SENATOR JV Ejercito believes, as many do in the Estrada camp, that the current PNOY administration is operating to discredit and destroy his family. Who wouldn’t? Especially in that family as the series of events seem to point that way: first, Senator Jinggoy Estrada feels there has been “selective justice” with the way the pork scam investigations have been conducted; second, cousin ER Ejercito has been disqualified by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) from his seat as Laguna governor and; deposed president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada is currently facing a disqualification case also in the COMELEC. (As of this posting, even Kim Henares of the Bureau of Internal Revenue has joined the fray with an investigation –

There are those like Malacañang’s Ricky Carandang, Edwin Lacierda and Abigail Valte see this as a stretch. Well, myself included. I really can’t see why the Palace and its minions would conspire to overtly target an Ejercito-Estrada clan.

I do, however, tend to subscribe to the Jinggoy’s “selective justice is injustice” theory. Not a conspiracy, mind you, but a series of intertwining interests in bringing him down. Jinggoy, at present, is the obvious and perfect target.

Columnist Jarius Bondoc has said many times in our past inebriated discussions that the Senate is made up of “24 presidential candidates in waiting.” This rings very true since all of them were elected by a national majority. With the next step after two six-year terms (assuming they get reelected) being a higher office of Vice President or President, it isn’t hard to imagine that the thought may be a tad intoxicating.

All the presidentiable ducks in a row. The Senate of the 16th Congress (sans an incapacitated Miriam Santiago)

All the presidentiable ducks in a row. The Senate of the 16th Congress (sans an incapacitated Miriam Santiago)

Jinggoy is one such possible presidential candidate. His numbers are in the top in every election he has participated in (In 2010 he ranked second with some 18.9 million votes). He has a solid mass-based support that has grown over the years, some inherited from his father, and some built up from his own. Solid, nonetheless. He has risen in the ranks in his elected offices and within the Senate itself. And he is senior in his party and in his family.

Jinggoy has been reported to be the vice presidential candidate to the presidential candidacy of current Vice President Jejomar Binay in 2016. But given how fluid the political scene is in the next three years, who knows what will happen to Jinggoy? What I am certain of is that if I were shuffling the cards, I could stack the deck against Jinggoy if only to make sure that either he at least stays in place or is out of the game altogether. And, unfortunately for Jinggoy, the card shuffling chores are passed around the table with each of the players targeting him.

First, the Palace: This comes from Jinggoy’s own privilege speech of “selective justice is injustice’’ where the Commission on Audit (COA), Justice Department, Budget and Management and its communications infrastructure are in a concerted effort to highlight Jinggoy. Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and Sen. Bong Revilla, despite the existence of many more legislators, local government officials and agency and executive branch heads. It could be as payback for the troubles they caused in the last elections for the Liberal Party, Jinggoy and JPE being with UNA and Bong being head of Lakas. It could also be a deflection from the administration’s own involvement with Jenny Napoles and the Pork Barrel Scam which now emerges as the palace conduit to its own messy funds diversions. Or it could simply be that the Palace has run out of It’s-Gloria-Arroyo’s-Fault scenarios for it’s Daang Matuwid that it needs another patsy.

Second, Mar Roxas: Yes, the guy lost his chance when Noynoy stole the limelight from him – and after his much ballyhooed wedding to Korina Sanchez – and he had to set aside presidential ambitions for a while. The most unkindest cut: the come-from-behind win of Binay which, it turns out, came from forces close to Noynoy – the original Coryistas who undertook the Noy-Bi campaign because they felt that Mar was not an original yellow trooper. If I were Mar, I would insist that PNOY owes me big-time, and thus all Palace resources must be mobilized to ensure my 2016 victory AND that means ridding the landscape of my competition NOW.

Third, Jojo Binay: Though they said a Binay-Jinggoy tandem is in the offing, there are many who believe that the Noy-Bi campaign was at the expense of then come backing Erap Estrada (it was Erap-Binay in 2010, right?) So it was Erap supporters plus Pnoy yellow army for the VP win in 2010. If I were Binay, I’d be insecure of this anak ng masa. I’d at least keep Jinggoy in his place, if not eliminate him totally. After all, since 2013 midterm elections there are others who have high standings as possible running mates: Grace Poe, Loren Legarda (you are given three strikes, right?), Chiz Escudero (among the Noy-Bi architects), Bam Aquino, Alan Peter Cayetano…

Fourth, Alan Peter Cayetano: Of all the senators and presidentiables in waiting, Cayetano has the motive (as described above) and opportunity. This has become apparent in his grandstanding ways at the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearings on the pork scam. He has consistently insisted that Jinggoy attend the hearings so that he can defend himself, despite Jinggoy’s statement from the start that he did not want his presence to mar the pork probe and that the proper forum for his defense would only be where he is charged which are the Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan. Yet, true to form, Cayetano has consistently pounded on Jinggoy – even slyly calling him He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named – in reaction to Jinggoy’s statement that the committee has prematurely condemned him.

Fifth, Chiz Escudero: Like Cayetano, but with a little more finesse. Like that quip on “Senator Sexy” and other short bursts and witticisms from him while the Senate hearings (and media attention) lasts. If I were Chiz, I would not be too obvious… for now. Just know that every opportunity to hurt my competition will go a long way towards 2016. And a pretty potential first lady doesn’t hurt either.

Yes, Jinggoy must be put down by those with common interests, the earlier the better. Others like Bong Revilla and even Bongbong Marcos are not much of targets as they have vulnerabilities that are easier dealt with. Even between these different factions the fight should be more manageable.

But not with Jinggoy, it seems. Not with the Anak ng Masa.

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25 Responses to Intoxicating

  1. Miriam says:

    Jinggoy is only a popularity person. He has no brains to run the Philippines as he has not professional backgrounds. He is not the right person. Even then, his records show that he has not been credible when it comes to honesty and reliability. He got plunder case that time and this is his second. So do you like to have President who has such kind of cases. NO WAY.! He is not the right person, even to have such ambition to run for such highest post. The Pinoys have awakened and they learn and have been learning a lesson / s about those who are clean and no bad records.

    • The Man says:

      You’re right, he is a “popularity person.” I guess at this point it has nothing to do with being qualified or even his wanting to be president. But definitely the perception that he is the strong contender makes him THE target for those who do have the ambition.

    • Jinggoy needs to reconsider his ambition. He is too controversial, what with his plunder case that the next one on the Pork Barrel Scam. Aim for Presidency? No way. Resign from senate is a better option. And ride into the sunset! Adios amigo! 🙂

      • The Man says:

        Hmmm… resign and that’s it? I don’t think so. If you read some posts in twitter and facebook, it looks like some are out for blood.

  2. What is bad in truth? If some members of the Ejercito-Estrada clans really violated the law, there’s no reason why they should not be penalized for it. It’s injustice if we just allow them, time and again, prostitute the money of taxpayers. It’s good if we, people get rid of leeches and crocodiles in government. We should love our country more than what these politicians’ minimal attention to the poor, the sick, the underprivileged & less fortunate sectors of the society. 😦

    • The Man says:

      Unfortunately they keep getting reelected. You think things will change after this pork scam is resolved? Assuming, of course, it is indeed fully resolved. Not just a few selected prosecutions

      • These politicians get re-elected because people did not know yet all these scams before they were re-elected. If these people in government are made scot-free for what they did, then who else should be held liable for their alleged unlawful acts? Should we jail the innocent & free the guilty? Should we just close our eyes & let them prostitute the public coffers or violate election laws without necessarily reminding them that they should be made responsible if they indeed violate the laws. And Man, remember! They are afforded due process. They are given reasonable opportunity to make their lawful defenses: to adduce controverting evidence, to rebut the claim of the adverse party and make just submissions. What matters for us is to remain vigilant & assertive of what is right. I just don’t feel but I’m certain that Jinggoy will never win for Vice-President, if he opts to run for office in the 2016 elections. He smells fishy more than his father. He may be popular, he may be sexy as what “Benhur Luy” dubbed him but come on, he does not deserve the PEOPLE’S TRUST. 😦

  3. This sounds very true. At least hypothetically true. Politics is really an art. Which art is it, is everybody’s guess. After all, it may be a professional art of destruction of an enemy or a competitor in the way to power. Politics is really for the courageous and the brave.

    • The Man says:

      “Politics is for the courageous and the brave.” Haha, nice one. Never thought of it that way. I was thinking more along the lines of “thick skinned.”

  4. gio1925 says:

    This reminds of the Game of Thrones or the reality TV Survivor series. Each is out to get the other. In the end, there could only be one… and it will be a really interesting spectacle to watch these dogs go at each other as we inch ever closer to the end game.

  5. hjbanayat says:

    Politicians play their part well in this new stage of acting. Our Government is just another Real Life Channel that we watch. Like movie shows, they rely on ratings and popularity, the moment the directors says “Action!.” Who’s the man or woman or group behind the camera? It’s anyone’s guess.

  6. My trust is going down the toilet

  7. raul loreto says:

    true as it may, but the people like it more. this family has made business of the people’s money together with their cohort the binays who has nothing to show in business acumen but popular moves for the people from the peoples money

  8. onyot says:

    Perhaps its time ti kill all officials who committed betrayal of public trust.

    • The Man says:

      Woah there. There’s s process to handle all this. We are, after all, a law abiding society. However, if it were passed into law… like death penalty instead of impeachment or recall… well…

  9. Jinggoy, Manila Mayor 2016…

  10. tired of corrupt says:

    Needless to say that he is the primary target of Malacanang water cannon. But even if, malacanang failed to fire his gun, Jinggoy has no place in the highest officer of the land. He was shrouded by mix of controversies, from plunder case to kuratong baliling. But on top of that, He has no academic credentials in shaping the nation as to what the people wanted to happen.

    He won because of Filipino voting culture. Popularity brought by televisions, bribery to the marginal people which politicians made their primary market.

    • The Man says:

      Our democracy is based on the popular vote, after all. As the saying goes, “The voice of the people is the voice of God.” And we’ve tried the other end of the spectrum: dictatorship… one man rule which didn’t pan out well at all. As another saying goes: “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” So, where do we go from here?

  11. reynaldo estrada corsino says:


  12. JELMER says:


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