakes, they thought we were idiots they can fool forever, time for us to rule now- recall all stolen funds, remove them from office, stripped them with their ill-gotten wealth and ban them from public office for life- no need to imprison them, let them live a shameful life!!!
    No wonder they cannot support Pinoy innovations..?

  4. Indeed, PNoy is our new “Don Quixote” of the New PHL Generations as we’d heard yesterday at his second State of the Nation Address, or SONA, so to speak. In this SONA, PNoy explained his quest and the reasons behind it. In doing so, he captures the essence of the speech and its philosophical underpinnings. For me, it is absolutely “impossible” to imagine. To dream the impossible dream {the STRAIGHT PATH} … To fight the unbeatable foe {against CORRUPTION } To bear with unbearable sorrow {against POVERTY} … To run where the brave dare not go {GOOD GOVERNANCE} … To right the unrightable wrong {JUSTICE} … To love pure and chaste from afar {CHARITY} … To try when his arms are too weary {COURAGE} … To reach the unreachable star {PHILIPPINES 2016}…

    Then PNoy said: “This is my quest, to follow that STAR. No matter how hopeless, no matter how far. To fight for the right {STRAIGHT PATH}, without question or pause. To be willing to march into hell, for a heavenly cause…”

    As a citizen of this divided yet beloved country of ours, I know if only PNoy will be true, to this glorious quest, that our countrymen’s hearts will lie peaceful and calm, when we will be laid to our rest.

    And the world will be better for this: That one man {PNoy}, scorned and covered with scars {of bullets}, still strove, with his last ounce of COURAGE. To reach the unreachable … STAR!…

  5. Elmer says:

    Huwaw, drawing parallels between Pnoy and the Man of La Mancha! Natae ako bila.

  6. mel bautista says:

    I was asked why I am for the abolition of the Pork Barrel in all its forms. I tell them, if you have kids you have to think about their future. If this corruption continues, what will be left for our kids? The benefits that should be for the people are not being delivered to them. Maybe this is the answer to our prayer? All this corruption being exposed in the open, maybe it is God’s way of telling us to act, act now? We can’t just pray for this to go away. Maybe this is the catalyst that we are waiting for?

  7. joza says:

    To Teddy Locsin, when there is a slight right in your statement, the use of your improper word is disgusting. Well JV is also partially right. The popularity he meant is many in congress now are beneficiary of the mess, so why removed the godfather through impeachment.

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