Here We Go Again

I’VE HAD a few attempts in blogging over the past few years, mainly because of certain milestones in my life vis-a-vis society when I felt it should be done. The problem with doing a lot of writing for a living is that by the time you start writing for yourself you’re just fresh out. I created the Fenix Chronicles years ago, hoping to put together some musings on my exploits as a journalist and editor. Except for the header, I never quite kicked that off.

Then there was the creation of, where the editor then thought it would be hilarious if I had my brand of writing added to the mix of serious analysis and scholarly treatises. ( I agreed since I thought that it was a brave, bold move for an existing and established TV news organization to dive into the unknown online world. Well, there was a change of management and, I guess, they felt I wasn’t quite what they had in mind.

My son then came into my life, and coupled with new milestones including the passing of a dear friend I thought it would be neat to jot down my thoughts and feelings as a guide for him when he was old enough to read and appreciate my writings. “Letters to Lucas” didn’t pan out as I turned quite mushy and ever so careful… I was trapped because I felt that I was addressing a one year old, which is how old he was at that time. Joke’s on me now… by the time he gets around to reading it his language will probably be as crude as mine. That is, if he’ll be interested at all. (

So now, here we are. My blog… hopefully the last, definitive JP Fenix blog. It comes at a time when the Pork Barrel Scam is dominating the headlines. I firmly believe that of all the milestones of our nation’s history, this is it. It ranks up there with World War II, Independence, Martial Law, EDSA Revolution. It beats the Coup attempts hands down, as well as the Erap and Corona impeachments even with their live coverages. And it definitely trumped the Kris Aquino-Joey Marquez scandal even though it had the nation transfixed on the gory details and the top media organizations devoting precious time and space to cover it.

The Pork Barrel Scam of 2013 touches us directly and in so many significant ways, its historical and cultural significance spanning centuries. It touches our very soul as a nation, and has the power to define what lies ahead for us as a people.

If this is not a milestone for the Philippines, I don’t know what is.

Then again, what do I know? This is just another blog… because it’s there.

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